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NGEN Cherry Blossom Chaos: Intro


I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat
Jan 1, 2000
Milltown USA

BRANDON JACOBS: Welcome everyone to Cherry Blossom Chaos, we are live from Washington, DC where a new chapter has officially begun!

JONATHAN MARX: It was a long road, but things are finally back to being how they should be and some deep rooted grudges will finally be settled..

VIC WATERS: Hell, we may even bring some harmony to Washington, DC.

JONATHAN MARX: Lets not go overboard.

VIC WATERS: Cherry Blossom Chaos was always my second favorite show of the year in the old WFW behind Merrython because it embodied the spirit of the promotion with a combination of old school and new school elements and any time I can be attendance for A Falls On the Mall match, I'll be there with my Poland Spring bottle in hand.

JONATHAN MARX: When we pushed the show back because of the EPW/NEW Supershow, we were at the tail end of winter, but now we are having an Indian summer as the Cherry Blossoms are falling off of the tree marking the changing of the seasons.

VIC WATERS: The Cherry Blossom trees were originally given to America by the Japanese back in 1912 by the city of Tokyo and even in times when both sides were at odds with each other, it has remained a beautiful and iconic part of the city.

JONATHAN MARX: It is important to remember history and love the past, but you can't lose sight that time marches on and you can't live in the past, New Generation has always been about looking towards the future and there are a lot of younger stars in NGEN which I think will be the future of our sport, guys like HAL, Just 1 Dude, Adrian Willard, JGX, and Jeff Jorgenson all have a bright future if they remain focused with their eye on the prize.

BRANDON JACOBS: And once you get to the top of the mountain, you have to work to keep that same energy that got you there and fight off guys who desperately want to be in the spot you are in...

JONATHAN MARX: Some say it is harder to keep the title than win it, I'm not sure about that, but it is damn close.

BRANDON JACOBS: Folks, we have an exciting lineup for you on PPV to kick things off for NGEN and I hope you are excited as we are, our first match of the evening is Jeff Jorgenson verses the son of Hall of Famer Pat Gordon who has making his debut for us here tonight in a NGEN ring.

JONATHAN MARX: I'm a huge Pat Gordon fan, but Jeff Jorgenson is a tough opponent even though he hasn't yet won his first match. I think tonight is the night Jorgenson puts it all together and gets the victory.

VIC WATERS: He is Pat Gordon. He has the superior genetics, a very fortunate son. I'm going with Pat to keep Jorgenson's streak going.

BRANDON JACOBS: Our second match on the show is, the debuting rookie Adrian Willard taking on veteran Donovan Astros....

JONATHAN MARX: Donovan Astros is one hell of a competitor. Willard is going to have an uphill task beating him.

VIC WATERS: Willard is willing to do anything to win. This one could go either way.

BRANDON JACOBS: The third match on the show will be the crowning of the very first NGEN champions in the new era when the WFW World Tag Champions Cameron Cruise and the Problem Child defend their titles against the team of two old school, old school NGEN veterans in King Krusher and Striker.

JONATHAN MARX: Krusher and Striker are the sentimental favorites, but Cameron Cruise and Problem Child are stars of today with Cruise having a lot of singles success recently, and Problem Child was a shining light in the WFW:NE era even though he raised a lot of hell.

VIC WATERS: There is nothing wrong with that. Without a little hell, life would be boring.

JONATHAN MARX: Lately I feel like I shunned a voodoo witch, decapitated a black cat with a mirror, which I then broke while walking under a ladder. I would be really happy with boring right now.

BRANDON JACOBS: Our fourth match is a match that dates back to the very first Almost Live back in WFW:NE when Golem stole Minion's pills away from him, ever since then, he has been playing mind games with Minion, messing with his head left and right.

JONATHAN MARX: Minion is trying to lead a normal life again with a benefit of modern day prescription medicine but Golem keeps on trying to egg the old Minion into coming out, trying to make him go over the edge. Tonight, there will be a pills on a poll match with the pills being symbolic of Minion taking control back of his life.

VIC WATERS: He is addicted to those pills though.

JONATHAN MARX: If it helps him lead a normal life, I'm all for it.

VIC WATERS: Wrestling isn't a sissy business, you need to have an edge and be a bit crazy to succeed. Minion is only dooming himself to the midcard.

JONATHAN MARX: We don't know if that is true. Minion still has a road ahead of him, but I believe in him and so do the fans.

VIC WATERS: Well, unless the fans are paying his bills, that doesn't help him out financially...

BRANDON JACOBS: Speaking of people who are in for a battle, The BAD World Heavyweight Champion Jared Wells defends his title against Jesse Ramey and BAD rules are in effect which means anything goes.

JONATHAN MARX: Jared Wells has never faced anyone like Jesse Ramey. He is a high flyer with a MMA background, he is a very eccentric mix.

VIC WATERS: When Jared Wells has that BAD World Heavyweight Title, he is an unstoppable machine.

JONATHAN MARX: Steve Johnson found a way to stop him.

VIC WATERS: Steve Johnson was a wrestling machine and he got some momentum going at the right time to pick him off, but in the end, Jared Wells got a second chance and he made up for it.

JONATHAN MARX: All it takes is one good night to change the balance of power. That is all I'm saying.

BRANDON JACOBS: Our co-main event and the match that under any other circumstance really should go last, in a match for the vacated NGEN North American Championship, is the Falls Count Anywhere on the Mall match and over the years we've seen them brawl almost everywhere.

JONATHAN MARX: Abe Lincoln could testify himself to that.

VIC WATERS: Psycho won his first in the Brawl in the Mall match over Doc Silver and he been a North American Champion.

JONATHAN MARX: He is going to have to have a hell of a fight on his hands with the Chinese Giant JGX, HAL who gave Shawn Hart a run for his money at Unplugged, and Just 1 Dude who retired the LVW World Heavyweight Champion.

VIC WATERS: That match could go so many ways.

BRANDON JACOBS: And our main event, WFW World Heavyweight Champion Felix Red puts up his world title against the number one contender Shawn Hart with the winner becoming the new NGEN World Heavyweight Champion.

JONATHAN MARX: Felix Red after that exploded barbed wire death match with Psycho hasn't been the same. He is going to have a hell of a task beating Shawn Hart.

VIC WATERS: Felix is the ultimate underdog, he always finds a way to come out on top and we've been waiting for this match for a long time. I expect it to be a classics.

BRANDON JACOBS: Folks, we've spent enough time talking about the matches, lets take a short commercial break and when we come back, we'll get right to the action! STAY TUNED!

::a commercial for The Hangover DVD airs, Felix Red is smoking a cigarette next to Just 1 Dude, he passes the cigarette to the Dude and Felix gives him a thumbs up::


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