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One for the road..


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Jan 1, 2000
Bethlehem, PA
(FADEIN to 'Superstar' SCOTTY MICHAELS, inside the Irish Pub. His hair's a mess, and he's shouting at the bartender, with slurred speech.. the bartender sets him up with a shot of vodka, and he pounds it..)

SCOTTY MICHAELS: Bartender, get me another shot of vodka! I've got my chance to become the world champ tomorrow, and I want to celebrate! WHOO HOO! Tomorrow's the day, that I beat Shawn Hart for the world title!!

(CUT TO: Doctor Hartney, running into the bar to Scotty's side..)

DR. HARTNEY: Scotty, what on earth are you doing? You're an alcoholic, you're not supposed to be drinking! Let's get out of here...

SCOTTY MICHAELS: No, DOC! I want to get drunk, to celebrate my world title win..

DR. HARTNEY: But you didn't win yet.. and at the rate you're going, I don't even think you're going to make it tomorrow. I'm taking you to detox..

(The bartender gives Scotty another double shot, and he tips it back. Dr. Hartney tries to knock it out of Scotty's hand, and he's successful before half the shot is downed..)

SCOTTY MICHAELS: What the F**K are you doin', man? I thought you were my buddy..

DR. HARTNEY: I've had ENOUGH! I'm off this case. I'm going outside to call the police, and I'm going to have them drag you out of this place..

(Scotty picks up a bar stool, holding it in his hands...)

DR. HARTNEY: What are you gonna do, Scotty? You're not even a man, and you definitely don't deserve to be the world heavyweight champ... much less walking these streets..

(Scotty cracks the doc over the head with it, and he falls to the floor.. the bartender begins to yell at Scotty, but he staggers over to the door. Scotty shouts back in...)

SCOTTY MICHAELS: I'll show you, I'll show all of you! Tomorrow's, MY DAY!

(The camera cuts outside, where we see Scotty getting into a taxi...)

DRIVER: Where you goin', son?

SCOTTY MICHAELS: Take me to New York City.

DRIVER: That's a hell of a fare, you sure?

SCOTTY MICHAELS: Charge it to Shawn Hart..

DRIVER: Okay, can do.

(FADEOUT, as the taxi pulls away..)

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