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Where's my money, Chad?
Jul 3, 1997
The Silk Road
Few things I wanted to put out there:

- I value segments and matches on an almost equal level. A card full of quality segments is more likely to be read and enjoyed than a card without. If I schedule you for a segment, look at it as "television time." People are more likely to read a segment than your RP for a match. In "real wrestling," television segments are more coveted than matches, because you can sell your character on an entertainment level. If you've noticed, I've scheduled an equal number of segments as matches on both FNV 01 and 02 (02 will wind up with 5 segments).

-The segments for FNV 01 were stellar; I couldn't have been more happy. On that note, notice all the segments occurred in the ring, as opposed to different locations. This is actually the opposite of what I'd like to see. The FNV 01 segments were such that they had to occur in the ring; the Impulse announcement, Zesty and Windham's ineraction with the crowd, Canyeta/Angel invading the ring...all of them had to happen the way they did. This is more the exception than the rule.

Like I said in my original league description, I want to see segments in the vein of early 90's WWF (sans Doink the Clown), where you're essentially cutting pre-taped on-location promos. I.E. Duke Mackey at Scores Strip Club, Bobby Jack Windham at his family's ranch, Zesty Mordant at a trailer park in Nova Scotia, Wanderlust...wherever the f*ck Wanderlust goes. Backstage segments, too. Of course, there are times when you'll need to do in-ring segments, as was the case for FNV 01, but I'm reiterating that I'd like to see a combination.

-It occurred to me we don't have a rule on buzzer shots. Well, f*ck it, we don't need one. All that happens is people throw up an RP a minute before the buzzer shot deadline, guaranteeing themselves the last word anyway. Just remember, we don't award wins based on who RP last or first. Effort counts, big time, but if both guys put in the work I could give a sh*t who RP'd first/last/most.

-This league has a sh*tload of good talent, so I've noticed. Unfortunately, only one guy can be World Open Weight Champion. :cool: But I'm a big believer that a league's secondary title should be almost as important as the big belt. Examples: the WCW US Title, ECW TV Title. Sh*t, RVD was the most over guy in ECW, yet he was TV champion. I want us to have a big time secondary belt, but want a name that conveys such importance. Maybe it's the TV title, or maybe "TV" has a sh*tty conotation to it. US Title wouldn't work in an East Coast regional company. Maybe Eastern Title? New York Title? Heavyweight in addition to Open Weight champion? The secondary belt will be decided sometime after March, but I'd like to start thinking of names now. So...give me some ideas, and maybe I'll run with one!

Now go RP, assfags.


Jan 1, 2000
Mid-Atlantic would have to be the name of your secondary title. That represents... well, everything in the middle of the Atlantic Coast (NY, NJ, PA).


Active member
Staff member
Feb 4, 2005
I second Mid-Atlantic Championship.

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