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NWL Combat: Shawn Hart vs. Jarod Poe

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The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT
Another One Bites the Dust


INT. HOOTERS - 3:57 P.M.

In a booth, sporting a bib, and enjoying some extra tender breasts, we see 'THE PHENOM' SHAWN HART. After wiping some excess foodstuff from his mouth, he miraculously breaks into a monologue.


So this is it, huh? One match under my belt and ALREADY I've got the A-list talent? HAAAAH! If that's the case, all I've got to say to you, the people, Andrew Medina, and everybody else involved with NWL is MERCI, MON AMI!

He takes a swig from his trusty Corona, cracks a grin, and continues on.


Jarod Poe, despite his endless attempts to prove otherwise, is a DAMNED-FINE professional wrestler. He's mixed it up like a salad shaker with the best heads of lettuce our circuit's ever seen. He's got titles, he's got PIZAZZ, bottom line... he's got my respect...

Suddenly, the Phenom's mood seems to sour. He takes another swig from his 'adult soda' then shoots an icy stare toward the camera.

Sorry to say it, but the same can't be said for Dakota Smith... or so I say! Granted I've done my share of sneakin' around all sneaky like and jumping him from behind but never, and I mean NEVER, has the Phenom punked in a pack as we saw with the not-so-distinguished Mr. Smith this past week. See, unlike the sniveling scum he's revealed himself to be, I am a man of honor. Mano a mano, fair and square, these have ALWAYS been my mantras. Hell DAK, I even gave you a week off so you could do your freaky deaky dance with Uncle Mael, and THIS is the thanks I get! Grab your ankles and assume the position while the three of us run a train?! Bah... BAH I say!!

A top-heavy waitress appears at the Phenom's table, collecting some of his dishes. As she leans across the table, you could almost trace the dotted line between his eyes and her tetas. A smile graces his face, and he returns to good humor.

So....... uhhhhhhhhhh........ anyway, this week it's Jarod Poe, a guy I've beaten before, but a guy that AMAZINGLY stands some kind of a chance against my unique brand of jiggy-freshness. He'll bring his A-game, that much I know for sure... here's to hopin' DAK CRACK and his awkwardly Merry Men can keep their noses out of the stew pot for this one so we can ACTUALLY see who the best man really is. Either way, you can bet your bottom dollar that the PHENOM.. will be ready, nnndaddio!!

As another waitress slips by, the Phenom follows the path of her short shorts with his eyes until they disappear off-screen. He licks his lips, then looks back into the camera.

Aaaaaanyhow, that's the steak n' eggs of the situation as far as I can tell. Poe, I'll be waiting... Dak McCrack, I believe we have a date in the not-too-distant future! But for now, I'll have to ask you to excuse me, as I have to go slip this chick the ol' LUCKY SEVEN! The PHENOM... has left... the BUILDING!!

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League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Different Agendas

(There's a stone cold look in his eyes as Jarod Poe steps before an NWL Backdrop. He takes a look towards his shoulder where the NWL TV title once rested. He puts his back to the wall and slides his leather jacket down the wall until he's sitting on the floor. he pauses for a moment in the silence before looking up towards the camera)

Poe: well here I am. for months I came here a champion. I took a belt with NO history. NO identity. NO MEANING and I made it something. I'm the flesh that gave the gold life. Bought meaningless metal...PRIDE and RESPECT. The very fact that anybody but me would want it was due to my blood, my sweet...

(A slight smile creases his lips and he snickers softly)

Poe: No Pain...I haven't shed a tear. Not one. They ran from my eyes years ago. Nothing left but the cold stare left looking at you right now. You Pain...you right now have the fruits of MY labor. You STOLE what is mine. rightfully mine. there's nothing more then I'd like to do then get a rematch fro my title. Yet that isn't going to happen, because I have to wait. I don't have a match with you FOR NOW. No...instead my focus and drive is to be placed upon...

(He reaches forward a crooked finger pointing towards the camera)

Poe: you Shawn Hart. I have a match for with you. a match that gives neither of us any gain. Yet it won't let either of us back down. See Shawn I know you want Smith. You know I won't Pain. We each have our own agenda's whose paths have been crossed by some sort of screwy destiny. if I was a suspicious man I'd say that someone is keeping our attention diverted from what we really want.

(He shrugs his shoulders and the smile slowly fades away)

Poe: Now I remember our first meeting. I don't know if it was luck. I don't know if it was skill. All I know is you slipped a move and on that night you became the better man....then you disappeared. Like a thief in the night you were gone. I don't think we expected you to be back, but yet here you are. Smile on your face and a wise crack on your tongue. The Phenom is back...I get my another shot.

(Jarod slowly stands up and takes a step forward. He removes his leather jacket and casually tosses it on the floor.)

Poe. Your not my enemy Shawn. Not my friend either, but the point is I don't hold any anger towards you. I'm not going to come out here and tell you I’m going to hurt you. I'm not going to make you my next sacrifice. I'm not going to offer your should up to the beast. Why? Well that's real simple. I don't have reason to. That privilege is being saved. I have special plans for the men who have cheated me out of MY creation. two men who don't have half the drive nor a quarter of the talent to handle me. Yet I still have a match with you.

(He pauses staring at the camera. a small bead of sweat has formed on is forehead as he's allowed his temper to flare)

Poe: that's why I'll save the catchphrase. Shawn. That's why I'll reserve my violent tendencies. YOU KNOW...you know better then anyone else that I'm good enough to beat you. With the same token you openly admit I've got what it takes to beat you. That's why I'll wait Shawn. I'll wait with great anticipation for us to get in the ring again and when that happens...well I’ll do what I do best...I'll wrestle. Maybe you'll win again.

(once more the smiles creases his lips)

Poe: then again...maybe you won't. In the end though I know you won't cheat me. like I already have. then when this match is over. When whatever happens...well happens. Then the two of us can get back on our own agendas.

(He points his finger down and makes a swirling motion)

Poe: We can save whatever happens on that night till the next time we meet. Unless of course you have some sort of problem with me?

(Jarod chocks his head and the smile grows just slightly broader)

Poe: then again I'm sure if there something on your mind. well you’ll come right out and say it.

(Jarod reaches down, picks up his jacket, hangs it over his shoulder and walks away)

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