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New fed: Brutal Force Wrestling


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Dec 9, 2015

Hey everyone,

They call me Akragth and I'm here to tell you a little about our new efed, Brutal Force Wrestling.

Who We Are

Brutal Force Wrestling, or BFW, is a newly created promotion. We formed from a multinational roleplaying community, which was once based in a browser game where federations would hire people to roleplay for their shows - a principle not too dissimilar to what other efeds do. Long story short, that game has had its fair share of issues, and so now a group of us from across its once numerous feds have banded together to venture out into the big, scary world of independent efeds.

Despite our tender age, the wealth of knowledge, ability and experience that the roster boasts is already staggeringly high. We put together and broadcast our first show less than a fortnight after the promotion was created, despite the fact we were continuing to recruit even during that time.

How We Operate

At this time we are running a fortnightly show, named Brutality, as well as a pay per view event every six weeks. Because of our roleplaying past, and unlike many of the efeds I see, we don't put out a show which only shows the matches. Instead, we create an entire show, roleplays and all, because we believe that our shows should be more than just a bunch of match results.

The fed employs a ranking system, which is based on the scores the competitor's roleplays have been given in past three shows. This means that our rankings reflect which characters have performed best over the last six weeks.

Roleplaying in BFW

We don't believe in stifling creativity by imposing strict word count limits, nor do we have a set number of roleplays you may make per show. Write what you want, in as many words as you want, as often as you want. Our only rule is that we only judge one roleplay per character, per show, for our scoring system.

How Match Winners Are Chosen in BFW

We primarily decide who wins matches based on the storyline that's playing out. This may be done by the competitor's agreeing on a certain result, or by the management team choosing a result on their behalf.

Where neither of those two things occur, or for matches that are part of a tournament (etc), then the match winner is decided by the competitor's roleplay scores for that week - with the higher score winning.

Our matches are written by a team of match writers, all of whom are experienced and very capable writers.

What Kind of Characters and/or Handlers Are Welcome?

At BFW, we're all about the storytelling, and we believe that the first step to a good story is originality. Playing as your favourite wrestler certainly has its own merits, but at BFW we're not about imitating others, we're about forging our own narrative.

We allow as many characters as you feel you can handle. Each character is judged on its own merit, regardless of its handler. Characters which cease to be used regularly won't be booked into matches, it's about that simple, really.

We will sign any handler, regardless of skill, so long as they are prepared to put in the effort, will use our forum to communicate with their fellow roster mates, and will not bring any unnecessary drama to our community.

Where Can I Find Your Promotion?

We are currently operating out of our forum. Our web address is www.brutalforcewrestling.com. We welcome all sign ups, but please be aware that prospective members won't have full posting rights until they are accepted into the fed.

Thanks for reading, we hope to hear from you soon. :)
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