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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Jalen Latham

MCW Owner Jalen Latham is sitting at his desk with his hands folded. The cameras start rolling.

Jalen: Sending the wrestling federation known as MCW out with style was my main goal with MCW Finale. I'd like to think that with all of the money that was made off of it that it was a success, but there have been rumblings that I closed the doors of MCW much to soon.

All I have to say to those of you that would doubt my abilities is that you should take a look at Ultimate Championship Wrestling and at the mark that my men and women are making over there. Have I not brought prestige to the name MCW?

I must forever be looking forward, though, my friends. What is next in the evolution of my wrestling organization. With the wars raging in UCW, it has given me time to make business decisions that most of the wrestling dirt sheets have not been knowledgeable of. Behind the scenes, yours truly has been consolidating interest in another MCW venture that should be looked at with great anticipation. The scope of which may have never been seen before in professional wrestling. The spoils of which should satisfy even the most unhappy wrestler and wrestling fan.

I told you all at MCW Finale that this was only the beginning. Stay tuned, friends... we have a very special announcement coming your way in the very near future.

Latham shuffles a few papers on his desk as the cameras fade to black.

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