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NEW P©X Title Match: Mystery Man vs Chaos (c)


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Jan 1, 2000

OORP: Sorry for the delay, but I do not have computer access. Capicitor on my motherboard is about to explode so my only way onto the net for the next week is via my sister's laptop.

(A loud laugh is let loose as the smiling face of Chaos steps before a large New Era banner. His BIG Gold Belt is causally slung over his shoulder and he pats it with confidence and stares coldly at the camera)

Chaos: Cliche, when you've been around wrestling with a name like mine for the number of years that I have. Well the word Cliche gets tossed around quite frequnetly. I usually brush it off, ignore it and my opponents rambling. However there's nothing more cliche in wrestling then the old Mystery Man routine.

(He shakes his head and looks down)

Chaos: look I've been here and done that before myself, but after awhile it just grows cliche. some guy in a mask, or standing in shadow. He's holding some secret or some dark plan that's going to be my downfall. or maybe, maybe he's just some guy who thinks he can get some kind of advantage from me not being able to gameplan him.

(he shrugs his shoulders)

Chaos: Yet in the end it's usually some coward who just doesn't want to face me like a man.

(He points an angry finger forward)

Chaos: Well guess what Myster Man, I don't care. Becuase I've got a surprise over you that's far more dangerous then your hidden identity. That's the stipulations for this match. I mean come on this is a big joint PPV for two companies. The spotlight is shining on Me once again and Main Event or not well I've got a chance to leave everybody in that arena talking and then when the match is over leaving them speechless.

(He pauses for a moment running his fingers through his small goatee)

Chaos: Well pal, that's for me to know and you to find out. For the world to find out, but I will up the ante. I've done it all, barbed-wire, lightubes, thumbtacks. Hell it's all becomes rountine night after night. So for the big nights, when the spotlights shine, you gotta go big or go home.

(He stops and looks coldly into the camera)

Chaos: Well I'm going big and I'm going home with my title. I don't know your name buddy, but I promise you this.

(Again he points his finger towards the camera)

Chaos: Both of us will bleed, both of us will hurt and both os us will leave every fan in that arena one hell of a fiasco to behold. Yet in the end I'm walking in with my title and I'm walking out with it. as for you Mystery Man...

(He stops and lets loose a short, but sadistic laugh)

Chaos: I don't care if you walk out at all.

(He turns his back to the camera, let's loose a second louder laugh and walks off)


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