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ONSLAUGHT: Kenshiro Inogami (Ninja K) vs. Cameron Cruise



[SCENE: Inogami Manor - Caramel Mountain, California.]

[We find ourselves in mid-stroll, across the manicured lawn of a lavish Oriental-style villa. The four landscapers are of Japanese descent, notably immersed in casual conversation. They eye the camera in passing as Kenshiro Inogami is seen standing along the arcing bridge, feeding a school of koi below. The subtle Californian breeze would induce an infrequent set of ripples across the ornamental pond. ]

[The athletically toned frame of Kenshiro remained swathed by a traditional Pearl colored set of ninja attire. The heavily embroidered sleeveless robe exhibited a deep reddish hue of silk and a visual tribute to his heritage. Both eyes are shut to fully mentally and spiritually harness the power of nature. The unmasked ninja’s striking appearance is partially marred by the healing scar, adorning the left side of his visage. The last bits of food drifted out of his hand before placing his palm along the mahogany lip of the bridge. ]

Kenshiro: "I bid you welcome to my humble abode. It is not often I allow the prying eyes of the world access to my private estate. Given the severity of a demanding schedule, I often forget how rewarding it is to be here . . ."

(The ninja would reward himself with a few moments of silence to ingest everything before sauntering his way back toward the house.)

"I often reflect upon the state that this place had once assumed before gaining complete ownership of it; this house was a tattered husk of a building, literally inundated with vermin and assorted rubbish. The grass would bear an equally unsightly and untamed appearance. The inhabitants were renowned for hoarding relics and unsightly keepsakes within a disheveled tool shed that once stood erect over there."

(The Osaka native would point toward the patch of cherry blossom trees, near the western wall of the compound.)

"Yet despite the property’s condition, one was able to foresee an immeasurable sense of promise within it. With time, this location has been fashioned more to my liking. The revisions to this residence have proven costly yet it goes well beyond the concept of financial backing."

(Kenshiro would retrieve a sealed letter from his tunic, tampering with the ends.)

"Time is one individual’s biggest investment and combined with a sense of patience, new concepts and a sound vision, nearly everything that I aspired to acquire with this estate, has been brought to fruition. In most cases, the same sentiment bears a distinct resemblance to what has taken place throughout my tenure within this industry."

(Upon opening the letter, he would pause. Meticulously sifting through the series of paragraphs, his eyes would loom larger for a moment before a wry smirk formed across his lips. It would fade quickly as it came.)

"In a matter of hours, I am set to meet with the CEO of Empire Pro Wrestling personally to make my enlistment official. Hmm . . . According to this letter of intent, it has been brought to my attention that Cameron Cruise will serve as my first opponent. Apparently, this promotion is nothing short of surprises.

With all due respect to you, Cameron, I am becoming well aware of your contributions to this industry, as a whole. Your technical prowess and ring presence appear to be the highlights of your resume. However, none of your championship accolades, idle threats or your standing with the company bears little concern to me for I am coming to EPW to make a statement. I implore you and the rest of my newfound peers to embrace everything that you have grown accustomed to for this company is set to embark in a new direction.

It is but a mere formality toward the inevitable – At my hand, the Age of Sports Entertainment will soon be at an end."

(Fade to Black)

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