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Phone Call


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Jan 1, 2000
Raton, NM
(Fade in: We are at the home of a wrestler we haven't seen in GXW for months now.

A wrestler by the name of "The Hero" Marcus Johnson.

Marcus is relaxing in a recliner in the living room, watching what one might assume is one of the college bowl games airing on TV, and he is drinking a glass of Sprite. He appears relaxed, something that he never appeared to be the last time we saw him in GXW.

Just then, the phone rings. A woman's voice can be heard. Of course, that woman's voice belongs to Marcus' wife, Tiffany.)

Tiffany: Mark, can you get that? I'm with the baby.

(Obviously, from her words, Marcus' child has been born.

Back to the scene... Marcus gets up from the chair to grab a cordless phone and he answers.)

Marcus: Hello, this is Marcus Johnson.


Marcus: Oh... it's you. Yeah... I'm doing all right.

(Another pause.)

Marcus: The baby? Well, she was born nearly a month ago. A little girl, we named her Michelle.

{Another pause.)

Marcus: Well... thank you. I do appreciate it.

(Pause again. I shouldn't have to tell you all these pauses are because he's listening to whoever is on the other end, do I?)

Marcus: When am I coming back? And why do you suddenly want me back?

(Another pause. Marcus frowns at whatever he is hearing.)

Marcus: Look, you gotta understand... I spent a lot of time trying to build trust with you and then, when I thought we had that trust, you were the one who suddenly turned around and ripped it apart.

(He pauses again.)

Marcus: Dan Ryan is not the issue. I'm not talking about the things he went through, as much as I had a hard time trying to figure that all out. The issue is what you were doing, making me wonder if that entire title reign was just a joke so you could test out Dan Ryan. That's the issue.

(No doubt, you have deduced that Marcus is talking to Chad Dupree.

Another pause as Marcus listens.)

Marcus: Well, maybe... but still, I just don't know if I really want to come back to wrestling. Ever since Michelle entered the lives of Tiffany and myself, I'm starting to realize just how special Michelle is. And honestly, I think my time may be better served by being closer to the family.

(A pause again.)

Marcus: No, I haven't found another line of work yet. In fact, I'm still under contract, although I think it expires soon. But still, being on the road in wrestling takes a lot out of you. I may just need to find another line of work where I can stay closer to home.

(Another pause.)

Marcus: Well... I'll think about it. That's all I can say.

(A pause again.)

Marcus: Thanks... and you take care of yourself too. Good-bye.

(With that, he hangs up the phone. And then, out walks Tiffany, holding a baby in her arms.)

Tiffany: Who was that?

Marcus: Mister Dupree... he wanted to see if I was coming back to GXW.

Tiffany: Are you?

(Marcus pauses.)

Marcus: Actually... I'm not sure what I'm going to do next.

(Fade out.)

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