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Nemesis vs. Larry Tact


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
There may be some beating, but there is no bush...


(An airport filled with the usual hustle and bustle of a Labor Day airport… this one looks like Washington D.C.’s Dulles. Travelers from every point of origin collide here looking for their connections, lay-overs, and delays. Many go to the bars to enjoy a five dollar beer or meet a new friend while they wait for their next flight. A crossroads for so many people, and still a destination for others. A young boy walks by himself, backwards on the moving floor, so that while he walks he remains in the same spot. Many people push by and pass him wondering what it is he’s doing, where his parents are, and the like. No one asks, but many stare as he looks straight ahead, and continues going nowhere in a place that’s sole purpose is to get people somewhere…

Off to the right, among some chairs over looking the runways, a man stands. He is dressed in a light leather jacket which hangs just below his waist, and khaki pants with boater’s shoes on. He then looks at a silver watch on his wrist, and nods his head approvingly before turning back to face the camera.)

NEMESIS: So we meet again, and again, and again, Larry. It was good to see you back in the ring once again. Unfortunately the result of our last meeting was well out of my hands. I knew to be skeptical of Mr. Poe, but you know what they say about who you can trust. Jarod didn’t let me down… but he did let himself down, and that’s just sad. But it’s all good, since now he has the opportunity to redeem himself against someone whom I feel he has a bit of a problem with, so hopefully he can rationale a past loss with a future win. But perhaps not.

(NEMESIS stands up straight, and begins to walk down the wide gate paths of the airport, passing along a few people as he does. Some stop and wave, some smile and nudge the person beside them, and others don’t recognize him at all. In the background, the boy on the moving floor is still visible as NEMESIS gets further and further away.)

So we’re headed to Peoria, with a quick stop in Chicago, for GLCW’s own Internet-based show: Wired. Larry Tact and Nemesis one-on-one, for what I’m sure won’t be the last time. I hope it’s not because Larry, despite the salty-air you put on for so many others, you know better than to try me with your “humbling” words and such. The simple truth is that we both know what to expect, and we both know how to prepare. We’ve been here before and we’ll be here again. So let’s skip the banter and go right to the meat…

You and I have history, and we both needn’t go into that either. This match is on the show just prior to our next big event, so I’m told. Though I would hardly say our match will be a “warm-up” match for either of us. So, as I usually do when I have the opportunity… good luck Larry… I can’t wait to get you in the ring again. You’re a sure-fire bet for the matches I long for. The half-hour crowd pleaser that gets everyone on the edge of their seat, holding their breath for the finish… let’s let em have it, Larry…

(NEMESIS checks his watch again as the camera fades out…)



Simply Tactilizing
Jan 1, 2000
Beyond the Mat.....

[updated:LAST EDITED ON Sep-06-03 AT 08:03 PM (EST)]Fade in: to a green backdrop, with the GLCW logo embroidered on it in blue. Larry Tact sits on a stool wearing black leather pants, boots, a blue t-shirt with "Simply Tactilizing" written in gold cursive across it, blue-lensed and silver-rimmed sunglasses resting on the bridge of his nose, and a matching blue bandanna. Creeping out from under the bandanna, on Tact's forehead, is a sizable patch to cover the gash opened up on him by Jared Justice. Also present are a few reddish-pink lines littered on Tact's face; small cuts presently mending. Despite these infractions, Tact looks ahead with a lopsided grin, his elbow propped up on his other arm, which rests around his waist.

Tact: At the last Wired, I showed Jared Justice that he isn't wanted in GLCW. I made it quite clear that I didn't intend on letting him flub around here anymore, because he's part of the sack of trash that needs to be taken out of this place. Now it seems Jared didn't take the hint, and instead of leaving, he did what he always does. He went and made a mistake...he went after me. Justice, let me just make one thing clear to you....there is NO WAY you are beating me! You're out of your league if you want a piece of me. And after this upcoming Wired, I'm looking forward to thrashing you so badly, you won't WANT to come to Riptide, or GLCW on the whole, EVER again. So here's what you should do. Maybe you should do put a call in to Troy Martinez, and tell him he might need to come back and help get revenge for the humiliation you're going to suffer soon. That way, when I'm done with you, I can go beat him...again.

Tact laughs lightly, leaving a lopsided grin on his face when he resumes.

Tact: But after that warmup with Justice, I strode out to the ring, ready as ever to humble. This time, though, I was looking to deliver a humbling of humiliation for Jarod Poe, as well as defeat to he and Nemesis, with the help of Cannonball Kidd. Well, I got one of those done, as Poe got the message...point blank...(chuckles)...and although the Kidd and I were victorious, it was not quite ideally so. I had to settle for pinning Jarod Poe for a second straight match, which is not quite the thing it was a week and a half ago. But still, there was some satisfaction left to savor from it, just not the satisfaction that would have come along with defeating Nemesis. Now, however, it looks like I will get just that chance.

Tact's grin widens a bit and his eyes seem to wash over with a flash, perhaps from the light.

Tact: Nemesis, you're right, this won't be any sort of typical warmup for the Pay-Per-View. This will be an all-out battle for the both of us. Maybe not with the same intensity as a title match, and certainly not with the flames of spite and disgust encircling us, but, eh...I've had enough of that this past month or so, anyway. Besides, that is not a prerequisite for a match that should not be missed....which is exactly what this will be. You and I have history, yes, that's true Nemesis. Also true is the fact that it is probably not relevant for us to talk about. That's for the fans to mill about in the 'rumor mills,' as they pine away at trying to futily predict outcomes and overexaggerate, making believe they know what we are doing and thinking. But for us, rather than talk about the history, it's more important for us to think about. Otherwise, mistakes will be made....

Tact's smile fades and he takes on a more stern look as he straightens up, letting his propped up arm wrap around his side along with his other arm.

Tact: But do you know what makes the history most important, Nemesis? It's that after all this time, all the battles, all the bloodshed....we're always ready for another go. We're ready to get into the ring with one another, and test each other to see who will be better on the upcoming occasion. We aren't like the rest, Nemesis...we have an understanding. We know that one is not going to stop, just because the other says so. There are no words that will stop our respective assaults from heading on that collision course with one another. There is only my will and yours, and an unknown gauge of how long until one surmounts the other. Each night brings in a different setting, a new battleground, and an added spark because of who we are going to be looking at across the ring that night. I provide no 'tricks' for my opponents, but for you, Nemesis, I will serve up only the hardest, coldest truth I can find. Cuz it's the least aggravating and most direct way I know of taking you down.

Tact gets up off the stool and crosses his arms over his chest as he tilts his head to one side, still with a look of concentrated calm.

Tact: And come this week's Wired, that's just what I will do. Take every blow from you...every breath from you...until I can attain the reward of my efforts. It's not a simple thing, it never is with you, Nemesis...but that's some of the fun, isn't it....

A small smirk cracks through Tact's stern expression as he gives a small nod, the smirk then fading.

Tact: But that type of understanding, that rivalry, it does produce something that ventures beyond what we do. Our personal war has gone beyond the mat, venturing in and out of the ring, making it unique to most. Such a line of events and battles does deserve something more than words can really describe, which is why I do make an exception with you, and have a measure of respect for you, Ellis. So at Wired, you do your best, and I'll do mine....and once more, we'll see just who is the better one between us, that night. One of us will savor the spoils of victory, but I'm sure both of us will know the war will rage on. Until the next battle, though, I intend on having the satisfaction of savoring another victory over you. And the fans?

(Tact pauses, one eye and a corner of his mouth twitching momentarily before he continues, in a darker voice than before.)

Tact: They always seem to creep into your thoughts, don't they....but you should know that they will remain on rhe outside, where they have always been and belonged...only witnesses to our relentless battle. They will be fortunate to have the chance to see us clash, Nemesis....and after I have taken care of you, I will make a note of it to let them know just that. Because, quite simply, they should never forget their places, being in those seats and leeching off of our invigorating efforts. They have every right to dream, and support, and hope....but if they believe they can affect, impact, or involve themselves otherwise? Well...then they will deserve to have their dreams shattered...because IGNORANCE...should never be rewarded. Only punished, to never be forgotten. And since you take to siding behind them, Nemesis....

Tact removes his sunglasses and walks up to the camera, so he is only seen from the midsection upward.

Tact: ....then I will punish you, just the same, for your ignorance in believing they should be anything more. And let the war...rage...on.

Tact continues to glare at the camera, standing silent and motionless, until it finally fades out.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
What War? What Punishment?


(A sit-down with Tony Ross. We're in a gym, a wrestling training facility. The ring is in the back ground, mats and equipment off to the side, and a small table in between the interviewer and the subject. Ross holds a clipboard up and places it down on the small wooden table, looks up at the man dressed in a gray polo shirt and black pants. Our hero looks back at Ross with a grin, and nods...)

TONY ROSS: Nemesis and Larry Tact, one more time.

NEMESIS: One more time... not counting all the other times which are sure to follow.

TONY ROSS: Right. Larry Tact recently said in a promo that he wanted to pin you in your last match with him and Cannonball Kidd. That another victory over Jarod Poe was more repetitive than an actual accomplishment. What do you think about that?

NEMESIS: I think it's obvious Larry has a bit of a problem giving credit where it's due. He's going after Justice, for example, with a blind since of duty. He feels it's his duty to drive out Justice from the GLCW... which to be perfectly honest, I don't see the problem with. However, the blinders which it appears he's donned shield him from other factors in this situation, aside from Troy Martinez, who let's face it, isn't much of a factor at all. Larry has to understand, and I'm sure he'll say he does, that he's got to beat the guy before he can excommunicate him. But back to your question... I'm honored that Larry wanted to beat me, and like he, I'm proud he's getting a second chance. Because in a way, so am I. Now I get to show that Poe was little more than an inconvenience to me in that match. Nothing against Jarod as a wrestler, but as a person... saying he's a bit off would be a vast understatement.

TONY ROSS: You said Tact seemed like he might not be focused on other factors in his match with Justice... what do you mean?

(Our hero furrow his eyebrows for a moment in thought and proceeds...)

NEMESIS: I'm not so sure how Larry can be as focused on me now as he has proven to be in the past... take for instance this match. Larry rants on and on about Justice, then about Poe. Now, in a match where you're facing me, you better have one thing on your mind going into that ring... and that's (thumbs his chest) me. Larry isn't even concerned about me... he's set on talking about how we don't need to talk about our history for half his promo. Reiterating over and over... like a man who's not sure what he has to say. That's because all the things he wants to get out are focused at Justice, and maybe a little bit at Poe, not me.

TONY ROSS: Don't you think Larry Tact has moved on from Poe now that he's beaten him twice?

NEMESIS: I doubt it. Larry Tact seems to think that Jarod Poe got some message... some message Larry was trying to convey to him, perhaps by beating him twice, once directly and once indirectly. But I don't think Larry realizes how thick-headed Poe is, or how weak whatever his message was... perhaps he should take some lessons from Cannonball Kidd, who's message is all too clear for us here in GLCW.

TONY ROSS: Speaking of Cannonball, it's rumored you're going to be facing him at the big show coming up...

NEMESIS: That may be so... it's not my decision, but it's not one I will refuse. But this isn't about Kidd, this is about Tact.

TONY ROSS: Right. (check clipboard) Larry said that this match would be heated, but not with the intensity of a title match. What do you think he meant by that?

NEMESIS: I think it's pretty obvious, Tony. Larry thinks that a strap between two men puts more on the line. Well... I don't necessarily feel the same way. The result is what counts for me, not the gold at the end of the rainbow. The result, and I mean the result of the match, but also the caliber and quality of that match. Larry and I have little choice but to put on something amazing, since we know each other so well. I guess he thinks that if I had a title he wanted, things would be more personal...perhaps like it is with Justice or Poe.

TONY ROSS: But they don't have titles...

NEMESIS: Well Tony, I just don't know what it is about Larry. He went through it with Wells too... he just gets... so blinded on his quests. It seems to be working for him though, so I'm not gonna say much more about it.

TONY ROSS: You and Larry obviously have a history. Anyone who's been watching the ranks of feds across the country for the past few years knows that. Tact mentioned something about "rumor mills" doing the talking on that subject for the two of you...

NEMESIS: ...Yeah, I'm not sure what he meant by that. Perhaps he just wants the Internet geeks to get all in a hissy talking about our past matches, etc. I don't really know.

TONY ROSS: Larry talked about a... you and he... having...

(Our hero chuckles and slaps ROss on the shoulder.)

NEMESIS: Well come on Ross, spit it out...

TONY ROSS: Do you and Tact have an "understanding?"

NEMESIS: Like a "Live and Let Live" type-a-thing? (thinking to himself) Perhaps that's why Larry hasn't gotten so personal with me... hmmm... I think we have an understanding on one front, at least from my perspective. We both know what the other is capable of... and regardless of our actions, past or present, we can... respect... each other for those capabilities.

TONY ROSS: Capabilities as wrestlers?

NEMESIS: Yes... and capabilities as... something else.

(Tony Ross gets a terribly confused expression on his face as he awaits more explanation, which never comes.)


NEMESIS: What? You don't have anymore questions for me?

(Tony Ross tries to compose himself, and the confusion he cast aside.)

TONY ROSS: Oh, sure... I... (flipping through some pages on his clipboard) Larry talked about "serving you the coldest truth" he could find....

NEMESIS: I'm as lost as you are on that, Ross... perhaps he's trying to mock my interest in honor and truth... perhaps he feels Tactilizing me will be the cold truth... I have no idea.

TONY ROSS: He also said something about a waging war...

NEMESIS: This is where I get shotty... Tact and I never really were intwined in any real heated feud... except for one a number of years ago when we both were young and hungry to prove ourselves. That was a feud over nothing, now as I look back. This war he's talking about now... it is one that is unopposed from my side. I have no time for war these days...

TONY ROSS: Tact also brought up the fans, and your feelings on those who fill the arenas. I understand you've been regarding them as an important part of who you are since your debut here in the GLCW... and I just wanted to-

(Our hero jumps in to interrupt Tony.)

NEMESIS: The fans... everyone also tries to gnaw on me because of them. They're a mutually beneficial group of people... who regardless of whether they boo or cheer or chant "boring," always benefits the guys in the ring, if only through their paying for a ticket. But for me... they are sooo much more.

TONY ROSS: Well, how do you me-

NEMESIS: Relax Ross, I'm getting to it. At the barest, crudest core is one simple truth. The fans are always there physically... the fans will always react to what's going on in the match, regardless of how good or bad it may be. Why not just have them on your side? Some say that the crowd is useless... does nothing for the men inside the ring, but I know different. (getting more, and more emotional) So many times I've almost given up, inside myself... wanting to let that hand go down a third time, ready to take a deep breath and pass out. So many times I felt my body hurt so bad I couldn't move anything from my toes to my fingertips. So many times I felt like no matter how hard I tried to pull myself up for a ten count, there was just no way I was gonna make it. And that's when it happens... that's when you realize that it's not just giving up on myself, or laying down for myself, or just me getting counted out. It's the roar... the pack of wild beasts in the stands, begging me with every last ounce of strength they have to wake up, kick out, and get up to my feet. When you realize you're part of something greater than yourself... you become greater than even you thought you could be.

TONY ROSS: Wow... any words for Tact before we close this off?

(Our hero looks into the camera with a cold stare.)

NEMESIS: They will not be punished Larry... because even if I do lose, they'll get what they deserve. The match of the night, and the all of the one they cheer...

TONY ROSS: Thanks for coming out Nem... and good luck at Wired.

NEMESIS: Thanks Tony, take care.

(The two shake hands as our hero gets up, and walks out. Tony just shakes his head, and wipes what looks to be a tear from his cheek. Perhaps he just had something in his eye...)


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