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Olvir Arsvinnar


Jan 1, 2000

Aliases: Olvir the Butt-Dominator; The Viking Pornstar; The Naughty Norseman; The Great Olvir; The Greatness That Is OLVIR~!; The Father of a Thousand Bastards; Olvir the Mighty; Olvir the Lengthy; Olvir the Endowed; Olvir the Deflowerer

Height: 6’7”
Weight: 317 lbs.
Billed From: Las Vegas, Nevada

Alignment: Uber-Face

Entrance Music: “I Am A Viking” by Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force
Entrance Description: The music hits, and the crowd POPS to their feet, cheering wildly! Olvir comes out as the lyrics hit (“I am a Viii-kiiing! In going out to wa-ar!”), with a battle-axe over his shoulder and a mead horn in the other hand. He comes to the ring roaring to the audience, getting them pumped, finishing off by climbing the apron and downing the last of his mead, spitting the last mouthful over the audience in Triple H fashion.

Gimmick: A rambunctious, super-masculine Viking with a raging libido, short temper, and a passion for all things hedonistic. On the surface, he’s a Norse berserker with dealings in the pornography industry who made an occupational switch to gladiatorial wrestling as a means of proving his physical superiority over all other men in the world. At the very core, Olvir is a throwback to the muscle-headed, untalented, no-selling, over-with-the-crowd wrestling titans of the late 80’s that included Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior. Regardless of who he is and how much he rocks the boat, the fans love him, and continually come back to see more of his antics in and out of the ring.

Appearance: Olvir towers over most people with his mammoth size, the bulk of which is solid muscle. He is noticeably Scandinavian in appearance, with blue eyes, long, shaggy blonde hair with a long, Zakk Wylde-style beard forking down from his jaw.

Ring Attire: In and out of the ring, he typically wears a He-Man get-up, consisting of a wolf-hide breechcloth, heavy leather boots, metal gauntlets, a wolf-hide shawl worn over his shoulders, and the customary horned Viking helmet (the latter two discarded when he competes). He is also known for carrying a large battle axe to the ring, or anywhere else he goes. At home in his natural environment, he can also be seen wearing an elegant purple pornstar’s robe with his name written across the back, and usually nothing underneath but a loincloth.

Wrestling Style: Olvir’s technique (or lack thereof) consist mainly of stiff power moves as would any typical muscle-bound bodybuilder-turned-wrestler likes the Hogans and Warriors of the old days. Olvir vies for heavy strikes and big slams to wear opponents down, but behaves somewhat recklessly in his approach. Keener rivals could use this against him, but usually find that the Viking’s tenacity and unpredictability is too much to handle.

Perhaps even more interesting than his offensive approach is his defensive technique. Often times, Olvir will react very little, if at all, if being on the receiving end of some moves. Many wrestling purists and critics have labeled this as blatant “no-selling”, though some would argue that the Greatness that is OLVIR simply does not sustain damage in a way equal to the typical puny man.

Olvir LOVES pumping up the crowd with his antics. He always comes to the ring guzzling down mead from a horn, and always leaves the ring by plucking an attractive female fan in the front row over the barricade and “carrying her off” to the backstage area, where she will undoubtedly come to the know the GREATNESS that is Olvir.


Standard Moveset:
-Standard Big-Man Slams and Drops (Atomic Drop, Body Slam, Skyscraper Suplex)
-Rush Moves (Running Lariat, Yakuza Kick, Stinger Splash, occasionally a Thesz Press)
-Weak Submissions (Headlock, Neck Crank, Hammerlock, Arm Wrench)
-Punches and Kicks (Always heavy and over the top)
-Power Attacks (Powerslam, Two-Handed Chokeslam, Side Sidewalk Slam, Forward Falling Slam)
-Rebound Moves (Polish Hammer, Clothesline, Big Boot to Face, Back Body Drop, Spinebuster)

Spot/Signature Moves
-The Mjolnir-blow (A basic hammerblow, with a brutish roar for added effect)
-Electric Chair Drop
-The Butt-Dominator (Full-Nelson Bomb)
-BIG Powerbomb
-One-Foot Pin
-The Infamous No-Sell of DOOOOM!!

High-Spot Moves
-Crowd-Pumping Military Press
-Nordic Legdrop (Atomic Legdrop)
-Berzerker Splash (Warrior Splash, usually followed by a series of running clotheslines)

-The Berzerker Bomb (Pumphandle Michinoku Driver, a.k.a. the Egoist Driver)
-The Viking Clutch (Super Camel Clutch, primary submission finisher)

Unmatchable Power
The well of strength teeming within the great Viking seems to flow forever. Olvir can slam the heaviest of opponents, and a surplus in strength against smaller or weaker opponents just makes him an absolute monster in the ring.
Olvir is a Viking. And as such, his attacks are quick, unexpected, and without mercy.
Over With The Crowd
The Viking knows how to win the fans over with his antics. This often makes him a fan favorite in numerous situations. In matches against another big face, he’ll typically take half the crowd or at least his loyal following of fans.

Incredibly stupid. Olvir is only half aware of what’s going around him at all times. He is horribly stubborn and listens to no man’s logic other than his own. This usually gets the better of him as he blindly walks into troublesome situations without thinking of the repercussions.
No Wrestling Ability
Bobby Heenan would hate this guy like nothing else. Olvir doesn’t come off as a natural wrestler as much as he does a statuesque wrestling God. As such, he doesn’t have a very deep knowledge of holds and techniques, and no-sells often. This invariably limits his attack strategy, and leaves him vulnerable to more expert technical wrestlers.
Olvir has a raging libido. As such, he usually forgets matches are taking place as soon as a woman in the front row catches his eye. On some occasions, he may even carry off said woman to the backstage area, thus getting himself counted out. If the opponent has a female manager, he’s bound to be distracted, and just to please the crowd, will make an attempt to carry her off as well.

Much of the following is based on Olvir’s account, so take it with a grain of salt…

The Legend of the Great Olvir Arsvinnar, the Butt-Dominator, stretches back to a thousand years ago, to a time and place we now know as the Viking Era of Scandinavia. It was there, in that lawless and primitive age, that his legacy took roots. Olvir Arsvinnar was a much feared Viking who raped and pillaged many villages and towns across Scandinavia. He was feared for his brutality and unstoppable power, as no man could match him in combat. In this time, Olvir also “carried off” many towns’ womenfolk, though it was rumored that his love-making abilities were the greatest in all the world. Many towns were burned to the ground by his wrathful hand, and many bastards were born from his mighty loins.

In time, however, Olvir found a nemesis in an evil sorcerer that threatened to enslave all of Scandinavia with his undead legions. The Viking turned from scourge of the seas to an anti-hero and unwilling savior of the people, waging a one-man war against the Necromancer. The magician fled to the “New Land,” in the place currently known as Canada, where he lured the pursuing Olvir Arsvinnar into a crevasse and cast a spell that buried his greatness beneath tons and tons of ice and snow. There, the Viking was preserved in solid ice for an entire millennia, his slumber undisturbed…

How he was found is a mystery. Some legends say that there were two Ultimate Warriors, and the first one died by means that are still disputed to this day. Some circles say that the Ultimate Warrior, searching for his rocket fuel, trekked out across the Canadian tundra and braved the cold and fierce winds until his body could not take any more and he fell to the ground. What happened next, it is said, is that his spirit rose from his body and went into the sky. The tri-colored light was seen for many miles, and struck like lightning across the star-filled Canadian sky to the location where the great Viking was buried.

In 2002, a crew of Canadian oil diggers uncovered the remains of the Viking warlord, discovering to their amazement that he was still alive and carefully preserved in the ice. They promptly thawed him from his icy tomb, and came to meet the man that called himself Olvir the Butt-Dominator. Olvir was thus introduced to a new modern world where his kind was all but nonexistent. He soon realized that there would be NOTHING that could match his savage and cunning disposition.

Olvir came to be introduced to the pornography business by known directors who learned of the Viking and heard of the rumors of his uncanny love-making. They made him an offer to star in a series of films. Presented with an enticing offer to make love to as many women as he could through any means necessary, and get PAID for it, the noble Viking quickly accepted the deal. Thus, his career skyrocketed as the rumors turned out to be very true. Viking Porn swept the DVD market, and Olvir became world famous for his work.

But in time, the Viking grew restless. Though women threw themselves at him everywhere he went, he yearned for the thrill of sport and competition. It had been over a thousand years since he fought valiantly upon the battle field, and Olvir realized that it was his destiny to prove himself the greatest warrior in the entire world yet again. Around this time, he was contacted by the executives of Las Vegas Wrestling, who were looking for new, unheard of talent to expand their roster and deliver a unique, entertaining product. Olvir accepted this proposal, and migrated from his new home in Canada to the desert oasis of Las Vegas, a city rich in debauchery and sin. The Viking fit right in.

Olvir’s time in LVW was short-lived, but powerful. In just a few short matches, he developed a cult following, and the fans loved him for his comedic value and over-masculine behavior. He came under much scrutiny from women’s rights groups, all of which were promptly “carried off,” exposed to the GREATNESS that is Olvir, and never complained again for as long they lived. Indeed, while many would argue that Olvir Arsvinnar never put himself at the top spot of the federation, he certainly made his presence known in the wrestling world.

Around the same time that LVW closed its doors, Olvir took a lengthy vacation in Japan, where many towns were sacked, and many Japanese women were carried off. This would be the beginning of the new trend in pornography: Viking Bukkake. Amazingly enough, during his time spent in the Land of the Rising Sun, Olvir never crossed paths with the infamous Yakamo dynasty. Some say if such an encounter took place, the world would have exploded in a paradox of awesomeness.

Recently, Olvir Arsvinnar returned to the states, making a highly-anticipated return to Empire Pro Wrestling. Many are uncertain of what to expect of the Viking in a major professional wrestling federation, but one thing is for certain: Many things will be DOMINATED!

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