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Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(Simply Stunning were standing in the queue ready to board the plane to ANNIVERSARY when Wilcox felt a tap on his shoulder and turned round.)

SW: Yeah? Hey man, you want an autograph or something? Hang on…is that you Rudy?

(Rudy Seitzer nodded and put his bags down.)

RS: The one and only.

MH: What can we do for you?

RS: I was kind of after an impromptu interview.

SW: Sure, this queue looks like its going to keep us here a while.

RS: Cool, you’re heading off already?

MH: Yeah, we’ve got a busy schedule so we thought we’d best get out there as soon as possible.

RS: And I guess there is no bigger and more important item on that schedule than ANNIVERSARY itself?

SW: Absolutely not, that is the main focus of Simply Stunning.

RS: Speaking as a wrestling fan rather than a journalist I was pretty confused when you suggested this match, are you regretting that decision now.

MH: Absolutely not, we called for this match for a reason and the situation is still the same.

SW: We didn’t want to face three other teams just to be big and clever, we did it to prove a point, to gain some respect and credibility from the rest of the locker room.

RS: Although from what I here you already have that respect.

MH: Maybe, but not from all quarters, there is still a large portion of the tag scene who seem to think we’re paper champions, well that stops come ANNIVERSARY.

RS: I guess this just shows the importance of respect in wrestling today.

SW: Absolutely, in today’s game there’s no place for a guy in a franchise’s locker room if the others don’t respect him. In wrestling, if you have the respect of your peers you have power.

MH: Take Hornet, as a guy, he not the sort of person you go out for a drink with. Yet as a wrestler, he’s a multi-time World Champion and hall of famer, he’s one of the most respected if not THE most respected guy in the CSWA, and as a result he has a huge amount of power.

RS: And you want that power?

SW: Not the power itself per say, but we would to be recognised as credible Tag Team champions, it just appears to us that no-one takes us seriously.

RS: I see, but what happens should the unthinkable happen and you lose?

MH: We haven’t thought about that, and we’re not going to. We’re not going to think about losing and come the night we will not lose. Simply Stunning is riding a wave at the moment and we don’t feel like stopping anytime soon.

RS: I hear what you’re saying, but speaking as the wrestling fan again, with this challenge you’ve pretty much put all your eggs into one basket. If you win then like you say people will have little choice but to respect you, both as CSWA Tag Champions and as a tag team in your own right. But lose, and people will be questioning you even more, they’ll no doubt say that you failed at the very challenge you set.

SW: Uh-huh, we’re aware of what we’ve done, but the situation we were in was getting so bad this appeared to be the only way to settle it.

RS: It could just be your age, people often think that young guys who win titles are just a flash in the pan.

MH: Like Steve Radder?!?!

RS: Okay, I admit that Steve Radder gets good publicity and credit, but in that respect so do you.

SW: Yeah, but Radder gets it from the locker room as well, and good luck to him because he deserves it, but what we want to know is why we don’t get the same accolades.

RS: Fair point.

MH: Looks like the queue’s moving, we’d best get going.

RS: Okay, thanks guys.

SW: No problem, see you at ANNIVERSARY.

(Fade to black.)

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