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NWL Poser Announcement



Howdy, I don't know if anyone has been noticing certain "match scenario" posers that I've been posting, but the last two I posted related directly to NWL Combat Episode 8 (Karl Brown vs Maelstrom ..... Adam Benjamin vs John Doe). My intention was to do match scenario posers for ALL matches on the card, however, since not everyone submitted apps for posers, that couldn't be done. That is only ONE of the ideas Andrew plans on implementing with regards to Poser and the NWL, and to see it through 100% we will need to "Poser-ize" the entire NWL roster.

Currently there are about 20 or so active members in the NWL, yet I have received poser apps from only 14 members (12 of which are already finished and the other two are currently being worked on). I plan on setting up an email form site that you can go visit to fill out Poser submission forms, but in the meantime, you can email me and I can send you the app to fill out.

We really need everyone to participate in this so the NWL can continue with its current plans.

Thanks in advance.....


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