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Normal Human Beings

Evil James

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Feb 17, 2008
San Diego, California

Name(s): James Varga
Email Address(es): thechamberednautilus@hotmail.com
AIM/Yahoo Messenger (both if two-handler team): AIM - koopatroopa1983
Preferred Method of Handling: (FW Promo, Freestyle RP, Angle/Storyline, Hybrid) All of the above
Best Way to Contact: (PM/Email/IM) Any


TEAM NAME: The Normal Human Beings

Individual Names: David Jericho, Shawn Coppolla
Individual Nicknames: David - "The Honest Man"; Shawn - "The Definition of Awesome"
Team Nicknames - NHB

Heights: David - 6'0; Shawn - 6'3
Weights: David - 226 lbs.; Shawn - 238 lbs.
Handedness': David - Right; Shawn - Right
David - David looks a lot like his brother Chris but a little more lean and has a very similar short blonde hairstyle. He has a sly smile and cold, piercing blue eyes.
Shawn - Shawn has short brown hair, good physique, and good looking face.

Hailing From: Los Angeles, California

Disposition: They look at both the fans and their opponents with disdain every match. They hate everyone because they feel that they are beneath them.
Gimmick: Their gimmick is they come from famous families and look like normal guys you would meet on the street but are really arrogant and only think that other famous people are the only ones who are not at their level. Your basic cocky, arrogant heel team.

Ring Attire: Both wear short black trunks, black kneepads, and black boots.
Theme Music: "Altered Course" by Isis
Ring Entrance: They come out flanked by Biff Busey and Michael "The Mind" Heenan and look around with disdain at the crowd. They will come out to the ring with disgusted looks on their faces and climb into the ring. They pose before warming up.

Invidual and Team Tactics/Style:
David - David is modeled after Chris Jericho, his brother and both have a very similar style. He is a high flyer/technical styel wrestler.
Shawn - Shawn is modeled after Ted DiBiase, Jr. and has a similar style to him. He is a technical/power wrestler.
Normal Human Beings - Are a tehnical wrestling team of the highest order with high flying and power elements thrown in for good measure. Model their style after the Brainbusters tag team of the late '80's.

Individual and Team Strengths:
David -
1. Agility
2. Endurance
3. Technical wrestling ability

Shawn -
1. Technical wrestling ability
2. Power
3. Stamina

Normal Human Beings (as a team) -
1. Technical wrestling ability
2. Double team wrestling
3. Match pacing

Individual and Team Weaknessess:
David -
1. Egotism
2. A little too cocky
3. Easily angered

Shawn -
1. Arrogance
2. Easily distracted
3. Fairly new to the business so prone to rookie mistakes

Normal Human Beings (as a team) -
1. They are new to the business and prone to mistakes
2. Sometimes get too distracted by the fans
3. Can be too egotistical at times, which can lead to bad things


David Jericho -
Finisher: Codebreaker (running double knee facebreaker)
Signature Moves:
Breakdown (full nelson facebuster)
Walls of Jericho (elevated Boston Crab)
Lionsault (middle rope springboard moonsault)
1. Low angle running dropkick
2. Armbar
3. Backhand chop
4. Diving Spinning Back Elbow Strike
5. Double underhook Backbreaker
6. Enzuigiri
7. Missile Dropkick
8. One handed Bulldog
9. Springboard Plancha
10. Spinning Wheel Kick

Shawn Coppolla -
Finisher: The Definition of Awesome (Cobra clutch legsweep)
Signature Moves:
The Final Cut (Rolling cutter)
Unhappy Ending (Cobra clutch slam)
1. Bionic elbow
2. Bulldog
3. Pointed knee drop
4. Snap scoop powerslam
5. Cobra Clutch legsweep
6. Belly to back suplex
7. Delayed falling backfist drop
8. Running clothesline
9. Diving double foot stomp
10. Vertical suplex

Normal Human Beings (as a team) -
Finisher: Normalcy Restored (Piledriver spike)
1. Doomsday Device
2. Demolition Decapitation
3. Hart Attack
4. Double suplex
5. Double clothesline
6. Double elbow
7. Double stomachbreaker
8. Double team cheating moves
9. Double team corner beatdown
10. Use a lot of blind tags and tag a lot


The Normal Human Beings are part of a faction formed by Biff Busey. They are managed by Michael "The Mind" Heenan, cousin of legendary manager Bobby Heenan. David Jericho's brother is famous wrestler and rock star Chris Jericho. He is ten years younger than Chris. David hates the fans and thinks they are hypocrites and living vicariously through the wrestlers in the shows. He knows all of the other members of the NHB from college and wrestling school. All have famous families. Shawn is a member of the famous Coppolla acting family. He met Biff in college and went to wrestling school at Jim Powers' Powers of Wrestling training camp. After graduating, they followed Biff to NFW and formed the Normal Human Beings with him as well as manager Michael Heenan, who also went to the same wrestling school as them and went to high school with Shawn Coppolla before that. The group looks like normal guys that you would see on the street everyday but are from famous wrestling things and feel like everyone is beneath them including the other wrestlers.
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Jan 1, 2000
"The Definition of Awesome," eh? Renner, he's biting your style!


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