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NWL Combat; Dakota Smith vs. The Watcher

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Jan 10, 2004
New York
Fresh Start

Fade in: on a dimly lit room. Nothing is visible; everything is blanketed by the void of darkness. The only indication that the camera is on are the sounds of footsteps. Slow...methodical...heavy footsteps. After a few tense seconds, with only the footsteps heard, a light bulb flickers on. It's a short distance away, but the cameraman moves towards it, as a messenger to a beacon. Upon reaching the light, we find a small room. The scratched, gray cement walls, a grill covered window, and the bare, stone floor don't give a very comforting feeling. The one person, wire framed bed doesn't make things look any more accommodating. When the camera pans over to it, we see a man sitting there. His face is not as covered in facial hair as when he was last seen. He's still got a full beard, but it's been nicely groomed. Along with that is the stringy black hair on his head. The sides are cut short, but on top there is a crop of hair, also well kept and slick looking. His dark eyes, light blue button down shirt, and black slacks are the finishing touches to the polished look he presents, this man behind the mask. It's Johnny "Slash" Capelli-- until recently, only known to the NWL as The Watcher. Speaking of which, the mask of the Watcher -- with its three bright red slash marks on the front -- lays on the bed, at Capelli's side. He donates a flash of a smile to the camera before speaking.

"Slash" Capelli: So...the truth IS out there.

His voice is different than in all previous occasions. He has an Italian accent.

"Slash" Capelli: The truth came out about The Watcher. Finally, I present myself to you all. However, there is still the matter of the truth. Despite what my former associates have said...they are not aware of the truth. It is not their fault...they were not meant to know. Of the people in their organization, only I was meant to know. Because none of my TRUE associates were among that organization. At Combat...the TRUTH about my existence in Don Maruvicci's ring of bandits and extortionists, my purpose for being in the NWL, will all be revealed. For now, all that needs to be known is that I have a NEW purpose for being among the ranks of the National Wrestling League. My "associates" are meeting my associates, even as I speak to you now. This is so, in the future, there will be none of these...distractions running around me. I am severing my ties of the past, so that in the future I may concentrate solely on what I am doing here. I will be on my own, and nobody...NOBODY...will push me around.

Slash brings one leg up, resting it over his opposite thigh and again flashing a grin. He looks down and exhales, simultaneously letting out what sounds like a muffled laugh. When Slash looks up, he has a curious look on his face.

"Slash" Capelli: You know, when I first chose the moniker "Slash," I had taken it from a wrestler. A legend of a league that was forgotten...maybe too quickly, for all the work that was put out for it. A wrestler named KRoW....also known as Tristan Slash. He was a legend there, a true symbol for the place he worked. Merciless...unrelenting...a legend. When I came here to the NWL, I wasn't sure how long I'd be staying. But while I sat next to President Medina -- another matter to be discussed at Combat -- I made a decision. I decided that MY name would be remembered in the NWL, for those very same reasons as Tristan Slash. I am going to be just as ruthless, merciless...and I will be a legend, someday.

Slash uncrosses his leg. He looks down at the mask, tracing the slash marks with a finger. He then grabs the mask while looking back to the camera.

"Slash" Capelli: But legends aren't pushed around, and I WILL NOT BE pushed around here! So El Je...(chuckles)...MAELSTROM...you had better set yourself back into the right frame of mind. It seems I judged you wrong, the first time around. I thought you were going to face up to me, not make excuses for yourself. What made you change, I do not know. Nor do I care. If you will not believe that I am capable of holding my own, Maelstrom...if you think you can throw your weight around me...well, then....

Slash cracks a grin, his eyebrows furrowing slightly.

"Slash" Capelli: ...I'll just have to show you again, what I am CAPABLE of. And it won't be any easier to keep me at bay, Maelstrom. I don't care if you're the NWL World Champion now...what matters is that you're a changed man. So am I. But only one of us has changed for the better.

Slash releases his grasp on the mask, and raises his hands up, clasping them just beneath his chin.

"Slash" Capelli: And the same goes for you, Dakota Smith. You too have changed. When I first was scheduled to face you, the buzz was that Dakota Smith was tearing through the competition. He was a force that wreaked...UNIMAGINABLE havoc! I never did get a real chance to put you down, myself, Dakota. But this time won't be like the last. As I said, my ties are being severed. I am getting the freedom, and with it a purpose of my choosing. This time, you will NOT be so lucky as to have a bleeding, half conscious opponent named The Watcher to compete against. You will not have an easy win of me. Now, Dakota...you deal with Slash. You so anxiously awaited facing the man behind the mask, Dakota...NOW YOU WILL GET IT!

Slash laughs, clapping his hands together.

"Slash" Capelli: Are you EXCITED Dakota? Is this all you were WISHING for? Or did you enjoy the sight of my corpse dragging itself out to the ring, stumbling and staggering. Did you enjoy the COMFORT of knowing you were at a clear advantage? I already know, Dakota, that you FEARED the mask. You did not want to face the enigmatic Watcher. But tell me this, Smith...what has changed for you? Other than losing your aura of indomitability, and dropping off from contention in the Wrestling League Series. What has changed with you? Nothing has, Dakota. SURE you run around with your little clique now. Should I expect a visit from them, Dakota? I think I should, because you still fear it. You still fear me! I don't need you to cower in fear, show it physically, Dakota. That is a game of chicken, nothing else. Emotion is most expressive through action. It is not what you SAY that gives you away, but what you DO. And last time we faced, Dakota, I know what you did. You didn't waste any time. You hit the Devil's Drop and pinned me immediately. And while people might applaud your efficiency, I call it something else. Because when a man is supposedly as cocky as you, Dakota, they don't just go in and finish someone off. They toy with their opposition, as if there was nothing that could hurt them. They think their invincible. But we all know, Dakota, that you are not invincible. You're more like Maelstrom than you might know, or want to know. And you'll go down to me just like he did, Dakota. The first time, I wasn't looking at you. This time...(points to his eyes)...I'm WATCHING you, Dakota.

Slowly, Slash's lips curve into a wide grin, and his body shakes from a laugh held in.

"Slash" Capelli: Yes, you're SO TOUGH, Dakota. So tough that you need two retired brutes and a has-been mouthpiece that your father got tired of leasing to make you feel better. Well I hope you DO feel better, Dakota. I hope you keep up the arrogance, and that your clique keeps feeding you false hope. Because then it will leave even more for me to take away, at Combat. It will be all the more satisfying to put you down. And believe me, I'll be taking from you, Dakota. In fact, I'm planning a little role reversal for Combat. This time, Smith, I'm going to leave YOU in the position that I was in last time. YOU will be the one needing aid in the ring, just to stand. I'll make you CLING to the ropes, because I will not help you to your feet. And when I feel you're ready...I'll send you reeling into the impact zone. But Dakota...that is not where I will end it. I'm going to show you how a truly skilled wrestler will operate. I'll show you why you were RIGHT to fear. And if you forgot, then I'm going to put the fear BACK INTO YOU! So that when it's all said and done, Dakota Smith....

Capelli looks deadpan at the camera, no smile or movement.

"Slash" Capelli: ...you will HAVE no emotion left to give. You will be just a corpse, like I was. And you will be another slash mark in my tally.

Reaching down, Capelli lifts the mask of The Watcher up, unfolding it to its full size, and placing it in front of the camera.

"Slash" Capelli: Do not forget, Dakota.

The camera closes in on the mask. Fade out.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville North Carolina
Full Throttle....

(“A few days ago in a NWL functional house card out of the Elks Lounge, the NWL was conducting a card where it was testing its newest talents, and who should appear but none other than Dakota Smith, behind him is the UA, Kraven and Flatliner… The crowd begins to boo them as they head towards the ring where a tag team match is taking place, the ref is the first to notice them, he walks over to the ropes where he commences to warn Dakota, taking his sight away from the UA who climb into the ring and commence to pounce on all four combatants, the fans’ screaming disapprovals make the ref turn to see the UA tossing both tag teams out the ring, and as he dashes over to them Dakota enters the ring and in one fell swoop tosses the ref out and demands and gets a mike”…)

DAKOTA: And now that I have your attention, let me start off by saying this… (Turns to the camera) How’s THAT for starters, “EL JEFE”!? So now you’re going around booking matches, (begins to pace) must be one of the many perks a champion has around here… You put me to face yet again, the Watcher or should I start calling him "Slash" Capelli…

(The fans begin to cheer at the mention of the Watcher’s name… Dakota stops his pace and stares into the crowds, shaking his head he continues to once again pace…)

DAKOTA: Cheering for him is not going to change a damn thing!!! The Watcher knows this, El Jefe knows this and even Medina knows this… The mass confusion you were a part of, may have caused me the title Slash, maybe, maybe not… You figured that it would be the perfect payback for me beating the crap out of you the first time we met… All you did was open up a Pandora’s Box that’s right Slash, you, Shawn and El Jefe, have opened up the gates and have left them WIDE OPENED!!! And Slash if you’re thinking that you’re coming in for some more payback, better erase that thought from your mind and concentrate on what will really be important for you and that’s your very survival… You’re in for the fight of your life Slash, I am a very vindictive man and I do not forgive nor do I forget… So “WATCH” your back Slash!!!

(The fans continue to boo Dakota and the UA, Dakota just grins maliciously as he scans around the audience; his attention suddenly turns to the ramp way where security is making their way to the ring… Flatliner and Kraven take defensive positions as Dakota comes to the ropes and with a devious smirk he opens the ropes and invites security to climb into the ring… Security stops short of entering the ring, Dakota lets out a laugh; a security official begins to speak but is cut off…)

DAKOTA: I don’t give a rat’s ass what “El Jefe” told you!!! We leave when we’re good and ready and I’m not ready yet!!! So my advice to you is to step the F(bleep)K back and wait until we’re finished!!!

(Stares down at security, waiting and most likely hoping that they will try to stop him… After several moments the official steps back, Dakota laughs as he watches security create a human chain around the ring…)

DAKOTA: Anyway as I was saying, Slash kissing up to Medina is not going to cut you any slack with me… Medina is a fool, he lost control when he trusted uncle Mael, (smirks) or should I say “El Jefe”!!! You might as well face it and realize that you’re nothing more than a pawn who is about to become a piece of collateral damage; what do you seriously expect to gain by agreeing to take me on once again!? Do you figure that this time you stand a better chance than the first time!? (Laughs) And you figured all this by just simply changing your name and discarding that stupid mask of yours and aligning yourself with Medina and his new sheriff, it will NOT make any difference Slash, it won’t!!! Fear is not an option Slash, I fear no man and least of all YOU!!! Masked or unmasked, you’re still the same only difference now is that we all get to see that ugly mug of yours…

(The fans once again start to boo Dakota and call him and the UA names, which they shrug off with laughter… Dakota starts to antagonize both the fans and security; flipping them off, he continues to speak this time his tone and demeanor change to match his words…

DAKOTA: You’re getting way ahead of yourself Slash, you’re putting the wagon before the mules and once again you’ll be laying flat on your back, trying to shake off the cobwebs… First time around I ended your misery quick, I don’t play with my food Slash, I took you out quick because that’s what I am all about… ALL BUSINESS!!! You want to claim that I beat an already beaten man, you’re right I did; but you were the one that made that decision Slash, it was real stupid for you to even bother showing up, but you did and I finished the job!!! What did you expect Slash!? Couldn’t you tell I was merciful the first time around, I knew you were hurting so I ended it with one fell swoop… But this time, it will be different Slash, this time around I will play with my food, I will play with you physically and emotionally, I am not going to give you any room to breathe… I will keep you off balance with concerns about the UA… Will they hunt you down before our next encounter, will they attack you right before the match or will you get hit in the parking lot or maybe in your own locker room…

(He starts to pace methodically, every now and then throwing a cynical glance at security and then the fans, whose booing is slowly beginning to die out, obviously realizing that Dakota is going nowhere until he has finish saying what he has to say…)

DAKOTA: Slash, Watcher, whatever the hell you want me to call you, you need to realize one thing… (Pauses momentarily as if to collect his thoughts…) I don’t fear your retribution, the fact that you claim to have changed or are about to change your stripes doesn’t mean crap to me, no arousals, no concerns; NOTHING Slash!!! None of it means a damn thing to me!!! And Slash, luck had nothing to do with what happened the first time, fate and stupidity Slash on your part were the key factors to the outcome and believe me amigo, this time around will be no different for you, cause you will succumb to me yet again, whether you go down fighting or stagger into the ring after getting your ass handed to you in the back, it is entirely up to you which way you want to come at this, either way I am taking you out… You see Slash, it doesn’t matter that you have decided to become just as ruthless and merciless as some of the peons in the NWL, it’s not something you can just decide to want and bang, you get it no way amigo, it doesn’t work that way… It’s something you’re born with, it dwells deep within your soul, but you have already been found lacking, Slash… Same goes for your assumptions about me going down, it’s all wishful thinking on your part, and so that you’ll know, Mael and me are as different as night and day, he says white, I’ll say black… And Slash as for how I feel, I feel GREAT!!! But come down anywhere, show me just how a true skilled wrestler operates and I’ll show you how to stop one!!!

(He throws the mike, and climbs down as security gives him a wide berth, the fans begin to boo again as he and the UA walk away, Dakota stops and with a devious smirk stares at the crowds and waves them off… The announcer climbs onto the ring and grabbing the mike starts to apologize for Dakota’s actions when on one of the giant screens appears JC… He starts to laugh as it begins to fade off… We fade off as we catch up to Dakota leaving in a black limo… Fade off to highlights of Maelstrom defeating Karl “the Dragon: Brown to become the first MWL champion in what has been billed as one of the greatness championship battle of all times… Fade off…)
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