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NWL Website Suggetions


New member
Jan 3, 2004
New York
Hello everyone,

I wanted to take this oppotunity thanking you for helping the National Wrestling League grow with your presence and participation. It's always important to know that you, the members, are what makes this place still alive.

With all that being said, I would like your help on something. As you know, our official website is complete. Everything you need to know and need is on the website. However, I still feel there is room for improvement for the website to make it better. I am undecided in what ways the website needs improvement. Now, you can suggest cosmetic changes if you want, which would come about sometime next year, but what I'm really asking for is suggestions for additional content for the website.

So if you have a few moments, please take a look at the website and think of anything YOU would like to see with the website. Remember, even though I created and update the website, it's really YOUR website. Any and every suggestion will be helpful. Then, we could take the best ideas and vote to see if we should go through with them. Thank you everyone for your time.

Andrew Ulysis Medina
NWL Owner and President

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