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NWL Combat: Maelstrom vs. Dakota Smith

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Jan 3, 2004
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All roleplays for this match must be posted in this thread. Thank you, good luck, and have fun.


Top Of The Food Chain

(FADE IN:..... to an NWL set where we see a huge mailbag filled with letters which are spilling over onto the floor. Next to that is a director's style chair and sitting in it, with a faint smile upon his lips, is the man known simply as......)

MAELSTROM: Ya know, though I may make it look easy, it's really quite demanding being #1. There are a LOT of drudgeries involved in being at the top of the food chain. Things such as attending promotional benefits, acting civil towards ignorant fans when all you really feel like doing is letting them taste your fist, and of course things such as answering fan mail. ALL NECESSARY EVILS THAT GO WITH BEING #1. Let's take the main thing for an example..... WRESTLING! Obviously being considered the best, you're "expected" to win so when you do, it's like.... "no big deal". And of course, when you lose, questions arise. Questions like the one posed by ......

(looks down into his hand where he has an open letter)

MAELSTROM: ..... Don Nobrane out of Rhode Island who states.... "Maelstrom, you haven't scored a victory in your last three matches. Losing to both Anarky and The Watcher, and drawing with Karl Brown. While I know that noone wins every match, the Watcher and Karl Brown were rookies and in Brown's case, the bell probably saved you from losing to him as well. A loss is something that is extremely rare for you Maelstrom, recording no more than two losses in any given year, however, you've already lost twice and drew once and that's only in the first four months of the year! Do you think you're losing a step or perhaps is the competition getting a little tougher?"

(puts down the letter, raises an eyebrow and smirks)

MAELSTROM: Well, Mr. NoBrane. I could tell you that sure, the competition IS getting tougher, and equally as tough, is staying at the top of the food chain YEAR after YEAR after YEAR after YEAR.... and neither would be a lie. You think it's easy tangling with guys like 'Narky or Smith night after night? Or facing tomorrow's superstars, guys who are HUNGRY such as The Watcher and Brown on any given night? What you fail to realize Mr. NoBrane is that winning is not necessarily my final goal. If you observed the WFW match against 'Narky, you'll notice that he uttered those fateful words..... "I QUIT" when I had him locked in the Mortal Sin, though the ref was out of it. When the Watcher pinned me, I had him trapped in the Mortal Sin.... I simply "chose" not to release for my own.... (pauses as he smiles) ....."personal" reasons. Against Brown? Who's to say that he would have gotten that third count? And while it may sound like sour grapes or excuses to you Mr. Nobrane..... it simply is what it is.... THE FACTS! So in answer to your question of am I losing a step?

(shakes his head disparagingly as he laughs)

MAELSTROM: The only step I'm likely to lose is the one that I'll bury up your A$$ were you in front of me right now for asking such a moronic question! Then again, it's a typical question coming from someone with a last name such as yours, eh NO-BRANE?

(crumples up the letter and tosses it out of view as he reaches into the mail sack and pulls out another one)

MAELSTROM: Hmmmmm.... this one's from the United Kingdom, sender unknown, and it reads....

(unfolds the letter and begins to read.... at first his expression turns to one of annoyance, then mere moments later, it relaxes as he begins to smirk)

MAELSTROM: "....I'M HEEEEERE!..... Yours Truly" (nods his head knowingly) Yeah Benjamin, I'm here as well and soon.... VERY soon, I'll make MY presence known to YOU!

(shoves the letter in his mouth, chews it up and with a precisioned aim, spits it out directly at the camera. It lands squarely with a loud "SPLAT" sound on the lens of the camera, temporarily blacking out all but the outer edges of our view. Seconds later, the chewed up, saliva soaked letter slides downward, leaving us with a smeared distorted image.... that is until a hand from behind the camera appears and wipes it clean, giving us once again a crystal clear image.)

MAELSTROM: Our next letter is from a Mrs. Jennifer Anniston-Pitt and she writes.... "Mael, after that INCREDIBLE night we shared, I can no longer look at Brad in the same light. He's nothing but a child, inexperienced and VERY SMALL in every conceivable way, compared to you! I can't stop thinking about that night when you gave me those multiple org-----"

(Maelstrom suddenly stops reading the letter, pulling away in a very animated manner, a very lecherous grin on his face....)

MAELSTROM: OKAAAAY! I think we get the point Jen. Anyhow, I have your number and next time I'm up your ways, I'll give ya a ring.

(Winks and gives the A-OK sign as his grin widens)

MAELSTROM: Okay, lets get back on the NWL track.... our next letter (reaches in and pulls out another letter) ..... is outta Chicago, Illinois, from former GLCW President/Owner, Scott Malec.

(raises an eyebrow as he gives a look of mock surprise as he begins to read....)

MAELSTROM: "Maelstrom, there is no mistaking your talent and ability in the wrestling ring. You are undoubtedly one the most dominant wrestlers I've ever come across and it wouldn't surprise me at all to see you enter the Wrestling Hall Of Fame some day. HOWEVER.... I do think that you should acknowledge those who helped get you where you are today, such as the fans and promotions that sponsored you. I also think tha-----"

(Maelstrom cuts in in mid-sentence as he begins to laugh boisterously, almost uncontrollably. After a few seconds of this, when he finally composes himself, he begins to speak.....)

MAELSTROM: Well MISTER Malec, so let me get this straight? You want ME to thank YOU, the FANS and any other promotion that offered me a contract simply because they recognize just how much of a dominant force I am in this industry? (gives a faint smirk as he shakes his head from side to side) C'mon now! I know that you're not naive enough to THINK that I owe YOU, the FANS, or anyone else any sort of gratitude or acknowledgement for going out there night after night and RISKING injury to MY body?! Lets get one thing straight here Malec, and this goes for all these other fed heads out there, this is a business! We each have an agenda and we ALL take advantage of it. You and the other promotions made a HELLUVA lot more money off of me than I made off of you! As for the fickle fans who I risk permanent injury for every night just to amuse and entertain them..... F**K THEM!! I owe them even less! If the fans want to cheer me or love me, that's on them. If they want to hate me, that's on them as well. I really could care less. I'm in this for ME! Yeah, I may be arrogant, selfish and callous, but at least I'm telling it like it is! The ONLY person I owe..... is ME!

(Maelstrom rips up the letter into small pieces and tosses it up into the air, allowing it to drift down like confetti in a private parade)

MAELSTROM: Okay, enough of this BULLSH!T! We'll go with one last letter.

(reaches in and pulls out one but it falls to the floor before he can open it. Cursing inaudibly to himself, he reaches down and pulls out another letter and begins examining it....)

MAELSTROM: This one is outta my own hometown of Pandora Island.... from....

(pauses a bit as he glares at it in a somber mood)

MAELSTROM: .... The NEH. (sighs heavily as he opens it and begins to read out loud) "Your time at the top has come and past Maelstrom. It's time for a change of the Pandorian guard..... this is Dakota Smith's time to rule..... remember what happened in New Japan"

(falls momentarily silent as he stares at nothing in particular.... seconds later, in a very reserved manner, he responds....)

MAELSTROM: Yeah, I remember New Japan..... just as YOU GUYS do! (smirks) Didn't quite turn out the way you expected eh? The end result that is. (nods his head slightly) You guys may feel Dakota's time is NOW and that I'm in his way..... in YOUR way in fact. But nothing's changed...... I still march to the tune of MY drummer... not yours or anyone elses. I don't have those little puppet cords like YOU guys do. Dakota is one tough SOB and If indeed it is his time, then it'll happen in our upcoming match.... and if the proverbial guard DOES change down the line.... then it's all good.... I'll STILL follow MY direction.... NOT YOURS! I'll take it as it comes 'cuz either way, I'll still be at the top of the food chain.....

(A simple, almost indistinct head nod ensues as Maelstrom glares stoically into the cameras, as we begin to.....FADE OUT......)


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Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville North Carolina
Black moon rising....

(Fade on to a very irate and agitated Dakota who paces back and forth like some sort of caged wild animal, his eyes gleaming with anger, his face distorted… The usual faded red brick wall, the usual graffiti on it… He begins to speak, to no one in particular…)

DAKOTA: Everyone and their mother decided to get involved in my match against Lars… Yet I was the one put on a short f(bleep)king leash!!! “You have potentials Dakota, you will be a superstar in your own right someday, but if you continue attacking my wrestlers I will be force to fire you”… Medina, you my friend are full of S(bleep)T!!! If I didn’t know any better I would think that you set me up (Smirks) but I know you better that you know yourself… Maybe you thought that I should be taught a lesson, or maybe you had no damn control over what happened in my match… Who knows, and who really cares Medina…

(He pauses and slows his pace, takes a deep breath and appears to lose himself in thought momentarily…)

DAKOTA: You Medina, like Lars and his little buddy as well as Shawn Hart have not opened a can of worms, but a Pandora’s Box!!! That’s right Medina, I am coming back with a vengeance and hell will be coming with me!!! A dog collar match Medina!? Since you think of me as a damn dog, I’m going to act like one!!! But enough of me *****ing; you tossed me a bone, not a bared bone this one has some meat to it… (Smirks deviously) That’s right uncle Mael, you’re that bone!!! So here we are Maelstrom at yet another impasse… Only this time we will close the gap and come full circle; in yet another brutal encounter to quench our thirst for each other’s blood… This one no doubt will supersede our previous encounter and they will come from afar to see us collide yet again Mael; you were the better man the first time around uncle Mael, there’s no doubting that; I was overzealous and not really focusing on what was important and I BLINKED!!! And just that fast it was over... You taught me a very valuable lesson that night uncle Mael; and you of all people should know very well that I am a very fast learner and well it should be, I was taught by the very best, and you were among those teachers uncle Mael… And this time around we will be chained like two rabid dogs… Are you getting a clear picture!? There’s no escape Mael, not for you, and certainly not for me; Medina is giving us the rope to hang each other with and I intend on hanging you up high Mael…

(Again he pauses, but his pace quickens, back and forth he goes with the grace of a caged animal, again losing himself in thought and without warning begins to speak yet again…)

DAKOTA: Our present situation reminds me of one of those cheap chop suey movies where the student wants to take on the teacher… Only difference here uncle Mael, is that this isn’t any damn movie, now is it uncle Mael!? (Smirks) Nah, this is the real thing, no rehearsals, no damn practiced lines… And no matter how much Medina rants and raves about toning down the violence, there’s no way in hell that will happen… What makes us such animals Mael!? What makes us go way beyond that threshold!? It’s in our blood isn’t it uncle Mael; we just can’t help ourselves, a thousand years of brutality courses through our veins… Born to it, we live by it and will eventually die by it and in between all that we will enjoy it… You want to know something Mael!? I kind of regret it coming to this, you were always my favorite uncle and that’s why it is going to really pain me to have to take you out… All I have thought about since our last encounter has been you uncle Mael and with each and every single opponent that I’ve faced afterwards I sent you a message… The enigma of you beating me, while I beat the only man to beat you is a thorn in my side Mael; one which I intend to eradicate… Some will say that I beat an already beaten man when it came to the Watcher, (Stares into camera) he had a choice Mael, he just chose wrongly… And so have you!!! You chose to believe that I would stoop to the levels that JC or whoever the hell is writing you these notes, you chose to get in my face; a very bad mistake uncle Mael… And as it turns out it wasn’t even JC who had anything to do with it… (Smirks) The time is at hand Mael, this impasse in which you find yourself is about to get the best of you… I learned from my mistakes the last time we fought, I am more prepared for you than you can ever imagine… (Smirks deviously) Yea Mael, this time around it will be you kissing the mat…

(Slowly turns to where we see a white handkerchief being waved as a flag of truce… His face gets even more distorted as he sees whose hand it is waving the handkerchief… It is none other than JC… Dakota’s tone changes as he slowly approaches JC…)

DAKOTA: What the hell do you want, you piece of S(bleep)T!? You have a lot of cojones coming here!!!

JC: Hey man, I come in peace… I saw what happened and believe me I am just as pissed!!! I have a plan Dakota that I know even you will like…

DAKOTA: Spare me the bull crap JC!!! What the hell do you want!?

JC: What I want!? I want what you want!!! I want YOU to exact revenge!!! I want YOU to be the NWL champion!!! I want YOU to be the best!!! I want to make YOU, The TOP DOG in the NWL!!! No pun intended Dakota… I know that you can beat Mael, and you know it also, now it’s time that Mael and the rest of the pissants know that!!! But one step at a time Dakota, first focus on taking Mael out, then take out whoever else stands between you and the gold, and then we can go after Lars and company as well as Hart!!! I have a master plan dude!!!

DAKOTA: Take a walk ***** before I put my foot up your ass!!!

(Starts to walk toward JC, who puts his hands in front of him in a defensive position, Dakota slaps his hands away and grabs him by his collar and lifts him off the ground… JC tries to struggle, but soon realizes that it is fruitless, he then tries to plea his case…)

JC: Come on bro, put me down… I kid you not I have a very ingenious plan just hear me out… At least give me that much, after all we are blood!!! Come on bro, just 5 minutes that’s all I’m asking for…

(A long silence ensues as Dakota just glares into JC, sweat begins to glisten from JC’s forehead; without warning Dakota drops him…Looks at his watch and says…)

DAKOTA: Start talking “BRO”!!!

(With a grin across his face, he begins to speak; Dakota just glares at him with an expressionless face… He looks at his watch again and extends two fingers out, JC begins to speak faster… We slowly fade off to black…)


The Reform

(FADE IN:..... to an empty, shadowy hallway. Further down we see a glimmer of light escaping through the crack of a partially opened door. As we approach, we can hear someone behind that door speaking rather loudly. Once there, the door is pushed open amidst the near yelling coming from inside the room, open just enough to peer in and avoid detection. The camera slowly pans until it can't pan anymore without actually opening the door wider and going inside the room. It focuses and zooms in on a mirror where we see an image occasionally cast its reflection as it continually paces about the room. Suddenly the voice in the room falls silent. Seconds later, that image appears on the mirror again as it apparently stands in front of it glaring stoically..... the image of the man we know simply as .......

MAELSTROM: (whispering softly to himself as he glares at his own image) ..... this is what it's come to? After all the searching..... all the breaching..... turning into a stepping stone for everyone else as I chase down that elusive moment of respite?!

(pauses as he continues to stare at himself in the mirror, almost as if he expects his reflection to answer.... moments later, he nods in approval and smiles a very wicked, evil smile and begins to laugh...... softly at first, then maniacally as he tosses his head back and laughs at the top of his lungs. That too suddenly stops, leaving an eerie silence as his echoes trail off and he resumes speaking, in much louder tones this time....)

MAELSTROM: NO MORE!! The hell with this impasse and it's endlessly taunts with random targets! It's fed off me for the past SIX YEARS.... and that ends..... NOW!!

(falls silent once more as he continues to glare angrily at his own image..... his huge chest rises and falls in rhythm with his fists as he repeatedly clenches and unclenches them..... all this fades however, as a smile escapes from his lips, releasing a bit of tension from this apparent internal struggle of his, and he picks up where he left off.......)

MAELSTROM: The endless wait is over! I'M PARDONING MYSELF! Releasing myself on my own recognizance! (begins laughing) No more rewards of respite to dangle in front of my nose! From now on, I'LL decide WHEN to embrace that moment of respite! (smiles) People have said they understood..... Anarky..... Edmunds...... Rabesque...... Daymon..... Brown...... even you Dakota! You all think you know what time it is..... but you're all wrong! You're all clueless! And for that, you should be thankful......

(winks as he offers a single, faint nod)

MAELSTROM: ..... it was never meant for the likes of you.... or even me for that matter. I was lured into it by a relentless desire for vengeance..... a vengeance I no longer feel, no longer need. But don't breath a sigh of relief Dakota, 'cuz that's not necessarily a good thing.... for you at least..... or anyone else for that matter! You'll just be the first to encounter it Dakota.... encounter what's left when there's nothing left to breach..... no more impasse hurdles to leap.....

(laughs faintly)

MAELSTROM: ..... you'll be the first Dakota, to experience firsthand, what happens to a man after six long years of impasse incarceration. The NEH just may have been right, moreso than they could possibly imagine Dakota. You ARE indeed the chosen one! It IS..... indeed YOUR time..... Dakota.

(a cruel smile emerges as he hungrily licks his lips)

MAELSTROM: Ironic eh? Pandorians were responsible for herding me towards that asylum of breaching impasses.... now another Pandorian will be there to meet me at the gate as I leave it behind.

(glares stoically)

MAELSTROM: Changing of the guard?

(raises an eyebrow and ponders for a second)

MAELSTROM: Yeah, in a way...... much more than a simple change though...... more like ...... enduring the reform......

(Maelstrom's image smiles knowingly as he turns and walks away from the mirror...... away into a new, uncharted beginning..... FADE OUT......)


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Jan 1, 2000
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In the shadows of eagles, lurks a snake....

(Fade onto a giant screen TV, in front of it is Dakota whose eyes are locked onto the action as Nevada and Maelstrom tear into each other with extreme prejudice… Their last battle shows Nevada running Maelstrom over as a shocked crowd watched back in the days of the WWL… It then fades back even further as we see how Nevada and the NEH/UA almost ended Maelstrom’s career back in their New Japan days… From there it fades into a time where strange occurrences were witnessed, a time when Maelstrom and the NEH would ally themselves to fight a common foe or foes… Strange days indeed… We then fade into the GLCW and a even stranger scene; one in which Dakota made his debut, and coming to Maelstrom’s aid as he was pounced on by the UA… Slowly that fades into the NWL and Dakota’s first encounter with his uncle…. MAELSTROM…. And his first defeat…. He turns off the TV and gets up from his leather lounge chair, slowly he begins to pace, a maniacal gleam sparkles from his narrowed eyes…)

DAKOTA: I remember those days very well uncle Mael… And so do you, however you remember them for one reason, I on the other hand remember them for something else… Your demons are not my demons Mael… And if you have something to settle with Nevada and the NEH, go talk to them about it, I have nothing to do with what they did… Hold me accountable for my actions and my actions only Mael… And when we meet again you will realize just how big your error in judgment was, by allowing the ghosts from your past to cloud your judgment… You’re so hell bent on “exacting revenge”, so damn blind to what is staring you in the face that, you’re not thinking straight and you’re going to blink uncle Mael… And when you do, it’ll be the last thing you’ll remember for awhile… You want to talk about “impasse” and being incarcerated by it!? OK, let’s… Think about this uncle Mael… All my damn life I had to walk in Nevada’s shadow, in the shadows of the NEH/UA and as of late I had to walk in your shadows… All my life I was measured by you guys, all my damn life, all I heard was Maelstrom, this, Nevada that, and what can you say about the NEH or for that matter the UA… I always fell short when it came to you guys, according to you and the rest… Nothing I did was good enough, nothing uncle Mael!!! Always being looked down to… But as of late all that has changed!!! Losing to you was the best thing that happened to me, it gave me a rude awakening… It gave me insight…

(He stops pacing and stares at the walls, decorated with posters of Nevada, Maelstrom and the NEH/UA… He stares for what appears to be an eternity, clenches his fists as his expression becomes deadpan… He scans the walls until he comes to a poster of Maelstrom, he walks closer to it and glares into it… Several moments pass, before he speaks again, still glaring at the poster his tone changes as he continues…)

DAKOTA: It’s funny how really fickle fate can be Mael, you’re coming into this battle with one purpose and I also have a purpose… The irresistible force meeting the unmovable object; you’re hell bent on releasing the demons that have kept you prisoner of your six year impasse… You want me to experience this “firsthand”… (Grins sinisterly) I have experienced a lot of things Mael, (Smirks) no, I didn’t meant it that way but I can’t wait to experience what you have to offer uncle Mael, yea I can’t wait, but I will be patient; for my time is at hand, so screw all that crap about being the “chosen one”… I AM THE ONE!!! And I have chosen YOU, to take my message to the rest of the clan… I want you to tell them that you were wrong as were they, it is NOT my time!!! No uncle Mael, it is not my time, it is YOUR time!!! Your time to finally realize that your time has come, like Nevada, like the NEH\UA, your time is at hand so don’t think of me as that spoiled arrogant, pompous ass little boy you knew long ago uncle Mael… Things change… Yea, it is ironic that it was your fellow Pandorians who were responsible for herding you towards that asylum of breaching impasses.... And now I yet another Pandorian stand at the gate awaiting your arrival, and I will be at the gate to greet you, but I won’t be alone Mael, I will have hell with me, the very same hell Nevada, the NEH, the UA and YOU have put me through… And the ONLY thing you will leave behind at that gate will be your soul uncle Mael… In New Japan the guys may have broken you physically, but in the NWL I WILL break you both physically and mentally!!! You have been at the gate many times before; that I am fully aware of, your battles against Nevada are of almost legendary status, especially that last fight you and him had, back in the WWL… People still talk about that one uncle Mael, so I am going to give them something else to talk about… After the smoke clears, and you are carried to the back, and after the smelling salt clears your head, I want you to think back real hard uncle Mael… Yea Mael, think real freaking hard… Make sure that you are alone, maybe then you can learn to be a freaking man, look into that mirror you’re so damn fond of… Look deep into it Mael, but look beyond the façade you have built around yourself… Maybe then you can finally accept the truth…

(Turns the TV back on as it again shows Maelstrom vs. Dakota, the first encounter… Dakota continues to stare at the poster of Maelstrom; a menacing grin slowly crosses his face as he gets even closer to the poster… As the final moments arrive and we hear the 1, 2, 3 and Maelstrom being declared the winner, we also notice that Dakota’s demeanor has changed, his tone yet again changing as he hears the outcome…)

DAKOTA: It’s ironic how you talk to mirrors and I talk to posters of you… You must really have some serious doubts when you have to look into a mirror as if it had the answers to your questions… I AM the answers to all your questions uncle Mael; I am also the questions to all your answers… Confusing isn’t it!? (Smirks) Not really uncle Mael, just make sure to meet me at the gate, I will be more than happy to enlighten your ignorant ass… See you soon uncle Mael; yea very soon…

(He continues to stare at the poster, he also continues rewinding the tape, and turning up the volume, we again hear the “1, 2, 3!!! Your winner, MAELSTROM!!! Your WINNER, MAELSTROM!!! YOUR WINNER, MAELSTROM!!!” Slowly we begin to fade off; Dakota slowly becoming a silhouette of himself as the words, 1, 2, 3!!! Your winner Maelstrom!!! Continue to echo off into the fading darkness… Fade to black…)


Change of seasons.....

(FADE IN:..... to what appears to be an outside funeral proceeding. The mahogany casket is still raised above the ground, but it looks as if the service itself, ended long ago as all the chairs surrounding the casket are empty.... save for one. In that chair, sitting with a stoic glare, the ends of his mouth forming what could be the beginning or ending of a faint smile, is the man known simply as......)

MAELSTROM: Nothing's written in stone Dakota. Your views, mine or anyone elses. What you vehemently feel doesn't necessarily translate into the action you anticipate. Today's enemy is tomorrow's ally and vice-versa. There are no guarantees and even less time to try and enforce them.

(pauses as he sighs and nods toward the casket)

MAELSTROM: Ultimately, no matter where you wander, all roads lead to a place like this Dakota. For some, a lot sooner than others..... for most, not soon enough. Hell, some have even made this trip more than once, as I'm doing myself, though that concept is totally lost on those who are a stranger to themselves.

(smiles as he tilts his head closer to the camera with a raised eyebrow)

MAELSTROM: Are you still a stranger to yourself Dakota? Ya claim that you know ENOUGH this time as a result of your lost to me. Was that learning experience so sufficient as to give you this so-called.....

(does the finger quote thingie)

MAELSTROM: ..... "insight" you claim to have now? Is THAT written in stone for you as well, just as it "supposedly" was before our first meeting here in the NWL? I mean, back then you were SO certain of yourself, just as you are now..... yet you came up short all the same didn't ya? Yer insight may just be a bit short-sighted considering it didn't do much to help you SEE what was about to develop in that Lars Magellan match you just lost! By all rights, you SHOULD have emerged from that match not only with the win, but with a lock on the World Title as well. But....

(pauses as he does the finger quote thingie again)

MAELSTROM: ....."yer insight" isn't quite 20-20 yet eh? Sure, yer no dummy, I'd be lying if I claimed that. But I'd also be lying if I agreed with half the SH!T yer saying. Ya definitely got potential kid, even a BLIND MAN could see that! However, YOU are the one with issues, Mr. "I've been living in everyone's shadow".... NOT ME! I made my bones so to speak.... LOOOONG AGO! You on the other hand, haven't earned SH!T! All you've done is wallow in yer own self-inflicted misery, allowing that naive, ego-starved inner-child to manifest itself into nothing less than uncontrolled, pure rage. Sure, coupled with your strength, it'll get you by most..... but I'm NOT most now, AM I? The NEH, Nevada, Flatliner and company.... they ALL saw the change of seasons.... though they couldn't adapt, they at least recognized it for what it was..... and why not, afterall, they caused MY change of seasons. And now....

(sighs as he momentarily loses himself in thought)

MAELSTROM: ... and now, we're in the midst of another change of seasons.... which is why I'm here.... paying my respects to not only the end of an era, but the beginning of a new one. All good things must come to an end Dakota, there's no rhyme or reason to it..... it's just the way things are. Whether it's because of you or inspite of you, really makes no difference..... the only thing that matters is that after six years of breaching impasses, I've finally pardoned myself.....

(With an evil grin on his face, Maelstrom gets up and and walks toward the casket and opens it, revealing it to be completely empty. He then bends over and grabs a handful of dirt from the ground and pours it inside the empty casket. He stands there momentarily as he offers a faint nod before finally turning and walking away, leaving behind what appears to be, his final impasse.....FADE OUT)


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Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville North Carolina
The Alpha and the Omega....

(Fade onto a South Bronx neighborhood, burnt out buildings, intertwined with abandoned cars and a decaying park… Standing in front of a tall wrought iron gate that leads into the park is Dakota, the skies are dark, a light rain falls… A funeral procession slowly passes; Dakota just stares as it passes in front of him, his cynical grin only superceded by his ice cold stare…)

DAKOTA: You’re right uncle Mael nothing is written in stone nor is it etched in blood anywhere, but that too will soon change; that and much more uncle Mael… We’re in a vicious cycle unk, very treacherous, very deceitful and very unforgiving cycle… Your thoughts about today’s enemies being tomorrow’s allies and vice a versa may be true, but at this particular moment… (Pauses) It doesn’t mean a damn thing to me, the only thing that I am focused on at this moment is… YOU!!! You are the only thing on my mind; the only thing locked into my sights is YOU!!! (Smirks) And no need to worry about, (Does a finger quote, in a mocking sort of way, smirks and continues) “my insight” as you so graciously pointed out, is doing fine… I sort of figured that Lars wouldn’t have the cojones to face me alone; the odds were even furthered by adding you and the Watcher as well as Shawn Hart to the equation… I want you to understand, I ain’t making any excuses for my loss to him, unlike you who were the better man the first time we faced off, he was just lucky… Lucky in the sense that he was just lucky so let’s just leave it at that… For now… So stop trying to stray off the subject; and stay focused here… Your little funeral may have some symbolic meaning to you, but just like that funeral procession that just passed by, it means nothing to me…

(Forces the cameraman to come closer, and focus only on his face… A cold expressionless face, with fiery eyes gleaming into the lens…)

DAKOTA: It’s not how many times I get knocked down that count; it’s how many times I get right back up… It’s like this uncle Mael, the main focus, since day one has been YOU!!! Everyone else is secondary; my reasons are my own… But I have said enough already, I was just trying to give your ignorant ass a few clues, but it seems that didn’t work… You want to know something!? It’s really true that you can take a jackass to water, but you can’t force him to drink some… (Smirks deviously) So be it uncle Mael… Truth be known, I didn’t learn squat from our first encounter, so come on uncle Mael, come teach me a thing or two… Show me the error of my ways… Show me just how much different you are from the rest… And stop being so damn redundant; tell me something that I DON’T already know, you’re damn right I have issues… That’s the purpose of our next encounter, you punched drunk idiot, (Again he smirks deviously) I am going to ram them down your throat amigo, I am going to ram them down so deep, they’re going to come out your ass… I’m really freaking amazed that you of all people would be so blind, so damn naïve… COME ON MAEL!!! Wake the hell up!!! Forget the writing on the wall; forget what you assume to be what I am saying… You’re forgetting one thing uncle Mael, something really very important and without it, you won’t ever see it coming… Burying your six year impasse and pardoning yourself, doesn’t mean nothing to me, but hopefully now you will be able to look beyond that damn impasse and see awaits you… (Smirks) I can only imagine just what eloquent phrase you’ll come up with for that one… But again it will mean nothing, my loss to Lars; that also means nothing… Shawn Hart getting his rocks off means nothing… Medina trying to bust my balls means nothing… And above all else, your psychological BS means nothing… You talk the talk; hopefully you’ll be able to walk the walk…

(He backs away from the camera, turns to follow the sounds of sirens blaring close by… Again he smirks as he watches several Police cars race by…)

DAKOTA: The changing of seasons is upon us yet again, the changing of the guard is right around the corner, a change in the time and space continuum is about to emerge, whatever you want to call uncle Mael… It is coming; it’s the Alpha and the Omega of our era; an era in which you will pass over the torch… My naïve, ego-starved inner-child is about to manifest into a nightmare, YOUR nightmare!!! (Smirks) I’m not much in doing these damn promos, but I do hope that you got a little glimpse of what I am trying to say or perhaps not trying to say, and even though you only agree with half the crap I spew out in these promos, I hope you will have at least enlightened yourself on the possibilities uncle Mael; probabilities and possibilities… That’s what it all amounts to Mael, the probability of you beating me again are strong, but the possibility of you actually getting it done are NOT!!! Overconfidence you say!? Maybe even underestimating you!? That’s a probability, but then there’s the possibility that I am not!!! Perhaps it’s all a ruse, perhaps not; only time will tell eh uncle Mael!? And that time is upon us… No more of these damn promos, no more damn melodramatics, nothing left but space and opportunity and in less than a fortnight, the space will have been condensed and the opportunity will be at hand… Are you ready to revisit the “SERPENT’S LAIR”!?

(Bursts out laughing as he turns and walks into park, slowly fading away as he continues his journey further into the dark and unlit park…. “SERPENT’S LAIR”!? Can it be!? Were the rumors really true!? Only time will time, and that time quickly approaches… Fade to black…)
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