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Onward and Upward


League Member
May 21, 2008
Inland Empire, Southern California
Not too sure what the title means. Life is a mofo. Plain and simple. All you guys know how life has just turned me inside out. As of May 1st I became a single man again. I am not interested in finding a woman at all. I lost my PC to another virus. Some of you may have read my stuff on Facebook. I'm hoping a friend from church can get my PC up and running again.

A lesser man would just say. Forget it and quit. I love this game too much to quit. Even if I can't get myself out of a part time players hole. I hate being mid card. I hate that I havent held a title since I have been back over 2 years ago. But, it will get better some day.

BTW... When did I get portrayed as a heel?? I have been a face for a long time. If I need to be a heel then I don't mind doing that too.

Take care guys. I'll be around and come hell or high water... I will have Frankie on the next show. Seacrest Out!!

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