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NWL Combat: Shawn Hart vs. Arlo Ferrall

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The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT
Look Who's Comin' to DINNER!!



Leaning back against the brick wall at the store's side, rubbing his hands together in anticipation, and sporting a pair of $200 shades, we see the 'PHENOM' SHAWN HART. With a mischevious grin on his face, he peers into the camera.

So here we are, feeling the AFTERSHOCK of a downright SPINE-TINGLING edition of NWL Combat and what HOT NEWZ ITEM is it that's burnin' through the presses? Stephen Waltz? Maelstrom flipping his lid and laying waste to a virtual who's who of WWL rejects and their offspring?! How's about the almighty revival of BUHRMANCORP?!?!

He chuckles to himself, then lowers his shades.

Noooope. Sorry Charlie, cuz DESPITE the fact that it's been done without a press conference and with alot less fanfare than it was with somebody like, say... Adam Benjamin, the PHENOM is signed, delivered and READY TO GO! Heh, what can I say? When you're me, you don't have to be hyped like a hobbit movie to make an impact. Honestly... what else would you expect from the Phenom?

Shawn removes the sun glasses completely from his face and places them in his vest pocket.

So now, as we tread forth in this brave new world of jackholes and jiggy-freshness, what's the first item up for bid on the PHENOM IS RIGHT?!?! Why it's DAKOT...a......rlo... Ferrall?? Wait a minute, that can't be right! Hold up a sec here, lemme check the HARD COPY!!

He glances down toward his groin area.

Yup, still there. As for Mr. Ferrall, what can I say... I guess he's just a step on the yellow brick road from Munchkin Land to North Dakota. I'm not overlookin' him, not by a long shot, but let's just say I'm not exactly shakin' in mah boo boo's at the prospect of facing a guy who just lost to the God of the Sea... or something. Bottom line, after last week's misstep, he's a guy out to prove himself. Regardless of whatever rep has come along with me to the NWL, I guess I'm more of the same. That bein' said, Arlo... may the BEST MAN WIN!!

The Phenom smirks...

The best man being me.​

...then grins once again.

The PHENOM... has left... the building!!!​

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