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Playing the Game My Way


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Jan 1, 2000
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern sits on his Boubon Street apartment balcony. He's got his feet proped up on the table in front of him causing the legs of the folding chair he's sitting in to come off the ground. Southern eyes the camera with an intense look before slowly slowering the legs of the chair back to the concrete, putting his legs down, and standing to overlook the street below...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: "JAY JAY, I'm ALMOST sorry it came down ta' that. I'm SORRY tha' fans had ta' see me take some poor ol' pool boy n' beat tha' holy hell outta' him. It SHOULDN'T have come ta' that JJ. It shoulda' just came down ta' YOU n' ME inna' wrestling match. It SHOULDA' just came down ta' me pinnin' yer ASS n' goin' home. But YOU made this somethin' more. YOU made this a vendeta fer me, and as ya' found out at Primetime, I don't take kindly ta' bein' made tha' fool. Now as ya' sit in that hospital bed n' heal...think REAL hard 'bout yer next move. Stay AWAY from me and I'll let ya' LIVE. Go n' defend your newly won belt, go n' get pulverised by some guy who actually DESERVES ta' wear that belt...more importantly JJ, just GO. Don't show yer face in fronta' me again, and I'll leave ya' alone. Do we understand each other? {{...smiles...}} Good. "

" I told ya'...nobody <BLEEP>s with Shane Southern n' gets away with it. I don't play games, I'm not a pawn in some owner's power-play. Chad Merritt wanted that Greensboro title, well, he can DAMN WELL HAVE it. If he wanted ta' teach me a lesson, I SURE got tha' message, but Chad, I'm not sure it's tha' one ya' WANTED me ta' get. 'Cause ya' see...NOW you got one of YOUR title belts 'round tha' waist of some barbie doll freak show. And you've gotta' explain that to tha' fans...to tha' boys in tha' back that have NEVER even had thier shot at gold...n' most importantly to YERSELF. You gotta' look at tha' next card lineup and see JJ DEVILLE's name next to tha' words GREENSBORO CHAMPION n' wonder just how LOW tha' CSWA can sink next. "

" Now Chad, Ya' seem INTENT on startin' somethin' with me n' Evan Aho. Hey, {{...shrugs...}} I've got absolutly NO problem with teamin' or FACIN' Evan in tha' ring, but if this is some kinda ploy, if this is some kinda SCHEME ta' get rid of some of tha' "new blood" 'round here then you've got more offa' problem than you can deal with. Do ya' think you'll get me n' Evan in tha' same ring n' sent yer errand boy Guns out ta' beat us down like he did Sight? Lemme' tell ya' this Merritt, I really don't CARE why, n' I really don't CARE what yer plans are for Aho and myself...NOTHIN', includin' Guns, is gonna' stop me from gettin' what I WANT. I'm goin' down ta' Vegas and Aho and me...are gonna' WIN tha' Unified Tag titles. Then we're gonna' go ta' Seattle n' settle a score. "

" N' when it's all said n' done...when tha' smoke clears and tha' fog lifts, Shane Southern is gonna' be standin' in front of YOU holdin' a TAG belt in one hand and a WORLD title in tha' other. THEN who are ya' gonna' send after me? Hornet? Randalls? FLAIR? WINDAM? BRING 'em ALL on Merritt, 'cause this ol' Southern boy's gotta' LOT in tha' gas tank n' I'm aimin' for a LONG, LONG, road trip. "

" Party's OVER. "

{{...FADE OUT...}}

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