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No Place Like Home, Part III (Chain Reactions)


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
“F**k its cold out here.” Scott scoffed under his breath as he stepped out of the arena that had short minutes earlier held IWF’s first ever ‘Chain Reaction’; where he had scored an impressive victory over “The Fallen Angel” Stephen Waltz.

He pulled a pack of cigarettes from his flannel covered chest pocket and flipped the top of the box open. As he drew a single smoke from the pack he heard a voice cry out from near by.

“Scotty! … Scotty!”

There weren’t many people in this world that called him by that name and he was pretty sure his parents were not out and about at this hour… or in this dreary cold.

His mind races as his eyes scan trying to get a hold or visual on who would be screaming such at this hour. All of Scott’s friends and even most of his extended family referred to ‘Sub Pop Scott’ by his given name of Nathaniel or Nate at the very least. Only his parents and a few ex-girlfriends ever added the ‘Y’ to his middle and in-ring name.

“Scotty!” the voice calls out again as a female figure appears into Scott’s view.

Scott instantly realizes who is calling his name, “Sh*t …” he mumbles to himself as he lights his cigarette. Applying a nervous smile to his otherwise stunned face, he greets the approaching women. “Court’, what are you doing here?”

Courtney Sarah Allen was gorgeous by most standards; given you didn’t have an issue with the always changing hair color and style, the constantly growing number of tattoos and piercings that adorned her flesh and of course weren’t morally opposed to the glam-grunge style of dress she could most normally be found in. Scott being similarly decorated in the permanent fashion … found Courtney to be visually astonishing.

“I think I should ask you the same thing mister,” she responded, “Or at least why in the world you didn’t tell me you were back in town.”

Scott took a pull from his smoldering cigarette and stammered his response, “Well … I, uh … I … “

Scott and Courtney had a bit of a past; as much as twenty one and a nineteen year old, respectively, can have.

They met their freshman year at Chief Sealth International High School not too far from Scott’s beloved South Park along the Duwamish River. Their flirtatious encounters at school and around the area would eventually blossom into what some dubbed simply as puppy love and others viewed as a destructive ‘Sid and Nancy’ like union.

Teenage hormones, illicit substances, and grunge fueled those years and neither of the two would see their studies to completion at Chief Sealth. Scott would change focus from academic to that of professional wrestling and attended a local school and begin performing at the South Park Community Center. As for Courtney, several failed attempts at stardom via the music industry would earn her graduate equivalency diploma and some what steady work in the cities thriving food service industry.

The couples on again off again status normally rotated around ridiculous arguments, when doused with a few liters of alcohol and a handful of designer drugs became more of scuffles and screaming matches that would last well after the party, concert, or family dinner had come to a close.

Yet the two, somehow, would always reunite; swearing off the extra curricular activates and promising to put the not so distant past behind them to forge ahead in their common goal of … ‘being together forever.’

Forever had been cut short a few years prior when Scott left for Texas to pursue his dreams of ascending to the highest ranks of professional wrestling.

“Look, you left and never told me you were leaving. I’m sure you have your reasons…” Courtney told Scott. “And one day, I’m sure you’ll tell me. Right now … Let’s just get a drink. What-a-ya’ say?”

Scott was stunned and honestly expected a huge dramatic scene from his long lost love.

“Well, “… he stuttered.

Maybe she had changed.

“Come on Scotty! Its been so long, and I’ve missed you so much … baby” Courtney pleaded.

Maybe she had forgiven him and was genuinely glad to see him after all this time.

Scott took a drag from his dwindling cigarette, “Alright sounds good. We definitely have some catching up to do.”


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