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NWL Underground: "The Cable Guy" Mike Johnson vs. Sgt. Madman

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Jan 3, 2004
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NWL Combat: "The Cable Guy" Mike Johnson vs. Sgt. Madman

All roleplays for this match belong in here. Good luck and have fun.


Reporting for duty!

( Suddenly in the midst of a comercial break, 'Step Up' by Drowning Pool booms out as a man runs out wearing Green camoflauge pants, a red white and blue bandana, and also Red white and blue biker gloves, while he's running into the ring a long legged buty walks down the ramp, she wears only a Green Camoflauge colored Bikini as she smiles at the crowd then kisses a little child in the front row. As the woman is making friends the man jumps up onto the turnbuckle and salutes the crowd and the other three turnbuckles lighgt up in flames, one of the colors of flame red, the other white , and the last blue. after the fire works he walks over to the side and grabs a mic and smiles at the crowd)

Man: " Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce areselves, for we are the people who are going to kick Mike 'The Cable Guys' ASS!"

the crowd somewhat cheers but not much as the man laughs again

Sgt Madman: "So by now you should know I am Sgt. Madman, and you should know me by how many federations i'ved been kicked out of because of 'missconduct' and 'cruel behavior'."

the crowd boos not liking ' missconduct' as the Sargent nods and then looks around the ring and notices the woman smiling at him and he smiles alos, yet more menacingly

Sgt Madman: "Ladies and gentlemen i have forgoten my lovely manager Lt. Bazookas!"

The crowd cheers menacingly as the Lt. laughs and waves at everyone in th arena and Madman looks at the camera with a more hating look upon him as he stares into the camera.

Sgt. Madman: "I came out to tell you that cable guy...... your DEAD at Underground.... you hear me! DEAD!"

he laughs meniacly as he drops the mic and salutes his fans once more and him and the Lt leave smiling as 'Step up' by Drowning pool plays
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