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Playboy Mansion Invitational

True Life

League Member
Jun 23, 2005
The scene opens infront of a big gate with the Playboy trademark logo on it. Like magic it opens itself a few seconds later. As the camera comes closer to the door it passes luxurious Bentleys, Jaguars and Mercedez' on the left and right, which are shining under the hot spring sun. Giggling under the loud music reaches already outside of the house before former Miss Conneticut opens the door for the MCW team. The camera immediatly makes his way through little dressed beauties celebrating in the house and leaves through the backdoor. As the camera takes a round you can see masses of hot girls in bikinis wetting eachother with super soakas, having a good time with drinks in their hands or in the swimming pool - and only a few lucky males. Then the picture makes a pause with the look at the notorious playboy cave, immediatly 2 securitys behind black sunglasses block the MCW team as they wanted to take a closer look. The team decides to wait outside, all the time girls go in and out.

CUT: 1/2 hour later and the teams patience is supposed to be rewarded now. The first man leaves the cave, it's a young black man accompanied by a group of giggling girls. The camera team takes a look at a photo and then like lions they storm at the unknown person who is having enormous fun. But the victim pays no attention to the camera team following his foot steps almost running.

MCW: "Are you Justin Sane?"

Still the man doesn't turn around or even stop, but he at least reacts.

Unknown: "Who wants to know that?"

MCW: "MCW - Major Championship Wrestling."

Unknown: "So, what if?"

MCW: "Can you confirm the rumours of you being one of MCW's new signees?"

All of the sudden the sound of an other person out of sight interrupts the "interview".

Unknown #2: "What the hell is going on here?"

The team explains themself while the keep on following their interview partner.

MCW: "We have been sent to meet Justin Sane here."

Unknown #2: "Ah, okay good luck."

MCW: "Thank you, sir.... faster guys he's escaping."

Unknown: "You guys don't seem like the lightest. I'm a professional football player."

MCW: "So, you quit wrestling already?"

Unknown: "..."

MCW: "Is that right?"

Unknown: "You dumbasses, I'm not Justin Sane and now leave me alone!"

MCW: "Sure, they told us you would try something like this. What made the MCW sign you?"

Unknown: "Guys, it's NFL not MCW."

MCW: "So, you are trying to reject all the rumours? And on top of that want to tell us that you changed brands already? Your own mother won't believe that."

Unknown: "What the hell are you talking about?! Piss off, you bunch of psychos!"

MCW: "Faster guys... No, Justin - we won't quit this fast."

Unknown: "I told you already, my name is not Justin!"

MCW: "Aha, a gimmick change."

He enters the house with the girls and smashes the door behind him and in the MCW's deligations face. All of them take deep breath trying to recover from this rush. Then another young black man crosses into the scene with his arm laid on the waist of a hot latina. The team takes a look at the photo they brought with them again and then a closer look at the person.

MCW: "Oh..."

Cameraman: "Wasn't that the guy who interrupted us earlier?"

Immediatly they pick up the equipment they dropped on the ground and run behind the new victim.

MCW: "Are you Justin Sane?"

Unknown #2: "Well, dunno if I'm the Justin you're looking for."

The MCW team is out of breath again.

MCW: "Can't you hold on for a second?"

Unknown #2: "Time is money, so don't waste it."

MCW: "Promise we won't. So you are Justin Sane?"

After he turned around he just nods his head while he gives the beauty by his side a kiss on the neck. What brings the team even more out of concept then it already was.

MCW: "Is it right that Jalen Leather Ga..."

Justin: "Jalen Leather Gay?! What the f**k?"

MCW: "Sorry, I meant Jalen Latham Ray."

Justin: "Still, who the f**k is that Jalen?"

MCW: "He's the new owner of the MCW."

Justin: "Sounds more like the new janitor for my WC."

MCW: "So, are you under contract with MCW?"

Justin: "MC-what?"

MCW: "MCW - Major Championship Wrestling."

Justin: "I really dunno, my agent does that stuff. When the payment is right, it's a done deal."

MCW: "So, your agent..."

Justin: "Dude, can't you stop starring at all the booties running around you won't get any anyway."

The whole MCW team feels emberassed. Now, the woman next to Justin starts as well.

Latina: "I know it's hard, boys. But controll yourself."

MCW: "Allthough we are through and through professionals, ma'am - it's hard."

Justin Sane and his girlfriend break out in laughter.

Justin: "Haha, he just confessed that it's hard at his southpole already."

MCW: "Whatever, can we resume the interview?"

Justin wipes the tears out of his eyes and then grabs the microphone.

Justin: "Hold on, I just need a second."

He wipes agains some tears out of his face and then all of the sudden his face expression gets serious.

Justin: "Whole Dub-C or whatever other name this flush toilette has been baptized by by mother nature herself, listen up. You all get off the couch, pull your middle fingers outta your pregnant dogg asses and try to stop me on my rush to the top. I already rock more gold then all your champions together could, but Justin Sane is always on when it comes to the loot - especially when it means to kick your pregnant dogg asses. So, pay me right and I'll bring home prime time ratings even 3 hours after midnight. 'Cuz there's noone comparable to Justin Sane if you need someone who entertains the masses and still kicks asses!"

Justin notices that it starts to rain and reaches the microphone to the team but does drop it before someone could grab it, which results in a dumb sound. Justin Sane turns around and enters the house with his company, like most of the people do. The picture fades black and MCW goes off air for now.

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