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No One Anyone Wants To Know



(Camera fades in to a dark night in Bronx, New York, somewhere on Bryant Avenue. A light fog rolls through the urban ghetto, with many silohettes moving through the shadows here and there. Then, caught in the corner of the camera's eye, a silohette of a man standing on top of a four-story apartment building, looking a bit rundown from the moonlight, is seen. The camera moves towards a closer shot of the man, which then fades to a shot of the rooftop of the exact same apartment building. As the camera focuses on the back of the individual standing silent and motionless in the hazy night, the unknown man begins to think to himself silently....)

*Words can not explain what is going through his mind right now. He may either be running on fumes or on destiny, but whatever the case may be, he will survive. Every time his back was against the wall, every time he was labeled as the underdog, every single time when the naysayers denounced him of being everything for which he stood for....he triumphed. He is starting to see gradually over time that that those who have opposed him have falled to his feet, as he looked down feeling nothing. Now, in a new battlefield, will he continue his ways that has made him successful, or will he conform to what the rules want him to be? One thing is for certain, he has never conformed to another man's way and he won't be starting any time soon.*

(As the camera gets up close behind the unknown individual, smoke seems to be eminatting from in front of them.)

???????: "They say when a mysterious wanderer arrives, no one knows what to expect. The CSWA is one big conglomerate of the supposed greatest wrestling talent in our sport. For many years, everywhere I have went, people one way or another have tried to cram this name down my throat until my own life became saturated with the lingering taste that only the CSWA seems to create. I have never stated I was a man for the people or of the people, nor have I ever been one to play savior, to lift the woeful of this sport out from the pits of dispair. Everything that people have called me are as such; labels. Many have labeled me as being some goth, some manic depressant, some boring, rambling son of a b(FCC), and even gone as far as labeling me as a bad wrestler. Many great men in this sport who were in such a position as I am used that as fuel, an inner 'rage' so to speak, to prove the masses wrong time and time again. And yet, the reason I am criticized is because I'm not like those other men. I'm not like those who have to time and time again prove my worth in this sport, to prove why I should even be allowed to step between the ropes and entered the squared circle. Time and time again they have thrown combatant after combatant at me, trying to drive me deep into the ground, burying me alive until I could no longer function. But unlike those who have an inner 'rage' deep within themselves, in the pits of their souls, I continued to move onward, never straying from where my path of destiny lead to. And now, it seems, the CSWA is wanting to continue this tradition that others have held, throwing me in match after match, and I'm the new guy no less...."

(As smoke exumes from the unknown man, he turns around slowly to the camera. When he comes face to the face with the camera, he is revealed to be none other than Suicide, as the symbol beared on the front of his mask glows eerily in the darkness of the night. Suicide stands still once again, staring into the camera sternly through his mask, with no emotion eminatting from his entire body.)

Suicide: "But I am thrown in my debut in the CSWA against another unknown individual, who's aptly named 'Silent Rage' Josh Novell. Ironically, some have said that I possessed a silent rage within myself, only unleashing it out to those in the ring. Whatever their excuse may be, Mr. Novell I just want to point out a few things to make myself perfectly clear. First off, I am going to wrestle you with blood, sweat, and tears. I have always dedicated myself to give everything I have in every match I have wrestled. I will be preparing and readying myself to face any challenge you present to me on your behalf. Though I know nothing of you, I can sense that you're a man who prides himself in giving it everything he has. That is fine, but don't let your pride override your athletic prowness, for I need not prove myself to you or to the CSWA et al. I am here to show everyone why I am the most underrated wrestler in this sport today, why everyone keeps overlooking me and keeps pushing me to the back as the ones who are 'marketable' and can make the fans go wild for are thrusted forward into the wrestling world's eye. I will be non-stop in our match, on you every waking moment. I am not going to boldface lie to you and say I will defeat you, but I will do my best to succeed over you. If I win, I win. If I lose, I lose. It makes no difference to me because I will survive no matter what. Which brings me to my second point, where I will state that no matter how determined you are to defeat me when we face off, you should worry more about surviving than succeeding. Take me lightly and I will take you out with the snap of my fingers. I want us to do battle of the likes of which the CSWA has never seen. One thing they pride themselves is the many veterans and CSWA mainstays that they try shoving down the wrestling world's throat. One of my personal goals here is to wrestle these so-called greatest wrestlers in this sport and show them, like I will show you, why I am who I say I am and why I will always do what I have always stated I will do. And when it's all said and done....win or lose, I will come to you, extending my hand to you as a token of respect, because I respect you no matter what Mr. Novell for being like me and starting your very first match here in the CSWA with me. It will be an honor and privledge and no matter the outcome, I'm sure we'll meet again. But don't mistake this respect I have for you for fear....because I don't fear you. You can come at me with everything you have, because I will enjoy the pain and suffering you can offer to me. But in the end, like everyone else in the CSWA will come to know, that the man they wish to hide from the public's eye, who they are ashamed to have even in their organization, is the same man who is known throughout the world simply as....The Man....The Myth....The Legend....will impact the CSWA in such a way that it may never be the same again. And when they ask who was it that was responsible for such a hanius crime to change the course the CSWA has been following for nearly 13 years or more, give or take, you could be one of the very first who can say it was none other than.....Suicide.....Nuff said....."

(Suicide turns back around and stares off into the heavens in the night as the camera fades out.)

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