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Post-Anniversary (Gold Rush Spoilers)


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Jan 1, 2000
Drury Lane.
** Hiroshi gripped his coat close to him as he walked out of The Merritt. His skin was still tingling with adrenaline, and the cool air nipped at him. Kin was always one of the first out of the arena, always on a plane to somewhere. Always some new meeting to go to. Hurridly, he slung his gym bag over his shoulder, and let the US Title hang freely in his hand. The parking garage wasn't too packed, most of the fans had left the arena, and only a few die-hard CSWA loyals stuck around for autographs. No doubt that they would be searching for the only man to walk into Gold Rush the same way he walked out: a champion.

But, it didn't matter anymore. Kin was sure the CSWA was dead. His sure-as-sh*t paycheck wouldn't be coming anymore. There was no time for tears, only another car to get him to another airport to get on another plane to go to another city to earn another dollar.

Kin slipped past the elevators, and opted for the stairs when he noticed the fans crowding the doors. No one saw. No one ever saw him. It didn't bother Kin, at all, always scratching backs but always left with his own itch. (duh people, this is August of 06...Kin wasn't a World Champion yet) Of course, now that he was in the stairwell, he had a full view of The Merritt and plenty of time to think about what CSWA had done for him.

Evan Aho had been instrumental in bringing him from the bush leagues of EWI/GXW/GWE into CSWA, with a helping hand from Chad Merritt, himself. A few friendships in the form of Kevin Powers and Cameron Cruise didn't hurt either. A cruise ship had gone missing, and Kin had won two different titles during his run in the See-Ess-Dub. He had even gotten to rumble with Hornet, a legend in the industry.

Too bad it was all over.

The fifth floor came all too quick, and Kin kicked the door open to find his car alone in the garage. Setting down his gym bag, he reached for the keys in his pocket, refusing the set down the US Championship belt. Hiroshi pondered why he was keeping it, and realized there wasn't a reason anymore. Making his way towards the elevator, Kin found an empty trash can. Folding the belt wings underneath, almost as if putting a child to sleep, he slowly lowered the belt down, but not before his cell phone rang.

Tossing the belt over his shoulder, Kin started walking back to his car.

KIN HIROSHI: "Hello, [GRINING] Mr. Thomas."


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