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Feb 24, 2009
Santa Monica
[Midnight. Streetlights. One Is red, the other is green.]

[Looking dead on the corner of Wilshire and S Gale.]

[Los Angeles. California. The coolest place on earth.]

[Wearing a Pink Mesh hoodie, with a bright yellow dolphin on the left breast, in blue jeans. One Boot to the earth. One Boot on the grey-green wall. Steve Perry. Just above him, numbers. Next to him, a group of people.]

[Sunglasses at night.]

[Inside. A bustle of activity.]

[Outside. A lit cigarette in hand. Ash in the wind.]

[Cigarette to lips, pressed between thumb and forefinger. A long drag. Head Back, Mouth agape. Hand descends towards the chest.]

[Smokey Exhale.]

[Straight at us.]


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