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Note on Week 13: Wildside (and other things)


League Member
Feb 19, 2004
North Shore, MA
Week 13's wildside segment is a wash due to my schedule. I will not be able to deliver. Involved parties are already informed.

The Aidan Campbell character will be on hiatus through Week 15. I have had so much going on that my floon is insanely low. The moments I've had to sit at a computer for recreational purposes have been times I've wanted nothing to do with computers.

I need to recharge my batteries.

For those that don't know, I'm a network engineer and helpdesk manager by day and I take classes online at night so it shouldn't take long to figure out why I don't want to see a computer (recreationally) for a while. I'm with them all day long.

I'll be back kids, ttfn.


If you want to get in touch in the meantime use the board IM.

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