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NWL Combat: Hacker vs. Ryan "The Graffiti" Cruz

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Jan 1, 2000
New Jersey
Backstage after the last Combat and you see Hacker destoying his lockerroom. He is pissed off beyond hell and who can blame him. He got his answer to who attacked him on his wedding day and kidnapped Data..it was DoP and now DoP has given him a restraining order. He can't even attempt to help his finace because of it. Hacker looks at the restraining order again as a knock is heard on the door, he mumbles a come in and in walks President Medina. Medina stops and looks at the destruction that he has caused and then at Hacker.

Medina- Doing a little redectorating?

Hacker- Not funny. What do you want Medina? I thought you would still being lying face down.

Medina- That was my stunt double. You think I would let a guy like him attack me?

Hacker- You still didn't answer my question, what the hell do you want?

Medina- I am concerned Hacker. I know this is an ackward situation with you and DoP but I want to make sure that you are going to keep you eye on the prize and won't do anything stupid in the process.

Hacker- I do have my eyes set on the prize and that is to make DoP life a living hell.

Medina- You see that is what I mean Hacker. I know this is going to bug you but my hands are tied. I am ordering you to stay away from DoP until I can settle this in a match. Until then you are going to honor that Restraining Order..you hear me?

Hacker- Loud and clear.

Medina- Good and if I were you, I would get out of here before the cleaning crew comes.

Hacker- Yeah I am about to leave now.

Medina leaves the lockerroom as Hacker again looks at the restraining order and tears it in half.

Hacker- I may hear him but that doesn't mean I will obey.

Hacker grabs his bag and walks out of the lockerroom as the camera fades to a small little run down room. This room has a rundown mattress on the floor. Off to the side you see Data sitting in the corner. Her face is bloodshot from crying. The door opens and Data starts to panic.

Data- No please...stay away from me!

Data continues to pleed with what it looks like LT to leave her alone as he grabs her by the hair and drags her out of the room as the camera fades out. Back to Hacker who is in the middle of the woods somewhere. It's nighttime and he walks along. He stops and signs the flashlight on him.

Hacker- Bleeding now I'm...Crying out I'm...Falling down and I'm
Feeling nothing like...Laughing now I'm Stopping now I'm Reaching out and I'm Feeling nothing. DoP, you little *beep* you have created a rift within me. Now there have been several complications that have left me feeling nothing. You were wrong to take her from me and to leave me with that dam piece of paper, you left me feeling nothing. Crawling now I'm Beaten down I'm Tortured now and I'm Feeling nothing like Hunting now I'm Stalking you now DoP. I'm reaching out and I'm Killing nothing but a coward that hides behinds my fiance because he doesn't have the guts to step out in the open and settle this like a man.
Enough of you though DoP, because thanks to the management I have a match against Ryan Cruz. Guess what Cruz, I can feel you ripping and tearing. I can feel you feeding and growing inside of me.I know you want this but I want this, more than you know
I need this, I want to destroy this anger inside of me. I want to ruin anything that moves. Unfortuanly you are in the ring with me. Last week Ronnie Valentine learned what happened when he pissed me off and he paid that. People though have said I went to far but I don't think so..I was in the right state of mind. I want revenge and I will go to any means necessary to get it.

Hacker continues walking through the woods as the camera fades out wondering where in the hell he is going in the first place.


The return

NWL’s logo began to flash across the screen as the show goes back on air. The scene fades into a roof, it was raining hard and only a little light from an emergency light was helping the view get clearer. There were lightning heard in the background, as a shadow began to appear on the floor. The shadow came closer and closer and finally, Ryan Cruz was seen for the very first time after a few months. Ryan had changed his looks, he had grown a little bit, he was now about 5’9”, and he gained a few pounds, he looked like a little bit in the 239 lbs. level. He had shaven his hair bald and he had grown a beard, it was just recently shaven and you could see where it was before. He was wearing white shirt and had a black leather vest on. He had dark jeans and was wearing black gloves, he was a fully grown man, and had gotten a lot of muscles; he was a brand new man.

Ryan: It’s been so long, so long since I have lost a match here in NWL, I know everyone has been wondering; where I have been you know where? I have been hiding, hiding away from guys like you, guys who has no remorse, but only to realize, that I am one of you guys, I never forgive and I surely, never forget, and that brings me up to the match I am having at the next show, Hacker…you were one of the men, in the very first match I had in NWL, and you were one of the men who ruined my chance to be the winner, and you know what I am going to d o about it? I’m going to make sure that at Combat, you will feel what you made me feel, you will see what I saw when I was eliminated from that match, you will find out how much, I just kept my anger for so long, you will know that I am, the most ruthless person here in NWL, and at combat, it’s going to be your judgment day.

The whole time I was away, I was thinking, was all this worth it, I mean, all these suffering I have received from this business was it all worth it, I mean, it’s been so long and I haven’t gained the respect that I have searched for so long, and I believe that I have put all of my talents into good use, and has it given me anything? No, all this time I have searching for nothing but illusion, all these time wondering if I was doing the right thing, it was just a waste of time, I see myself in the mirror as a failure, as a failure that never got what he deserved, so at combat I will get what I deserve, I will receive the respect, and I will receive my first ever win, and do you know why, hacker, it’s all because I have kept this anger for so long, and it’s time to get it out, Hacker, you’re days are numbered.

Ryan began to walk around the roof as the weather gets worst, and the emergency light started to blink, and only Ryan’s eyes were seen, it was cold and empty, as he stared right through the camera and was talking Hacker directly.

Ryan: By the time it is all over you will se why I am the man that everyone fears in every other federations I have been on, and you will see why pain is the most feared thing of all, as I will show you that the pain of man is nothing compared to what a monster can give to you. The evolution is over, now it’s time for you to feel. THUG revolution, begin to feel the way I felt reality check, the time for me, to win…the time for the codes to be altered so to speak prepare for…a hacking disconnection, hacker, no more hacking, or I’ll get you…arrested. Prepare, for… a reality blow. I’m beginning to feel right at home, after all this is where I grew up, and this is where I am going to stay, The return is over, now it’s time for celebration, and after combat, I hope, that everyone, will be there with me, even medina, even maelstrom, and even…Data, ha, See you later, hacker, be sure to bring a laptop, because at Combat, I’m prepared to reboot.

Ryan walks out of view, as the sun began to rise behind him. The scene fades out and NWL’s logo came back on.



NWL’s Combat’s logo came flashing by the screen as the show went back on. The scene fades into the arena locker room, where Ryan Cruz was preparing for his match he looked a little unsure, He was wearing jogging pants, and that’s all. He was trying to get himself on a good role; Ryan began to talk slowly to the camera as he wrapped his hand with white tape.

Ryan: Absolutely, horrible isn’t it, I’m right here waiting for Hacker, but I guess he’s too scared to show up, what happened, has it been a long time since I’ve been here, has hacker changed into a chicken, That’s pathetic, you are a very sorry man, I mean, I don’t know what you’re having with DoP, And I really don’t care, but you need to suck it up and come back here and meet me face to face, I’m begging to see that you’re not who you were before, you were a sorry ass loser, but now, you’re a sorry ass scared loser. Now, I’m not going to waste my time just waiting and waiting here, so you better show up, because if you don’t, I’m going to hunt your little ass down boy, and I’m going for Data too, so be prepared, for the real deal.

Time and time I’ve ran away, too, but this is way different, I’m the bone challenging you, I’m the one that wants you to come down here, so that I would be able to beat the hell out of you straight up. The time is right, I am ready for you, as I have said time and time before, I will make you, feel the pain, that I had received before, that’s because you were one of them, who made me feel this pain, and I will make sure that you…begin to feel it too. I know that I am going to be able to rip you limb from limb, you know why, because on the pathetic emotional train you’re on, you’re angry, and you want revenge, and all those despicable stuff, I can see it now, Me, crushing your neck with my hand, I’m going to make sure that it happens, because I am, the justice, and hacking…is illegal.

Ryan began to put on his black gloves on each hand as he began to talk again.

Ryan: Time is passing you by, and I’m the timekeeper, you can never evolve too much, and at Combat, I’m making you evolve, I’m going to make sure that you grow out of that pathetic stage you’re on, you need to grow up and face your enemies, and boy, I’m your enemy, from now on. This is really hard for me to see how to make the match interesting if the real hacker isn’t even there, so I am begging you, please show up, so that when I beat you, and I will, I’ll win fairly, ok? See you at Combat, Hacker, and I hope, you’ll be there, not your pathetic little scared soul…

Ryan walks of the view and the logo started to flash by again as NWL goes for a commercial break.
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