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Out-of-Character Staff, Match Writing Opportunity

Throbbin Wood

League Member
Dec 5, 2009

Hi, my screen name is Throbbin Wood because it's crude and funny to me. I use to play in a game called Shootclub under the screen name “J Dogg.” Can you tell that I started playing that game when I was eleven or what? I'm apparently a pretty big deal because I promoted Rising Sun Wrestling longer than I care to remember and was elected to the Shootclub Hall of Fame as a Promoter in 2004. I was banned a year later because they thought I was a sick ****er. A lot of people missed me and cried for me to come back, so I did in 2006 I think. I was banned again in 2008 because my character, Nate Narwin, didn't fit the family friendly values the website wanted to uphold. Oh well...

Before you call me nothing but a connoisseur of depravity, I am a published author. That's right, so suck my knob if you think my work has no place in this world.

If I didn't spend my youth channelling my anger into writing dumbass matches and role plays, I would probably be in prison right now instead of being an awesome writer.


To me he is Brent, but to the rest of you he is TheDamnGame. Him and I terrorised fake rasslin' with our work in Rising Sun Wrestling, and our gimmick matches are ****ing epic. When I thought promoting was gay, I handed RSW over to him. When he thought it was ****ing stupid, he gave it back to me. Yes, I got banned somewhere in there, but the general gist is that he's more than capable of running a league. In fact, he should have been in the Shootclub Hall of Fame for promoting but he got shafted pretty hardcore on the votes. Oh well, only fags care about the Shootclub Hall of Fame anyway.

His character, Riddick, is just as sick as my very own Narwin, but he never actually got banned for the content of his work. I'll never know how he managed to slide by all those years and only get, what, one warning? He only got banned because he told everyone to ****ing shove it after I was booted the second time. WE RIDE TOGETHER, WE ****IN' DIE TOGETHER BOYYYYY!

He's also a writer and is working on his first major project at this moment in time.


If you're bored and have time, it would be nice if people stepped in and helped with some of the matches. In The IL, we don't want 10 page matches. We want short summaries and good stories. A match that is a half a page to a full page or so would be nice. The way we do matches in The IL is kind of like those NFL Films pieces. You see the key moments, you get the narrator with the badass voice, you hear the best from the announcers, but they aren't making you watch the whole game, are they? If you think you can do this and you have the time, feel free to just ask and I'll give you a match or two.

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