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Paddy McDowell


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
RING NAME: "Solid Snake" Paddy McDowell
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 195 Lbs
APPEARANCE: Brownish hair, medium length about to his bottom jaw, fit, but not really ripped, a fair medium between tanned and pale. He doesn’t have any tattoos, no physical body hair and is fairly short.
PERSONALITY: Personality wise, Paddy tries to be very out going and fun. He nearly ALWAYS references pop culture and believes that if it’s boring… leave. At times, he can be lazy and display characteristics of the average teenager. He’s a recovering video game addict/berd and owns nearly every console known to man.
BACKGROUND/HISTORY: Born and raised in New Orleans, life wasn’t all that ‘difficult’ for Paddy. Something that’s a miracle is that he didn’t resort to homosexuality on account of the Mardi Gras. McDowell trained at a local wrestling school in Orleans for 6 years before joining the independent circuit. When the opportunity to apply for New Era came along, he simply couldn’t refuse the offer.
HOMETOWN: New Orleans, Louisiana
ENTRANCE MUSIC: "Assassin" by Muse.
RING ENTRANCE: (CUE-UP: “Assassin” by Muse. CUTTO: PADDY MCDOWELL standing in the middle of the entrance set up. He walks down the ramp and slides into the ring via the bottom rope. CLOSEUP: MCDOWELL’S face as he scans the arena. ZOOMOUT: PADDY walks up to the nearest turnbuckle, climbs it and raises both arms.

1. Bridging Cravate Suplex
2. Reverse S.T.O
3. Sitout Scoop Slam
4. Hurricanranna
5. Running Neckbreaker
6. Standing Shooting Star Press
7. Springboard Moonsault
8. Top Rope Splash
9. Monkey Flip
10. Flying Spinning Heel Kick (Done After Being Irish Whipped Into the Turnbuckle)
11. Cravate
12. Inverted STF
13. Headscissors Armbar
14. Reverse Chinlock
15. Snapmare
16. Punch
17. Kick
18. Elbow Strike
19. Knee Strike
20. Dropkick

SETUP: Jumping Shoulder Block Takedown
FINISHER: Leap of Faith
FINISHER DESCRIPTION: Corkscrew 450 Splash

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