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Mister Dread

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Jan 1, 2000
Under your bed.
::Fade in on the backstage area of the Staples Center just moments after Zero Hour went off the air. The camera is shaky, moving quickly down a hallway lined with dressing rooms. A logo at the bottom of the screen proclaims that this is an MCW Home Video Exclusive. The camera slows near the end of the hall, stopping at the door labeled “The Wolf”. Screamed expletives can be heard through the door, and a loud banging sounds from within. Suddenly, the door EXPLODES outward, falling off of its hinges and landing in a heap along with the remains of the wooden bench that was hurled into it. McMillan comes tearing out seconds later, still clad in his ring gear and slick with sweat. He catches sight of the cameraman and stops, his eyes wide and feral. Suddenly, McMillan CHARGES. The camera jerks wildly for a second before landing on the floor. Screams can be heard, both the guttural and nonsensical raving of Chris McMillan and the horrified screams of the accosted cameraman. The picture cuts out, showing only static before fading to black::

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