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Hex Angel

FADEIN: A small trailer with the back open, and three men in jeans and T-shirts unloading amps, wires, and various bits of electronics.

(V/O) "What do you see, Hiroshi?"

Ambiently, the scene drifted to the top of the trailer - and a single leg hanging down with a telltale "T" and "X" criscross tattooed on a well- muscled calf.

(V/O): "Tattoos and scars wrapped up in bad knees? Do YOU see a pushover?"

Fading up more, the scenery is abundantly clear as Eli Flair is lying down, face up on the trailer. One leg is bent so that his knee stick straight up, the other has been established as hanging down. His hands are semi- folded across his chest and his black leather trenchcoat is almost a blanket across his body.

"Because I don't. I see just another match on just another night, just another chapter in a career that's spanned nine years that some would say is eight years too long."

He sat up, crossing his legs indian- style.

"But maybe we have a different perspective on things."

Eli cracked his knuckles and leaned back on his arms.

"You see... you have two tough matches in front of you. The first, Mikey Plett, is fraught with interest for the wrong reasons. You've said you just want to wrestle, Plett says he's going to destroy you in the name of the GXW. You've said you don't care about company loyalty beyond the company you're wrestling for on that particular day, Plett says he's the most valuble player in the death of the CSWA."

"Mikey Plett is doing his best to overshadow anything that might happen in that ring with things that might happen outside it. And that's a disservice to you and him both. But the tragedy of it all is that as long as Mikey Plett focuses on his controversial betrayal that Hellen Keller could've predicted... he'll never be what he has the potential to become."

Ambiently, almost as an afterthought, Eli hopped down from the top of the trailer and leaned against it.

"I've got a few different priorities. I don't give a damn whether or not you beat Plett. I don't particularly care about the GXW contingent. Or the Invaders. Or PLR and their sob story of the week. Or who I'm facing the day after. Or proving myself to a wrestling crowd that's so starved for something new they're actually paying attention to Tom Adler again."

"No, Kin... you've got quite a different experience in store at SHOWTIME... something you probably haven't done in quite a while."

"You're going to wrestle."

He laughed.

"Yes, I know the Muffin Man, Kin... but more than that, I know Kin Hiroshi and what he's capable of doing. And while I know you know the King of Extreme... I doubt you know all that Eli Flair is capable of in that ring. Don't worry tho... you will."

"But I wonder if you'll really want to."


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