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One more time around.


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Jan 1, 2000
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(Sweat dripped off Michael Hardy’s brow as he stared at the floor, he was nearly at the end of his work-out and in particular his press-ups. As he force himself to exert himself once more he felt a presence next to him, he glanced sideways at a pair of white sneakers. He followed the sneakers up to see a pair of blue peddle pushers, a short white T-shirt and the smiling face of Jane Smithfield. He smiled back and got to his feet.)

MH: How long have you been there?

JS: Not long, where’s Simon?

MH: He’s not feeling too good, I think he over trained yesterday.

JS: That’s not good, Fish Fund isn’t that far away.

MH: He’ll be good, the rest is probably what he needs.

JS: Hmm, maybe, or maybe I should go talk to him.

MH: Naw, I reckon he’ll be sleeping, unless you need to speak to him.

JS: No, not really, but I’d really like you guys to cut a few promo’s before Fish Fund, the public wants to hear what you’ve got to say.

MH: Oh I’ve got things to say, you just have to look at my face to see that.

(Michael pointed at his still swollen face, the result of the fire attack from the Professionals.)

JS: Exactly, the quicker we can get you into the studio the better.

MH: We’ll have a word with Si, if he’s fine tomorrow we can cut it in the afternoon.

JS: Good, people are thinking that you’re not taking this match too seriously.

MH: Who the hell’s been saying that? This is a title match in a cage at a PPV against a team we hate!

JS: I know, but people judge anticipation by appearances, its just the way it goes.

MH: Jeez, we’ve hardly been out the gym since the match was signed, we’ve been ready for this since as far as I can remember.

JS: Which is why you need to let people know how much you want this win.

MH: Okay, message understood, have you got us lined up for anything else before we fight?

JS: Umm, I think there’s a few things, just wait there.

(She crossed the gym to where her belongings were on a table, Michael fought hard not to stare to hard at her bottom as she walked, she hitched herself up on the table and signalled for Michael to come over.)

JS: Let me see, well if you can do a promo early tomorrow afternoon that’d be great because I said you’d do an autograph signing at a local bookstore.

MH: Not a problem, any other guys going to be there?

JS: Possibly, I think Steve Radder is going to be there, and also Michael Gettis and Lawrence Stanley.

MH: Okay, that’s no problem.

JS: Then on Tuesday I’d pencilled you into a press conference in the morning….

MH: ….A press conference? Aw man you know how much I hate them.

JS: I know, I know, but its all part of the role of CSWA champions.

MH: Bah, its just a room full of hacks asking the same questions time after time.

JS: But it’s a necessary evil, those hacks as you call them are the hacks that get your name and face in the papers that the fans buy. We need to use these press conferences to strengthen your market force.

MH: Market force?

JS: Trust me, you do your job and I’ll do mine.

MH: But, market force?

JS: We need to maintain your premier role in the merchandising department of the CSWA.

MH: I know that, I know our stuff is selling well.

JS: And in order for that to continue you need to be successful inside the ring, and just as successful in these situations.

MH: Why are you always right?!?!

JS: Its what I’m paid for.

MH: I thought that was to look cute!

JS: Nope, that’s an added extra!

MH: Okay, come on, I’ll buy us lunch, then we can go wake up Si.

(Fade to black.)

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