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NWL Combat: Lars Magellan vs. The Watcher

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Jan 3, 2004
New York
All roleplays for this match must be posted in this thread. Thank you, good luck, and have fun.


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Jan 20, 2004
The Underdog Indeeeed

Cutto: Lars Magellan sitting in a luxurious jet with a bottle of Moet while he sips a glass

Lars: You can call it the "upset" of the year, the impossible becoming possible...or just call it what I call it, the INEVITABLE! But whichever way you put it, it was I LARS MAGELLAN, walking out the victor in my match with Mr. Dakota Smith. For so long during my undefeated streak a while back, people believed I was cocky when I told ya'll that I was the BEST, that ILL ALWAYS be the best... but then I started LOSING! So everyone turned their head with a chuckle...and said Lars got knocked on his ass, he had it coming to him....which brought us to what many expected to be a blow-out.... THE NUMBER ONE MAN, DAKOTA SMITH... GOING AGAINST LARS MAGELLAN, who was in LAST place in the WLS Tournament... it was a no-brainer... Las Vegas Sports Books were going CRAZY with bets on Dakota Smith... but then it happened....I PROVED EXACTLY WHY I AM THE BEST....WHY IM NOT JUST SOME PUSHOVER....Its EASY to say your the best when your winning all the time... but ITS THE COMING BACK FROM ADVERSITY... Going from the VERY Bottom.... TO BEATING THE VERY BEST! And I have once again established myself AS THE BEST DAMNED WRESTLER in the NWL today.... but now that I got my gloating outta the way, I guess I should look forward to this Watcher character....

Lars gets up from his seat and places the bottle of Moet into the bar and pulls out a towel and drys his hands

Lars: Its funny looking back Watcher... moments before defeating that cocky bastard Smith, you were standing in the ring talking as if you've been in a damned hole for the past few weeks... you assumed that it would be Dakota just waltzing his ass to the top to face you... just walk over me like I was nothing but a Persian rug...but luckily for me, and for you I stopped Smith right in his tracks, NOT ONLY getting myself in the board, and in the running to become the #1 Contender for the NWL Championship... but keeping Smith from becoming the GARAUNTEED CHAMPION before the tournament is even over, so for that Ill accept your thanks now.
But lets get right down to it... this coming Combat is one of the biggest in history, all the cards are on the table... and the WLS Tournament basicaly is based on this one show... who will be the champion, who will be the #1 contender, whatever... and You and I Watcher get to take it out in a damned Lumberjack match. Now to you, Watcher, you have got to be walking around with a damned smile on your face...you get to go into a match with the most hated man in the NWL and get to face him with a group of people who hate him outside the ring. THIS REALLY IS LUDACRIS! IT IS NOT MY FAULT THAT MEDINA DOESNT KNOW HOW TO KEEP HIS MEN IN LINE! IT IS NOT MY FAULT THAT THE LITTLE CRY-BABY Fools OF THE NWL CANT TAKE A SMALL BEATING HERE AND THERE. So to throw them all in a match which is supposed to be MAN VS MAN is just screwing up the point of the damned tournament. But belieeeve me, Im not complaining because Im worried about losing... naa... I just dont want YOU, Watcher, to be coming up with excuses as to WHY YOU get beat at Combat... Im just trying to be.... (SMILES) FAIR! And you know what else really sucks about all this that has happend over the past few days... I DIDNT GET A CHANCE TO INTRODUCE THE MAIN MAN! The man who is returning to this world of entertainment and sports to show the NWL how things are really done... so now we have to wait for the upcoming Combat, and i do GAURANTEE THAT AT THE NEXT NWL COMBAT! HE WILL BE BACK! AND THE NWL WONT BE THE SAME... AND I, LARS MAGELLAN, WILL CONTINUE MY TRACK TO BECOME THE NWL...WORLD...CHAMPION!

Fade Out


League Member
Jan 20, 2004
As silent as a soft snow

Cutto: a large open beach... as the camera pans around you see a gorgeous brand new beach home with many beach chairs laid around. The camera pans forward to a massage bench where you see Lars Magellan sitting up from a massage and he looks at the camera looking very giddy

Lars: Praise the heavens!!! Oh lorrrd, Praise the Heavens!!! For the past month or so, Ive been involved in matches with some of the most long winded, never ending jabber-jaws and you have placed in my lap a most glorious gift....(Lars' face turns serious) Someone who keeps their mouth shut!

(Lars gets up from the massage booth and walks over to a mini bar and pours a drink

Lars: It is, indeed, a breath of fresh air to finally go one-on-one with someone who already knows that they are over with before the match has even started, and at least holds on to some pride and doesnt bore the world with non-stop blabbering... so for that Watcha'... thank you! But I do believe it is my duty....NO.. MY RESPONSIBILITY TO Remind these people just why it will be myself walking out on top..... now Im sure NOOOOOBODY would call me a person who likes to... ahh... GLOAT! But I do believe it was MYSELF, LARS MAGELLAN, who beat down the #1 man in the NWL, and knocked off his chances of instant success in winning the NWL Heavyweight Championship... and so first off and foremost, EVERY DAMNED NWL EMPLOYEE.... EVERY DAMNED NWL FAN.... ANYONE INVOLVED WITH THE NWL PERIOD... should be groveling at my feet and THANKING me for allowing them a little more than a lackluster WLS Tournament..

Now I really dont want anyone to honestly believe that I give a donkeys ass whether I become the #1 Contendor for the NWL Championship by beating the Watcher and whoever else is in my way... but my employer, WHO BY THE WAY WILL BE MAKING HIS GRAND RETURN TO THE NWL AT THE NEXT COMBAT....has informed me that it would actually be quite grand to aquire this title and show WHY we really are the best the NWL has to offer! And whether you like me, love me, adore me, or just flat out despise me, there is not ONE damned one of you who cannot accept that I have foughten through adversity TIME AFTER TIME, and that NOONE deserves anything but success here in the NWL than myself.... so I will leave yall to your thoughts... leave ya'll to wondering who exactly will be returning at Combat... and just HOW BAD I will destroy The Watcha' AND PROVE WHY I AM THE BEST DAMNED WRESTLER IN THE WORLD!

Fade Out


Jan 10, 2004
New York
One more match....

Fade in: on the same gym we saw prior to last week's Combat. The Watcher sits in the middle of the ring, legs crossed, in black shorts, sneakers, gloves, a cut-off white shirt, and his mask secured on his head. Fanatic comes into the room, sunlight from side windows casting their golden color over the room. Fanatic enters the ring and sits on a turnbuckle while Watcher finishes his meditation. Watcher finally turns his gaze upward at Fanatic.

Fanatic: Hey, man...I thought you'd be training in here, not falling asleep.

Fanatic laughs, but quickly stops as Watcher looks away.

Fanatic: What's the matter?

Watcher: I failed.

Fanatic: What do you mean? The match against Brown?

Watcher: I couldn't beat him. I lost my chance to achieve my goal.

Fanatic: Maybe, but man, look how far you've gotten! You knew the competition would be stiff. You didn't want it to be any other way. You gave all you had, and just came up a bit short, is all. It's nothing to worry about.

Watcher looks back at Fanatic.

Watcher: Yes...I suppose so. I shouldn't see it as the end.

Fanatic: Of course you shouldn't! You're still at the top of the NWL. Well, at the top level. You'll get your shot at the title soon, no matter what happens. You're going to be in line for your chance. Just give it some time.

Watcher: Time....yes....

Watcher looks away again. Fanatic leans back and flips over onto the ring apron.

Fanatic: You've got to lighten up a bit! You still have one more match left in the WLS, and from what I hear, Lars Magellan is coming in with some momentum.

Watcher doesn't respond.

Fanatic: Just don't get down on yourself too hard. You've trained too much to let one setback throw you off.

Fanatic hops off the apron and walks out of the room. Watcher continues to sit, cross legged and in thought. He clasps his hands together and leans his chin on them when the door of the gym opens, again, and Larry Tact walks in. Tact comes forward to the ring and leans on the apron with his arms.

Tact: Hey, I've got some news you should know.

Watcher doesn't move.

Tact: It's a message from our contact. You're family's safe.

Watcher's head snaps to the side, looking at Tact.

Watcher: They're out?

Tact nods.

Watcher: Where are they?

Tact: They'll be out of the country in a few hours. It's over.

Watcher reaches his hand to his mask, running his fingers over the red marks running across it. From underneath the mask come a couple teardrops, running down Watcher's neck.

Watcher: Finally....that's it...

Tact: Yes, well...not entirely. There's one more person who needs to get going.

Tact reaches into a pocket and pulls out a couple papers, with a ticket stapled to them.

Tact: It's time you started over. You've got nothing more to do here.

Watcher: Thank you, Larry. Thank you...

Watcher stands up and steps through the ropes, landing feet first on the floor. Tact puts out the ticekt package for Watcher to take, but after a few seconds, Watcher pushes it back into Tact's hands.

Watcher: ...but first, I have one more match to fulfill.

Tact looks dumbstruck.

Tact: What?

Watcher: President Medina...he provided me with a means of income...a place where I could feel safe, in the NWL. He gave me a safe haven, when my options were practically nonexistant. For months, I have been able to last through the searches, the setups, and the pressures of everything thanks to the NWL. I have one more match in the Wrestling League Series. I mustn't throw my obligation back in the face of the NWL. I must show up, and face Lars Magellan.

Tact: Look...you've done well. I'm proud to have seen your training pay off. You made some mistakes in the past few weeks, but you're one of the best new talents on the circuit. But if you go to Combat this week, you'll be making another mistake.

Tact looks sternly at Watcher, putting a hand on his shoulder.

Tact: I know you don't want to disappoint Medina. But you've got more at stake here than a spot in the ranks. There's more to lose than just a match. You're stepping into territory that you don't belong in, if you show up. I won't be able to help you. There's nothing more for you to do there. You've got to understand....you have to leave. Take your talent, your family, and go overseas. You can wrestle there, I know people who would love to have you. Go where you can start fresh. Don't make this mistake.

Watcher and Tact stare at each other. A few moments pass before Watcher brushes Tact's hand off his shoulder.

Watcher: I don't intend on staying after the match. But I'm not leaving before facing Lars. It's the last match I need to complete this chapter of my life. Then I'll have my closure.

Watcher turns and walks towards the exit.

Tact: What is it that you want out of this match?

Watcher: Like I said, closure. This will give me what I need to move on.

Tact: To move on...what are you saying? You're family's safe, isn't that enough? What does wrestling a match have to do with moving on?

Watcher stops just short of the door.

Watcher: Consider it my last hurrah. One more match to show....that I'm not...

Tact: ...not what? At the bottom of the WLS? Is that what this is about?

Watcher turns around.

Watcher: Of course not. It's just a matter of fulfilling obligation.

Tact: Obligation to who? It sounds more like you just want to go out winning.

Watcher scoffs.

Watcher: Winning has nothing to do with it. I've already got what I wanted. I don't need to win the WLS.

Tact: You can't win anymore. It's not a matter of winning that. It's your pride, isn't it? You just don't want to be seen as a man who walked away.

Watcher: I have an obligation...

Tact: Yeah, to yourself. Don't you realize? Nobody's going to think you're afraid for walking away. You have to leave. There's no point to staying here. It's only going to put you at risk! They're still coming after you as long as you're still in the country!

Watcher: I'm not afraid of them! Just like I'm not afraid to show up at Combat, and make Lars Magellan see the error of his own ways. Haven't you been listening to him go on about how he's the best? How he thinks it's nothing more than a formality to walk into the ring and beat me? He thinks he's really the one who deserves to be number one contender, and off of his wrestling ability! You and I both know that's ludicrous. He's not ahead of Maelstrom...or Dakota....or Karl Brown. And he's not ahead of me! There's nothing more to do about it than show him just why that is.

Tact: I think you've been wearing that mask a little too tight. Don't you realize the risk you--

Watcher: I don't need to hear about risk! I've been at risk for months. I've worked hard to get myself into shape to compete in the NWL. I made the NWL more than just a place to hide myself away in. I made that place a home. And I don't see anyone who would allow another man to come into their home and proclaim superiority. Lars Magellan came in after I did, and he thinks he can best me in the NWL? Whether or not he can, I'm not completely sure of. But I know Lars Magellan isn't going to have it so easy as a countout win to prove as much to me. I won't be beaten that easily.

Watcher turns his back to Tact and opens the door to the room, exiting. The door closes and Tact stands next to the ring, looking at the door with disdain.

Tact: You should just walk away, but....I wouldn't be able to, either.

Cut to: a shot of an NWL backdrop. The Watcher stands, in black leather pants, a dark blue cut-off shirt, matching the color of his mask. Black gloves adorn his hands, and he also wears combat boots.

Watcher: Lars Magellan. You've shown a lot of guts going into your match with Dakota Smith, and not being deterred. Not feeling you were outmatched going in, just because of records. Numbers. Just as Karl Brown overcame the pressures, you did so as well. But don't think I was blind to any of that. I've watched you, just like I've watched everyone else compete. I've seen your efforts and your mistakes. I've seen your attacks on those who didn't deserve such hostility. And I also noticed how much was going on during your match against Dakota. You were able to pull out a win, but not due to your wrestling ability alone. You had good focus to keep your head in the match. Dakota lacks that. But I don't. I will not have my sights swayed from their focus, my target for the night. You. I will give you my full effort and show you something that you should have realized the moment you entered the Wrestling League Series. This isn't a series between four no-talents and Lars Magellan. This is a series between the best talent that the NWL has to offer. These are matches where anything can happen. Anyone can win, and that was shown when you pulled out a victory against Dakota last week.

Watcher crosses his arms over his chest.

Watcher: I don't owe you an apology. I don't owe you a thanks. I don't owe you anything, Lars. I fully anticipated you might be able to pull out a victory over Dakota Smith. That was the only way I would have been able to gain any ground on him. As it turned out, I couldn't get my end of things done, but that doesn't mean you did me any favor. You were out to win for yourself, nobody else. Your "employer" must be every bit as conceited as you are, Lars, because I don't see how any sensible person could cope with your way of thinking. You think one win is going to propel you to the "best wrestler" status here? You're wrong. The best of the NWL comes in the form of its World Champion, who will potentially be crowned this coming Combat. But you are not the best in the NWL, Lars. You are not the best wrestler, even. That's not something I'm going to let slide, Lars. I could go into reasons why you are not at the same level as I, but I prefer to let my actions speak for me. In the ring, you will quickly find that conceit clouds the mind. And you are far more conceited than I.

Watcher looks back at the NWL logo on the backdrop before turning back.

Watcher: There are some things that I will miss. But you're constant self-promotion is not one of them, Lars. Before I take my leave, there is one more match to have. There's one more opponent that awaits. Lars Magellan...don't think that you can get away with your self-glorifying campaign at my expense. You can distract yourself and everyone else by talking about this person you're bringing to Combat. You can make like it's more important than anything else that will go on. But the truth of the matter is....I don't care about your guests, or your welcoming party. I only care about going to the ring and beating you, so there will be no question as to who is the better wrestler in the NWL between the two of us. I will not tolerate you parading in and expecting everyone to buy into your words, when you haven't proved anything except that you talk a good game, up to last week. Last week, you showed that you had more focus than Dakota in the heat of battle. But I will show you, at Combat, that the pressure doesn't get more intense....your choices aren't more scrutinized....your credibility isn't more tested....than when you come and face the Watcher. Because I don't hold back for talkers, or showboaters. I only welcome that arrogance and overestimation into the ring. Into the impact zone. And you'll find the truth in my words when your star, too....is broken.

Fade out.


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Jan 20, 2004
The Perfect Ending

Cutto: A large empty theatre... you hear the sound of a projector playing with the screen showing white. Than you see a shadow of a man grow bigger across the screen till you see Lars Magellans back walk by and he turns around to face the camera

Lars: My oh my Watcher... that was very touching what I just watched... almost made me want to break out the Kleenex, made me feel like I was watching an emotionally charged film... but, luckily, I was able to hold back my tears!! But thats where the movie similarites END!!! Because I can see it now! The "Perfect Ending" to the "Perfect Walk-out!" Its like those great inspirational movies, where right before the star ends his career, he makes the BIG HOMERUN.... THE BIG FIELD GOAL... THE BIG KNOCK OUT!!! But NO NO NO Watcher... this isnt the movies... THIS IS REAL LIFE! While I wish there was a way for you to walk into this match and leave with the result you are hoping for... Im afraid thats just not possible.... because you are, unfortunatly, stepping into the ring with... oh yeah.. ME! LARRRRS MAGELLAN! And you can try to degrade and insult me by calling me conceited, or call me self-promoting... well bottom line bro.... if you call someone who knows what he's got... and someone who likes to let everyone know about it conceited and self-promoting.... WELL THAN HELL YEAH! YOUVE GOT ME DOWN PRETTY DAMNED GOOD! AND ANOTHER THING YOU'VE GOT RIGHT IS THAT I DID WALK IN AND BEAT DAKOTA SMITH! I DID GO HEAD TO HEAD WITH THE #1 RANKED MAN in the whole NWL and BEAT HIM FOR THE 1....2....and DA' DAMNED 3! And when we step into the next Combat... I will show YOU... what I am all about... and you know what.... lets make it interesting....you think that I CANT WIN without a whole parade of people popping their damned noses into the match... well first off.... Shamrock was out near the ring from the very beginning.... I cant help it that everyone else that walked in wants to rub off on my successes... but at this upcoming Combat.... as far as IM concerned... it will be ME AND YOU! ONE ON ONE.... MAN AGAINST MAN!! IF You can build up enough guts to wrestle your last match like a man and keep any and all of your little travel pals outta the match.... than maybe you can go out with your head out high... knowing that you got BEAT by the best.... AND LOST LIKE A MAN!

Fade out
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