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Our Boys Get the Shaft

Bruno N' Beauty

League Member
Nov 26, 2006
Brian Duncan and Mike Gordey just wanted to go home after the house show in MSG. A relaxing four day weekend back in Minneapolis would have done wonders for Mikey's nagging injuries...but Craig Miles could give two ****s.

As they walked down the hall into his makeshift office in Madison Square Garden, Mike couldn't help but tell Brian just how annoyed he was.

Mike: Unless he's calling us in to give us a raise, I'm gonna kick him right square in the prick. You got my back?

Easy, partner. He writes the checks. Well, him or Mayfield. I honestly forget which one does what.

They come upon the door to the office and after a slight hesitation Mike whips it open and storms in.

Mike: Now what the **** do you think you're doin' keepin' us here after the show? We got a mother****in' plane to catch!

Miles: Oh, I'm sorry. Did you guys think you were allowed to barge into my office and yell like your opinions mattered?

Mike is lost for words, and Brian totally bails on him and takes a seat at the desk. Gordey looks pissed, but takes a seat as well, letting out a big huff anf puff as he sits.

Miles: That's more like it. Now, can I ask you boys why you've been turning down bookings lately?

Mike: Huh? You know I'm still hurt. I'm trying to ease my way back in!

Craig: Right, and I thought that was what you did when you skipped the Roseland show and worked the Hammerstein won. Try not to **** up your Tigerdriver again, you might kill somebody.

Mike: That's the goal, ain't it?

Miles: Not when they're working for me. You wanna go over to TEAM and cripple somebody who works for some other schlepp, be my guest. But here, you injure somebody and it comes outta your paycheck. Got me?

Mike: (through his teeth) Loud and clear.

Miles: Good. So, as I was saying. Why the **** did you email my office saying you couldn't work tonight?

We figured we should take the night off so we're ready for TV.

Miles: You assholes think you're gonna be on TV after a stunt like that? You haven't had a televised match together in weeks!

Duncan: No offense, boss, but if you call me another thing that I don't like I'm gonna knock your dick in the dirt.

Ducan stares into Miles' eyes, and Gordey cracks his knuckles.

Miles: You jackoffs don't scare me. You touch me and you'll be jerkin' the curtain in Alberta. Now listen: I'm not gonna hold you off TV, because you're the hottest Tag Team we have going. But you better show me some fire, or you're gonna be on ring crew duty. Am I understood?

Duncan and Gordey nod. Gordey's grimacing.

Good. Six man tag with Brock Alyas at Crash 45.

Brian: **** that! We want our title shot!

Mike: And besides, we don't team up with nobody else.

Miles: It's non-negotiable. Enjoy your vacation, boys.

The Dream Team isn't happy, but there isn't a damn thing either one of them can do about it. Son of a *****!


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