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Obscurity - Part II


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
GXW Revolution

August 2002

Main Event


JG: Ryan may be going for the split-legged moonsault here!

GM: If he hits this, it's over!

Ryan reaches the top rope, but before he's able to jump, John Miller comes out of nowhere and knocks his feet out from under him, crotching him on the top rope. Just then, Codine comes from behind, spins Miller around, and kicks him in the midsection. The crowd explodes when Codine follows up with the Guillotine Blade.
JG: Guillotine Blade! We may have a new champion!


A once in a lifetime opportunity. To posses the most coveted title in sports entertainment.


Codine collapses on top of Miller and hooks a leg. The referee counts: one, two... but Miller gets a foot on the ropes before the three.

GM: No! It's still on! Miller got a foot on the ropes!

JG: There's no quit in any of these men!

Codine grabs Miller and throws him to the outside. He then climbs up behind the still-recovering Dan Ryan and locks him in the Codine Sedative.

JG: Submission hold on the champion! Ryan may be choked out!


The larger than life champion that ruled the GXW since its existence….his impressive title reign hung in the balance.


GM: But he can't win while Ryan's perched on the top rope!

Codine releases the hold and tries to pull Ryan away from the ropes, but the champion firmly hangs on. He then throws a few back elbows into Codine's solar plexus, stands up on the middle rope, and falls backward, sending both he and Codine colliding into the mat.

JG: Good God! Dan Ryan with a desperation move and now all three men are down!

GM: Miller's starting to stir on the outside! He could sneak a win here if he wants it bad enough!


All I had to do was get back to my feet….one last time. The pain that my body had been through over the years, the emotion that had haunted my entire life, the dream of becoming the GXW World Champion….


Suddenly the crowd begins to part and boos erupt all over the arena as Randy Cobb hops over the railing. He grabs a chair from ringside and just as Miller is getting to his feet, Cobb swings hard, bringing the chair crashing down onto Miller's back and sending him back down. Back in the ring, Codine and Ryan are back to their feet. They trade right hands, and Codine goes to whip Ryan to the ropes, but the champion reverses. As Codine rebounds off the ropes, Cobb thwaps him from behind with the chair. Codine, enraged, turns around to see what's going on, allowing Ryan to come from behind with a clothesline and roll him up. The referee counts: one, two, three.



All shattered with the single swing of a chair….

[SCENE: Its shortly after 1:00 a.m. as a Greyhound bus is barreling down the interstate through the darkness of the evening. The camera cuts to the inside of the bus, where the population is limited, yet there are a few passengers resting quietly in the seats. Towards the rear of the bus is the same desolate figure from the bar in Atlanta, Georgia just a few days ago. His hygiene is suspect at best, a common drunkard who has few possessions to his name aside from a beaten backpack and a folded white envelope that sits within the grasp of his large hands.]

[As the camera inches closer, sweat can be seen building upon his forehead, as his slumber is uneasy. He stirs about within the seat, before suddenly jumping as if he were awakening from a nightmare. With a look of desperation upon his face, he recollects the memories that have just haunted his dreams before finally thinking to himself.]

My career….

My life….

My existence….

Cannot and will not end like this. I have to make this right. I will make this right.

[The unknown man looks to the folded white envelope that sits within his hand before uttering the following words to himself.]

My ego may be bruised, but its definitely not busted. Its time for redemption. If I’m going to die, then I’m going to do it where my entire life started….

In the ring.

[The man stares out the window into the darkness of the night, as the camera gradually pans to the front marquee of the bus, which reads…]



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