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On the road again...


Jan 1, 2000
Baltimore, Maryland
(camera opens to Jared Wells walking around the street corner with bags in boths hands. He approaches the GLCW offices. Moving trucks, people moving things, and stickers that say *CLOSED* all over the building. He thens drops his bags in shock and trieds to enter the GLCW offices)

SECURITY: WOAH there buddy, 'ya can't come in here.

JARED WELLS: Excuse me what's going on here? I work for this company thanks....

SECURITY: Not today ya don't buddy. This is no longer the GLCW offices so please sir, I have to ask you to leave....

(Wells still in shock as he just stares into the building and slowly says)

JARED WELLS: Yeah........whatever man. Whatever.

(Wells picks his bags, walks half way down the street and sits on a curb not knowing what to do)


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