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Nothing to Lose


Jan 1, 1970
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Dec-26-01 AT 10:56 PM (EDT)] FADEIN: The Mojave Desert, California. The sun is setting over the distant sand dunes. Kneeling on the ground, wearing a black cloak with a hood over his head is 'THE WOLF' MIKE RANDALLS. His head is dipped towards the ground, he's running his hand through the sand and watching the grains fall...

RANDALLS: "I have been laughed at. I have been beaten. And I've failed in EVERYTHING that I've come back to do. Its not often that I sit here with no pride, but I've come to the realization that there is NOBODY to blame but MYSELF. See, while Flair accuses Hornet of rallying us behind him - he is WRONG. I was the one who seeked out Hornet. Everything leading up to Deacon came from my vision, my plan. I was the one to challenge Hornet to put the past behind him and fight against it. Now, I know that Hornet was NEVER able to do that, for he revels in the past as much as he fears it...Hornet, you knew from the start you wouldn't stick with it. You knew from the start that you weren't prepared to follow the path of darkness to wherever it led you. Now instead of gaining retribution, you face retaliation..."

"But, that path does not cross mine. It is neither here nor there. Because, while Flair and Hornet play out who's done what to whom, I'm left for the supposed final slaughter. Chad Merritt has put all the chips on the table for one night. Billed one way, meant for another. Eddy Love and Troy Windham. Best friends. Two men that told the world they would defeat the Claimstakers. They were RIGHT. Now these two men enter the same ring against the one man they TRULY would risk their own careers to end his. Merritt doesn't want the world to see a wrestling clinic, he wants to see my complete and total annihilation. Congratulations, Eddy Love and Troy Windham - not only are you Playboys. Now you're also the Messengers. Looking at the situation, its shouldn't require more effort than normal. In the past two months, you've exposed me, ridiculed me, watched me get pinned by Lawrence Stanley of all people and prove NOTHING or succeed in ANYTHING that my 'long, rambling' speeches promised. I promised a WAR only to watch my own side self-destruct. I promised FEAR and PAIN - only to fail miserably. About the only thing I've managed to do thus far is play at your level. I've shaved Eddy's head to mock him. THAT'S ALL. And while all this would lead you to believe, that this marks the end of the road for myself - I may see the one thing that Chad Merritt, Eddy Love and Troy Windham don't..."

"The only thing MORE dangerous than the animal on the prey, is the animal that is surrounded, cornered and put in a position of survival. Love, Windham - after last week it's very apparent I have nothing going for me. And when I get in that position, I get in the mindset that I have NOTHING to lose. This won't be about three great wrestlers in a battle of skill, wits and technical proficiency. This is straight up about THE WOLF'S survival and your goal to completely humilitate, decimate and annihilate me. If nothing else, this could be the LAST battle of the WAR. If so, then I will not stop fighting until either you two can't stand up, or I can't. If I don't get up, the battle has been won. You two, JJ and Chad Merritt can go back to your normal lives of champagne and women. If NOT, if you do NOT keep me down...then I only become stronger. Then the WAR rages on, my friends. I'm not fighting for GLORY - I'll leave that to you two. I'm not fighting for PRIDE - I don't deserve any. I'm just fighting to stay ALIVE, my friends...and with that, remember this..."

RANDALLS stands up from the ground and takes his hood off revealing his shaved head, that has scars all over it - most likely from RANDALLS cutting himself...

"Eddy, Troy - for months we've fought under the Playboys/Claimstakers moniker. At Primetime, it all changes. You aren't fighting the Claimstakers anymore. You aren't fighting against Hornet or Eli Flair. You are fighting solely against THE WOLF. Not only are you fighting against me, its very apparent that you will be attempting to finish me. For the months we fought as the Claimstakers and Playboys, I talked of a WAR. That WAR has been fought and I have lost, but now a NEW WAR stands on the horizon. It's not about blood, vengeance or retribution. The WAR I fight in now is for MY OWN SURVIVAL. Prepare yourselves, for while THE WOLF who fights for the smell of blood is dangerous - THE WOLF who fights out of desperation...IS LETHAL."


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