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One Last Run


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May 2, 2009
(FADE-IN: Krusher's Kingdom...the wrestling school of one KING KRUSHER located in the Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago. We are inside the offices and the camera pans over to the desk where a large certified mail envelope lays torn open. The camera zooms in a bit and right next to the envelope sits an engraved invitation to the Ultratitle tournament addressed to Krusher's real name, Joe Kurzowksi. The camera pans right to pane glass window that looks into the converted warehouse floor that serves as the wrestling school training area. K.K. stands in front of the window looking out, wearing a black polo shirt and blue jeans.)

KING KRUSHER: "Sometimes I can't help to feel a little bitter. Sometimes I feel as if the world has passed me by. The landscape of the wrestling world has changed so much in the last 10 years that I can't even begin to imagine how things might have turned out if I had stayed in the game. But here we are...10 years later...10 years since I consistently wrestled competitively and I feel like one of those old baseball players from the pre-free agency era who just can't get over how well the current crop of youngsters have it."

(Krusher continues to look through the window onto the training area and several students are taking direction in the ring from Krusher's cousin, "Attitude Adjuster" Nick Buchanan, who helps run the school)

K.K.: "For all intents and purposes I retired at the age of 33 with a bum knee and nothing left to give after a decade of hellish travel and intense wear and tear. I was lucky to get two or three days off a month and a vacation was out of the question. You took time off and you lost your spot. End of story. So I gave it all and put my heart and soul into this business and what did I get out if? Quite a bit actually."

(K.K. turns and looks into the camera)

K.K.: "The respect of the fans was most important. That still remains the case. Everything I did in the ring was done with the sole intent of giving them their money's worth. And I can stand here today and say with 100% certainty that mission was accomplished. Money was secondary. I made a pretty good living and invested my money wisely which has sustained me over the last 10 years along with this school. The personal thrill of competition and the satisfaction of victory was always high up as well."

(K.K. pauses and turns back to look through the window)

K.K.: "But there is one thing that's been gnawing at my conscious for a while and I need to get it out in the open. (turns back to the camera) Lack of recognition from my peers. Yes, believe it or not, as a card carrying 'founding father' so to speak, I feel like I've been isolated and alienated from the fraternity of professional wrestling and I don't get the credit I deserve for helping to build this business to what it is today. I look at some of these kids running around the rings today and they just don't have a clue as to how they've got it made with their guaranteed contracts, road agents coddling them at every turn and personal promo coaches making sure they don't trip over their own words. It's enough to make you PUKE."

(K.K. turns and picks up the Ultratitle invitation)

K.K.: "I don't intend to come off as the crabby old gasbag who can't handle the passing of time so I'm going to do something about it. I'm entering the Ultratitle tournament and I'm going to prove to myself and the rest of the wrestling world that I belong in the upper echelon...the cream of the crop if you will. I'm 43 years old but I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. My knee has healed up thanks to some miraculous therapy methods and my mind is in the best place it's been in a long time going on two years since my wife beat breast cancer. I'm helping to start careers here at my school and I'm giving back to the business in so many ways...but I want something back from it that can't be counted in dollars and cents or attendance numbers or TV ratings."

(Camera zooms in closer to K.K.'s face)

K.K.: "ACKNOWLEDGMENT. It's as simple as that. I want to take my rightful place amongst the best of the best and THIS (points to the invitation) is the way I'm going to make it happen. The Ultratitle tournament is my last hurrah...my final moment of glory. This is the last thing I have to prove and my last mission in the squared circle. Although I never officially retired and I did have a cup of coffee with the NGEN two years ago...I know this is it for me. My body can handle another 5-10 years of competition if I wanted to, but my heart is here helping these kids get their start and setting the right example so they don't become like some of the spoiled brats that I've seen stinking up the rings of the world. So whether it's 96 or 128 entrants..I don't care. I will plow through them all to prove what I need to prove."

(K.K. lays the invitation back down on the desk...signs it...tucks it in the return envelope and turns to the camera slowly and smiles)



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