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NWL Combat: Cameron Love vs. Poseidon

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Apr 8, 2004
(( Fade in on one Cameron Love, seated in a locker room backstage at a NWL local event. He's wearing his trunks and unlacing his boots, preparing to get back into civvies. He is still, however, wearing his pink heart-shaped sunglasses. He suddenly looks up and notices the camera. ))

CAMERON LOVE: I guess you've been wondering where the Love Machine has been hiding himself for the past few weeks. Yeah, Jarod Poe gave me quite the beat-down, but that's okay. I survived, I'm still here. I just had to go out, and think a little bit about what I'm doing here.

(( Pauses, looking tired, and suddenly he drops the foot that he was unlacing and rubs at his eyes wearily. ))

LOVE: It hasn't been roses, let me tell you. I've really enjoyed fronting the Hometown Hotties and all, but what I've done so far in-ring...hell, I got beaten up so bad I couldn't continue a match! That tells me several things about where I am thus far. It's certainly not where I was supposed to be.

(( He slips off his shades and sighs. ))

LOVE: That's why...I'm going to have to start showing you all the power of Love. You're going to have to see just how much I can do. I mean, pull out all the stops, because I refuse to be punked out by a second-rate loser like Poe again. We're taking it up a notch, starting with the one and only...Poseidon. You're an impressive guy, I'm sure. I mean, Poseidon was god of the sea, so I'm sure you are as big as a tidal wave, mean as a shark, you hit like a hurricane, blah, blah, blah....I'm sure you're just a stupendous athlete and all. However...today is about Love, my friend, Love will conquer all. Starting with you, I'm heading out on a road to that which I want most; you're just the first thing standing in my way. You, sir, shall be the preview for everyone who ever doubted me. Combat will be the day that everyone gets to see just how much damage Love can do.

(( Fade out. ))
Not open for further replies.

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