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Open Challenge


I stalk, because I care
May 2, 2007
(Scene opens to a hotel room, Gravedigger is seen lying back on a king sized bed with a woman about half his age. The sheet covering her completely up while Gravedigger is wearing a pair of sweat pants and no shirt. Sweat glistening off both individuals can be seen, as well as hampered breathing can be heard. The young woman runs her hand across his chest as she begins to chest his tired look.)

Woman: What's wrong baby?

Gravedigger: It's nothing, like I said I just signed a contract with jWo and they have an event coming up on the six-teenth. I made it clear that I wanted a match and I could've cared less who the opponent would be but so far it doesn't look like my match has been set.

Woman: Maybe, they are just waiting for the night of the show? Make it a surprise? You are pretty popular aren't you? Maybe they wanted to have a surprise for the fans.

Gravedigger: Popular around these parts? No, frankly I haven't been popular since I left SCW. It's been a tough road back and even though I made the statement of retiring and left SCW for good I regretted it severely after I left. I could've made a name for myself, even more then I already had. Like winning the Heavyweight Championship.

Woman: Well maybe this will be your time, here in your new place. You never know baby.

Gravedigger: Heather, listen, I know you mean well. But, right now with these cameras here I want to make a statement so if you could just give me a few minutes alone, please?

(Heather nods and wraps the sheet around her as she gets off the bed, the camera follows her almost completely out of the bedroom until Gravedigger clears his throat. The camera quickly pans back to him as he has scooted himself back up against the wall.)

Gravedigger: Now, I appreciate you all coming out here and listening to what I have to say. It's plain and simple, I want a match next Wednesday. If no one is man enough to step forward and accept my challenge, then maybe I'll just pick out my own opponent? Maybe I'll just put myself in AC's match, or maybe I'll just get into the ring with Faye Walker and show her why being a wildcat wouldn't mean **** against me. I watched last week's show and eh... I was less then impressed. No one I've seen yet has what I have... No one has my power, my build, my ability to simply Devastate everything in my path.

(Gravedigger grabs a bottle of water off his night table and takes a sip before continuing.)

Gravedigger: I'm sure everyone has heard these comments before right? About being the best.. blah blah blah. Well I'm not stating I'm the best, I'm simply stating that no matter what I will devastate my opponent, if that means I come out the victor or not it doesn't matter the only thing that matters is in the end, the first Heavyweight champion of jWo will be the person you are all staring at right now. The only thing I have to say about that is prove me ****ing wrong!

(He motions his head to the camera man to get the hell out, which the camera man quickly does.)


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