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Posted! MCW Finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
Hey everyone... minus the last two matches which should be to me very shortly, I am going to start posting the rest of the card in order. This was a tough project for me to undertake, but with the help of some great people we have managed to put this one together.

Thanks... and enjoy!



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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO


It was a record breaking day for Major Championship Wrestling. With Zero Hour, MCW’s first pay-per-view under Jalen Latham’s leadership, the company did very good numbers. MCW Finale, held at the same location (Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA), shattered that standard.

A capacity crowd pushed their way into the Staples Center to view such MCW favorites as MCW Heavywight Champion Bryan Storms and Chris McMillan, but also had their eyes on talent from outside the confines of the Major Championship Wrestling talent pool. Names such as Steven Shane and Frankie Scott brought their share of fans to Finale, as evidenced by the signs seen in the crowd.

Before the show, William Hung performed for a less than appreciative crowd. His novelty hit “She Bangs”, originally performed by Ricky Martin, sent the masses to the concession stands. They bought MCW and select UCW memorabilia and souvenirs, as per the master plan of one very economically inclined Jalen Latham.

Needless to say, the small amount of money invested in hiring William Hung as a preshow performer paid off.

Scanning the crowd, there was no shortage of celebrities. Ultimate Fighting Championship favorites Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonner sat together before their rematch at UFC 62. Other UFC combatants in attendance were Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell.

Kurt Rambis, AC Green, James Worthy, and Byron Scott were in attendance, getting a huge reaction from the old school Lakers fans.

Paris Hilton arrived to add her no-contribution-to-society self to the festivities. A fan threw a milkshake at her, hitting her in the face. The fan was treated by Mr. Latham to front row seats and Paris was escorted out of the building.

Everything was ready. The stage was set. It was time to start the Finale... MCW Finale!


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
National Anthem

National Anthem

Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise for the singing of our National Anthem, being performed tonight by chart-topping singer, songwriter, and American Idol...

Small pop.

Ring Announcer: ... Miss Kelly Clarkson!


Ring Announcer: Miss Clarkson will be escorted down to ringside by the one and only Andrew Gilkison!

Another big pop. Andrew Gilkison, complete with sharp grey pinstriped Armani suit with red silk shirt underneath, walks with Kelly Clarkson on his arm down to ringside. With Andrew holding the ropes, Kelly enters the ring through the middle of them and receives the microphone from the ring announcer.

Oh say can you see,
by the dawn's early light,
what so proudly we hailed,
at the twilight's last gleaming?

Images of the crowd on their feet, some with hands over their hearts, others trying to control children who are too fidgety to pay their respects. Cut to the Majortron, where images of soldiers currently in military opertaions around the world are showing on the screen.

Whose broad stripes and bright stars,

through the perilous fight,
o'er the ramparts we watched,
were so gallantly streaming.​

More scenes of military members in deployments around the world. Kelly Clarkson is really belting out the National Anthem for the crowd. They, in turn, are loving it.

And the rocket's red glare,

the bombs bursting in air,
gave proof through the night,
that our​
flag was still there.

A few soldiers are seen in the crowd, in uniform, saluting a flag that is off screen.

Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave,

O'er the land of the free,
and the home of the brave.​


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO


Screen goes to black and a deep voice speaks.

Voice: Major Championship Wrestling. The rebels of the wrestling world have decided to break out of the confines of their small regional promotion and make a play for the big time. With an invasion of Ultimate Championship Wrestling, they have served their notice to the wrestling world that they will no longer be taken lightly. They will no longer sit idly by and let the big names in the business maintain a stranglehold on their old glory.

Flash to a video clip of Kin Hiroshi and The Sergeant being laid to waste by Dakota Smith and a steel chair.

Voice: They are called nobodies. Their fan base is small and limited, yet rabid. Where mainstream fans praise the skills of wrestlers such as Irishred, Dan Ryan, Richard Farnswirth, Hida Yakamo, Beast, and Lindsay Troy, the MCW fans can’t get enough of Bryan Storms, Chris McMillan, Dakota Smith, Insurgent, and Nakita Dahaka!

Bryan Storms holding his hands high in victory of Chris McMillan for the MCW Heavyweight Title.

Voice: The walls of Major Championship Wrestling have been breached. Sent forth into the world to show them what the “minor leagues” are made of, the roster of MCW is poised to take the world by storm. Jalen Latham makes his money, but the weekly shows that captivated its audience and garnered cult status are silenced.

John Doe hitting Chandler Maxwell with the Amnesia Attack.

Voice: MCW is closing regular operations and to send it off with a bang, Latham has assemble this... from top to bottom one of the best wrestling shows to ever be put together.

MCW talent...

Images of Justin Sane, Dakota Smith, Drunken Tiger, Nakita Dahaka, Rob Franklin, Pieske, Insurgent, Sanket Desai, Joseph Justice, Chris McMillan, and Bryan Storms appear one right after the other on the television set.

Voice: ... and talent from everywhere else across the wrestling world...

Images of Andrew Gilkison, James Irish, The Sergeant, Frankie Scott, Steven Shane, Professor Tremendous, and Roderick McRatrick appear one right after the other on the television.

Voice: ... have come together to produce this star studded show. Even two MCW legends have returned to action for this specific purpose. This... is MCW FINALE!

Cue up “It Don’t Feel Right” by The Roots. Action segments fire up, ranging through every single match that MCW has had since the rebirth earlier in the year.

The final video clips show Bryan Storms and Dakota Smith with their hands being raised with the Heavyweight and North American titles, respectively. Then, in huge block white letters across a black screen the words “MCW Finale” making a slamming noise as the stamp onto the screen.

FX: Crowd Noise!!!!!

Fade in to the Staples Center. The house is packed with wrestling fans from all over. Sign’s read:

“Hey Frankie, where’s your American Idol?”

“I got your dress and funny hat right here!”

“Karl Brown is an MCW ICON”

“Intoxicated Feline”

“Lindsay Troy wished she was good enough for MCW”

The camera pans across the arena and fades out and in to the broadcast booth. With us, as always, are the MCW broadcast announcing team... Simon Van Helder and Creek Wineberg.

SVH: Hello everyone and welcome to the swan song of Major Championship Wrestling. MCW Finale! I’m your host, Simon Van Helder, and with me as always is my chubby little buddy... Creek Wineberg.

CW: Hey! I heard that!

SVH: We have what looks to be the best card MCW has ever put together. From top to bottom we have intriguing matches, intense feuds, and battles for respect.

CW: We’ve even got a match for the CSWA Unified Title!

SVH: That remains to be seen, Creek. It would seem that Professor Tremendous has been blowing a lot of hot air over the past few months, defending this “Unified” title all over the wrestling world. He just strings people along as if they are actually going to win something by defeating him.

CW: He’s getting that McRatrick guy to wear a dress and a funny hat tonight, so I already like him.

SVH: In the double Main Event tonight, we have our top three current wrestlers facing off in a three way elimination match when Bryan Storms, Dakota Smith, and Chris McMillan square off. The other main event is an MCW Icon Match, so to speak. “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin will finally get the match he has wanted since the new MCW hit the airwaves. It will be Adam Benjamin versus Karl Brown in our final match of the night!

CW: You know, it’s about time that they let these two go at it. From what I have heard over the last couple of months, Karl Brown has been dodging the true MCW Heavyweight Champion.

SVH: Bryan Storms?

CW: No, you idiot! I’m talking about his opponent tonight, Adam Benjamin.

SVH: I wouldn’t call it ducking or dodging when the Karl Brown doesn’t even wrestle for MCW.

CW: You can’t tell me that he couldn’t take time from his busy schedule to give MCW fans the dream match that they have been wanting for some time.

SVH: He’s taking time out of his busy schedule now, Creek.

CW: I guess I should just be happy that the match is happening at all, right?

SVH: You got it! Folks, let’s take a look at...


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO


Simon Van Helder is interrupted by Far East Movement’s “Damn It Feels Good” blaring at high levels over MCW’s sound system.


SVH: I wonder what this is all about?

CW: It looks like the boss is going to come down and say a few words to kick this thing off.

Jalen Latham comes out through the curtains wearing the finest suit that money can buy. He makes his way down to the ring, confident as ever, with the crowd’s approval. Once in the ring, Jalen grabs the microphone from ringside so that he can break it down for the capacity crowd.

Jalen: What’s up Los Angeles?


Jalen: So... how was William Hung?


SVH: That was one of the worst things I’ve ever subjected myself to.

CW: Even worse than the time you were forced to watch Bastion Booger face Doink in a trampoline match?

SVH: Even worse than that.

CW: Whoa!

Back at the ring...

Jalen: That’s what I thought (laughs). I got you out of your seet and to the concession stand, though, didn’t I?

Jalen smiles and the crowd laughs along with him. Somebody in the crowd yells an obscenity, which causes another hearty laugh from those attending.

Jalen: It’s been a few months since MCW had the pleasure of setting up in the Staples Center, but after tonight I hope you all will agree that it was well worth the wait. This show might be called MCW Finale, but we’re hoping it sets the stage for many good things to come.

Call it the close of a chapter. Call it whatever you want. MCW Finale is anything but the end.


Jalen: Over the next few months, be on the lookout for more from Major Championship Wrestling. You know we’re in Ultimate Championship Wrestling right now, making some money! It’s only a matter of time before MCW is the number one name in professional wrestling!

HUGE POP! Jalen Latham drops the mic, which cues up “Damn It Feels Good” by Far East Movement once again. The crowd is on their feet as Jalen exits through the curtains.

SVH: There you have it, folks. It looks like I still have some job security, as MCW will still be putting together some special events in the future.

CW: He didn’t say anything about keeping your no-talent behind around for any future shows, Van Helder.

SVH: Folks, ignore my little round mound of a friend here. We’ve got action getting ready to take place in the center of the ring!


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
The Sergeant/Drunken Tiger vs Steve Lombardi/?????

The Sergeant & Drunken Tiger vs "Brooklyn Brawler" Steve Lombardi and ?????

“Brooklyn Brawler” Steve Lombardi is standing in the middle of the ring with a huge smile on his face. He has a microphone in his hand.

Lombardi: Bring them on down. Let’s get these two jobbers out here so my mystery partner and I can finish this thing up real nice and quick like.

SVH: I don’t know why The Brooklyn Brawler would wait until after he is outnumbered two-to-one before inviting his mystery partner out, but he’s doing it.

CW: The guy is a genuine tough man. He don’t care about consequences. He just cares about fighting people and beating them up real good.

“We Right Here” by DMX blares over the sound system. The crowd is on their feet as The Sergeant steps through the curtains followed a few steps behind by the massive Drunken Tiger.

SVH: I still don’t know whether the two of them can function properly as a tag team, but the raw talent is definitely there to be a tag team force to be reckoned with in the future.

CW: A force to be reckoned with tonight as well.

SVH: True. I guess it all depends on the mystery tag team partner, doesn’t it?

The two partners get in the ring and stare down Lombardi. To Lombardi’s credit, he is unflinching. Still with a huge smile on his face, he speaks up again.

Lombardi: Look at you, Sarge. You’re so smug with that little piece of crap uniform you’re wearing, acting like the whole entire world owes you a damn favor. Well, I got news for you pal. Nobody owes you one single thing.


Lombardi: So let me just let the cat out of the bag for everyone. You are looking at this big intimidating tag team that I’m to face, wondering who my mystery partner is. Well, there are only going to be the three of us fighting... only it’s going to be SARGE in the handicap match!

Gasps go across the crowd. Drunken Tiger moves toward Lombardi and they embrace.

SVH: You’ve got to be kidding me! Drunken Tiger just dropped The Sergeant for Steve Lombardi?

CW: It makes sense to me. I mean, how are a Korean Nationalist and a U.S. soldier supposed to co-exist as a formidable tag team? It just can’t happen. It’s impossible!

The smile on Drunken Tiger’s face changes into a look of intensity as he sends a boot to the gut of Steve Lombardi. The microphone makes a distinct THUD as it falls out of the Brooklyn Brawler’s hands and to the canvas. The move is continued into Drunken Tiger’s signature move... a reverse legdrop that he calls the REUNIFICATION!

SVH: What the...

CW: It looks like we’ve got a double-double cross!

SVH: I couldn’t have called it better myself! Is Drunken Tiger on anybody’s side?

CW: He’s on the side of his people and the side of Reunification.

SVH: Yeah, and it looks to me like “Brooklyn Brawler” Steve Lombardi just had the back of his head reunified!

Drunken Tiger turns toward The Sergeant and they stare each other down for what seems like hours. Finally, they smile at each other, move to the center of the ring, and celebrate.

SVH: I can’t believe it! These two have actually played this one out to the letter, and a destroyed Steve Lombardi is their reward.

CW: I don’t know how in the world these two managed to click. They are complete opposites. I really don’t see this partnership lasting much longer. Wait till they run into some REAL competition.

SVH: You were just talking about how great Lombardi was with his whole tough guy and mystery partner advantage. Now you’ve relegated him to jobber status in your mind at the drop of a hat. You’re the John Kerry of wrestling, Creek. John Kerry of wrestling, I tell ya!

CW: Are you saying that I’m a loser?

SVH: I don’t even have to respond to that. I think it goes without saying what I was insinuating.

Awkward pause.

SVH: The Sergeant and Drunken Tiger are victorious in their first of many possible tag team matches. We’ve got more action up next an MCW newcomer, Sanket Desai, facing Chandler Maxwell.



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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
"Ice Cold" Sanket Desai vs "First Class" Chandler Maxwell

"Ice Cold" Sanket Desai vs "First Class" Chandler Maxwell


These two had a very similar style, with Sanket Desai a little more of a daredevil than Maxwell. That set the tone for one of the sleeper matches of the night.

Chandler Maxwell used underhanded tactics to his advantage for most of the match, suckering Sanket into bad situations time and time again when he would gain the upper hand. At one point, Desai was on the attack on the outside of the ring when Maxwell grabbed the front of a closing Desai’s tights and threw him into the ring post. An injured shoulder was the consequence. It seemed to demoralize “Ice Cold” that he kept getting suckered into these predicaments.

Eventually, enough became enough and Sanket Desai flipped out. Resorting to brawling, Desai proved that he is a good technical wrestler but when required to go all “brawler” on you he can do it just as well or even better. Maxwell remained on defense for a solid five or six minutes, unable to make Desai fall for another underhanded scheme.

He did, however, mount a comeback with one of the highlights of the night. Maxwell had went to the top rope but was met by Desai on the top turnbuckle. When Desai attempted to back body drop Maxwell from the top rope, Maxwell hung on and rolled it into a crazy POWERBOMB! Both men stayed down for what seemed like an eternity, but when Maxwell finally was conscious enough to make the cover, Sanket was able to kick out at two and a half.

From here, about ten near falls happened between the two fatigued competitors. Maxwell gets some offense going consistently and gets a little cocky as he nonchalantly goes for a cover, only getting a two count.

Finally, Maxwell has had enough and goes up top for his finisher, but it is dodged. Moments later, Desai has Maxwell in the “Ice Cold Lock” (a crossface). It’s simple after that. A quick tap and the end.

Winner: “Ice Cold” Sanket Desai by submission.


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Sep 24, 2005
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Joseph Justice vs Pieske

"The Judge" Joseph Justice vs Pieske

(Cut to: Simon Van Helder and Creek Wineburg sitting at their usual spots at ringside set to begin play-by-play for what will be the last MCW only pay-per-view ever.)

SVH: "Here we are with our next match...

(While Van Helder is talking, we cut to a graphic of Joesph Justice flex and posing on the screen on a verses split screen with Pieske posing opposite but right next to him.)

'The Judge' Joseph Justice will go up against Rob Franklin's manager and partner in crime Pieske, and one would have to think that this is a inevitable trainwreck. Its a total mismatch here as the monstrous Justice could dominate the gauranteed out of shape pervert and alledged pedophile Pieske. What are your thoughts on this match Creek?"

CW: "Well my thoughts are if it is true that Pieske is a sick, disgusting, pedophile and just like the justice system everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But I gotta say that if it is all true well we all know what inmates do to those type of people in Da Joint, and Joe is just the type of man to issue out his own kind of vigilante justice on the fat manager."

SVH: "What I to bring up in this match is that Pieske will actually be taking on the monster Justice all alone in this bout as his 19 year old wrestling prodigy Rob Franklin, the self-proclaimed 'FTO Champion' will not be by his manager tag team partner's side during this contest.?Rumors have speculated that Pieske and Franklin have had a falling out and maybe be done for good, but are your thoughts on this situation Creek??Are you surprised at all?"

CW: "First off Simon, never believe what the internet sites come up with. I mean these people are nothing more than a bunch of people living in their parent's basements, who can barely manage their own lives let alone get laid come together to gripe about how bad wrestling is and trade pornography with one another. I can attest and defend both Pieske and Rob Franklin did not how a falling out or their partnership is in trouble whatsoever. What it boils down to his Rob Franklin has his own trouble and wants to remain focused as he gets set to take on 'The Dark Phenom' Nakita Dahaka later on tonight, and wants to be not only in top physical condition but also wants to be the one that defeats the Fem Phenom one on one and show that their match on Center Stage 5 was nothing more than a fluke.?Pieske just wants to show that he too can get in the ring with a monster like Justice and not back down putting on one hell of a fight before these hometown and loyal MCW fans."

SVH: "Thank you Creek for that very in depth and truthful analyse. Very well put indeed. If you remember last month on Center Stage 5, Nakita Dahaka defeated Justice and Rob Franklin when she made Franklin tap out to her innovative and impressive finisher, 'The Dragon Snap' in the center of the ring. I'm sure that Justice will also has something to show for after that loss and exact some sort of payback by taking on Franklin's tubby manager and partner in crime. Now with that said lets go to ring side with our French-Canadian ref "Big" John Lebeau awaits to call the match and lil Brianna LeBrock is in the center all set to announce our next match. Take it away Brianna."

CW: "The Hot Topic spokesperson speaks...nice gothwear baby."

(Cut to: ring announcer, the little dark and perky goth looking ring announcer Brianna LeBrock stands in the center of the ring with a MCW microphone in her hand. Referee "Big" John LeBeau is in the ring ring doing last minute checks with the ring, turnbuckle coverings, ropes, etc to make sure that they are in working order.)

Brianna LeBrock: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...

(Music queue up: "Fuel" by Metallica.)

BL: "Hailing from Detroit, Michigan. Weighing in at over 400 lbs. He is Pieske."

(The arena crowd stands up to boo ferociously as Pieske steps out from behind the black curtain and onto the stage to pose. He ignores most of the boos but does stop occasionally to jaw off and beret a few hometown fans jeers directed at him en route to the ring. He slides into the ring and poses ontop of the turnbuckle one final barrage of boos and jeers from the crowd as his theme song fades out. Pieske hops down and and begins sexually propositioning/harassing lil Brianna LeBrock in the center of the ring, but "Big" John LeBeau steps in between the both of them ordering Pieske to go into his corner and leave Brianna alone. After much protest Pieske complies and retreats to his corner as he awaits for his larger oponant.)

SVH: "Pieske tried to sexually harrass lil Brianna but Big John LeBeau put a stop to his unwanted advances really quick."

CW: Hey Pieske, I got two words for you, jail bait."

BL: "And his opponant."

(Music queue up: "Speak" by Godsmack as "The Judge" Joseph Justice steps out from the black curtain and onto the stage posing on the stage with a focus and intense look on his face to a mixture of boos and cheers, but primarily cheers as he appears to be the fans' choice to root for by default as they dont' want to root for Pieske for numerous reasons.)

BL: "Hailing from Columbus, Ohio. Standing at 6'6 ft and weighing in at 265 lbs. He is 'The Judge' Joesph Justice!"

(Justice leaves the stage walking focused and with intensity personfied toward the ring where Pieske stands like a deer caught in the headlights inside and can only watch with much understandable fear as "The Judge" gets closer and closer to the ring.?Pieske shakes off his anixiety as he buckles down and focuses on the near impossible task at hand.)

SVH: "What is Pieske's chances of winning this match against Justice Creek?"

CW: "Well Justice is like twice is size and is in considerably better shape than Pieske. As you can see Pieske is just well...round as a shape, but to his credit Pieske can move well for a fat man, and knows quite a bit of wrestling and has a strong veteran presence otherwise he wouldn't have taken a 19 year old Rob Franklin under his wing for nothing and taught him everything that he knows. Pieske is smart enough he can cut the taller Justice down to size. He knows opportunity and you can bet Pieske will take it. With good reason as he would need to in order to take this big man off his feet if he wants any chance of winning this bought. Its a long shut but Pieske will do whatever he can to win even if he doesn't have much of a chance. Not to meantion that by default, the fans are really wanting to rally behind Justice here as nobody seems like Pieske at all, and I don't blame him.

SVH: "And what about Joesph Justice's keys to success here tonight?"

CW: "Well Joesph is younger...well more younger than Pieske anyway, more in shape, taller, leaner, and well not obsese. He is intensity and will come at him early hitting his with crisp power moves and really muscle the fat man down. If he does this right he could put this match away really early as long as he doesn't make any big time mistakes."

SVH: Well with that said lets go to...

(Interupting Van Helder in midsentence, as Justice gets to the ring he is immediately greeted as Pieske runs over and drops down raining down hard clubbing forearms repeatedly onto Justice's back and neck area. Godsmack abruptly fades out at the same time lil Brianna LeBrock exits the ring. "Big" John LeBeau rings the bell to officially start the match and get it underway.)


SVH: And here we go as Pieske waste no more time trying to get any early advantage and jump Justice before he gets into the ring to start this match. This match is underway."

CW: "That's smark Pieske, get control early and take advantage of Justice early on. Its unconventional, but effective....you know old school."

SVH: "Careful Creek that you don't show your age here."

CW: "Speak for yourself Simon."

SVH: "Point taking. Anway, Pieske reigning down stiff mercilous shots to Justice's back and neck area."

(Justice, who was close to the ropes reaches up and grabs the ropes prompting LeBeau to intervene and break up the assault. LeBeau comes between the Pieske and his assault on Joesph then begins admonishing Pieske for the prematch shenanagans giving Justice a little time to catch his breath and rethink his game plan a little bit. Pieske patronizes the referee like he sees where he is coming from as he brushes by him. Pieske approaches Justice by the hair raising him up to his feet.)

SVH: "Big John really let into Pieske for getting the early jump on Justice."

CW: "As if Pieske cares he just blew him off."

SVH: "He better not make it a habit."

CW: "He won't, he's now in full control ready to issue out more punishment on The Judge."

(Pieske attempts an irish whip on Justice, but the muscled-size big man puts the brakes on the attempt anchering down and centering his weight in his legs locking down in the center of the ring. Pieske attempts and tugs two other times but Justice will now no longer budge. Pieske looks up at Justice who just responds with a smile as "Judge" reveses and irish whips the 400 plus pound fat man into the ropes. On the return, Justice scoops Pieske up into the air, using the momentum and following it through with a crisp, fluid, beautifully but classically executed powerslamming the fat man hard on the canvas. The ref slides down as Justice attempts a pin attempt hooking the leg.)



(Pieske kicks out to end the quick pin count.)

SVH: "WHOA, shades of Ted Dibiasi as Joesph Justic put a swift halt on Pieske's attack and hits textbook, old school styled powerslam. It had the grace and yet the impact of that era and yet managed to make it hurt as he slams the fat man down on the canvas with authority."

CW: "Now who's showing their age? Anyway, I know that it may of been a surprise that Justice got a 400 pound man up by himself, but he also used the momentum and carried it through."

SVH: "And now Justice has gained the momentum and is in firm control now."

(Justice rolls on top of Pieske and locks on a headlock then begins to rain down hard knuckle sandwiches onto the top of Pieske's head.)

SVH: "Whoa, it looks like Justice is getting back at Pieske for attacking him before the bell."

CW: "Ya think? To say that Justice is pissed off should get the UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR award. He's opening up that perverbial can of whoop ass on the fat man and is determined to make his intrels spill out of him."

(Justice spins off of Pieske and springs to this feet taunting and flexing before the hometown crowd who actually gets a nice pop from the crowd as they show their support to the big man from Columbus, Ohio.)

SVH: "Justice posing and really working the crowd here who actually get some cheers from the crowd. Like I said it looks like the crowd had decided to root for Justice by default here, or maybe it looks like that they are starting to get behind the Judge."

CW: "Oh what do these fans know, their fickle, they'll turn on you in a heartbeat if you so much as fart in their general direction."

SVH: "Oh please Creek, give our loyal MCW fans credit their smarter than you think."

(Justice stands Pieske up to his feet then gets beside him locking on a Russian Leg sweep whipping Pieske hard on the canvas on his back. Justice immediately bounces back up to his feet and lands a crushing elbow drop right on the sternum of Pieske to keep the fat man down.)

SVW: Russian leg sweep into then cap it off with a elbow drop that will continue to keep Pieske down."

CW: "Yeah, Pieske better do something to something to get back into this match or else we ain't gonna have much of a match in the next two minutes."

(Justice picks up Pieske by the hair standing him up to his feet. Justice attempts an irish whip but Pieske somehow managed to reverse the unsuspecting big man and irish whips Joesph Justice INTO THE REFEREE as the Judge takes out "Big" John LeBeau.?John tumbles out of the ring and onto the ring floor as Justice is shocked and beside himself as he is paralyzed with anger for letting himself get reversed let alone take out the ref.?Pieske takes the initiative and the moment of distraction as he runs up behind Justice, dropping down and LOWBLOWING Justice causing him to crumping to his knees in agony.)

CW: "Smart move Pieske. It doesn't matter how big a man go downstairs and take him out in that tender sensative area and any man will crumple to their knees."

SVH: "Yeah but Pieske also took out the referee who is out on the outside, but it looks like Pieske has regained control.?Personally I think that's just a coward's way out."

CW: "Ref didn't see it so its legal and Pieske was smark to make it look quote 'like an accident' unquote. This is any man's match now with things not looking good for Justice right now."

SVH: "And with Rob Franklin not at ringside, who could of avoided situations like this. He could of prevented this."

CW: "Hey Franklin has his own problems to worry about as he has to take on Nakita Dahaka later on tonight in the LOSER IS MY SOLDIER match.?This is a big match for him and he did say that he wants to take on Nakita by himself without Pieske's help...just like Pieske wants to beat Justice without Franklin's help. Its all a matter of both of them being ambitious and doing whatever they can to win."

SVH: "Even if Pieske has to cheat to win."

CW: "Hey the the ends justify the means."

SVH: "That's an excuse."

CW: "No that's opportunity."

(Back in the ring Pieske immediately goes to work on Justice by methodically and technically taking out the big man's knees and really putting the hurt on The Judge. Pieske grabs his leg and lifts Justice high in the air slamming Justice's knee spiking it on the canvas. Pieske sadistically and systematically dominates Justice but attacking at the legs chopping and cutting the leg and knees. Justice can do nothing but squeel out in pain and agony as he is at the mercy of Pieske.)

CW: "Now there's something you don't see everyday or hear me say for that matter. Justice at the mercy by of all people Pieske, who'd thunk it."

SHV: "The ref is still out but everything that he does to The Judge is legal."

(Back in the ring, Pieske stops his assault as Justice is writhing in pain. He slides out of the ring and gets a chair bringing it into the ring with him. Pieske takes the chair and)



SVH: "Pieske kaboshed the steel chair right on Justice's knee really pounding it out, and no ref in sight as he is still out."

(Pieske takes the steel chair and wraps the chair across Justice's ankle, unknown to Pieske that someone has stepped out from the curtain and made their way down to ringside. Pieske doesn't see as he finishes setting up the chair then goes to bounce off the rope attempting to attack Justice's ensnared ankle, but them he is tripped up by the assailent at ringside who causes Pieske to fall flat on his face. Pieske turns around and looks back only to see the seductive beautiful vixon, Delilah Demonik sensually waving back at the fat man.)

SVH: "DELILAH DEMONIK! Oh man this just keeps getting better and better. The manager of The Dark Phenom Nakita Dahaka has made her presense known in his match but why? Wake up ref wake up. This is rediculous. Get her our of here, she's gonna ruin everything."

CW: "No more than what Pieske's done?"

SVH: "More so."

CW: "Hey she's just adding sex appear to this match, she gotta do something after what we've had to endure all this match...Pieske's lard ass in spandex."

SVH: "Good point."

(Pieske gets all eager and excited as he turns his full attention on The Dark Phenom's manager. Delilah seductively motions for Pieske to approach her which of course he does.)

CW: "No Pieske don't give in to her. Its a trap...why does he listen to me?"

SVH: "A let me think for a minute, oh yeah because he's a pervert."

CW: "Oh yeah, how could I forget that?"

SVH: "Kids, let Creek be living proof that you should say no to drugs...loss of short term memory due to brain loss is a symptom of this."

(Pieske approaches the suductive Pieske over to her. He gets at ringside eager to get his jollies off. Delilah climbs up onto the apron and wraps her arms around him.)

SVH: "I don't get it. I thought that Delilah despised Pieske, why is she getting so close to him."

CW: "Sacrifices are sometimes made, either that or maybe Franklin was right and she really is a...

(Just as Delilah is about to lean in give Pieske, the pervert a kiss on the lips, she stops and smiles them mouths back at him "Look behind you." When Pieske turns his head, Delilah takes the moment of distraction and pulls his head down with her as she hops off the apron slingshotting his head off the ropes dazing the fat pervert into a daze. Delilah lets out a sigh of relief as she was like mouthing off of at Pieske, "YOU THINK I WAS SERIOUS? I DON'T THINK SO SICK-O!" Pieske stumbles into the center of the ring and them.)


(Pieske is immediately taken off of his feet making him do a near full flip in the air and bounce off the rope by a very natural but stiff look pounce like spearhead tackle. Nakita bounces up to her feet with ferocious intensity and poses to a huge chorus of boos. Nakita rolls out of the ring as she and her manager backpedle up the ramp as Joseph Justice stands up to his feet. The ref slowly comes to on the outside as well.)

SVH: "Running Gun...Running Gun...Running Gun! Pieske was set up by Delilah Demonik and distracted him then slingshot him off the ropes and right into a nasty looking flying spearhead tackle from 'The Dark Phenom' Nakita Dahaka! It was all just a set up and without Franklin Pieske is in trouble."

CW: "Maybe she isn't a whore, but who cares I'd do her!"

SVH: "And just in time because look who's come to."

CW: "The ref."

SVH: "Almost, but most importantly, Joesph Justice has come to looks like he is ready for some payback for what Pieske did to him."

CW: "I guess Nakita and Delilah came up with this plan to make sure that Pieske doesn't get involved at all during her match with Rob Franklin."

SVH: "You think."

(Back in the ring, Pieske really struggles to get back up to his feet unknown that Justice has fully recovered and is majorly pissed off for what Pieske did to him earlier. Pieske uses the ropes to help him pull himself back up to feet still totally rocked and dazed after what Nakita did to him. The chair that Justice had wrapped on his leg is still in the center of the ring. Justice toys and taunts Pieske with eager anticipation knowing what he must do to end this. Pieske turns around and immediately Justice grabs Pieske's arm hitting a vicious SHORT-ARMED CLOTHESLINE that not only takes Pieske out of his boots but makes the 400 plus pound big man flip end over end on the canvas.)

SVH: "Short-Arm clothesline, and you know what's coming next. Joesph Justice ready to step in and be Judge...Jury...and...

CW: "Executioner."

SVH: "The Verdict is in and Pieske's going down straight to hell."

(Justice looks down and sees the steel chair. His brain laced with sick little ideas. He raises Pieske up to his feet sizing him up right next to the steel chair, at first he tries and his legs buckle, but then Justice gets a second wind and then scoops the 400 pound Pieske up into the air ala a modified Axe Guillotine Driver. Showboating to the crowd showing that he is strong enough to lift this 400 pound pervert up into the air around his back then drops down to his knees hits his signature finisher right on the steel chair. Pieske's head bounces off and he is totally out. Justice quickly slides the steel chair out of the ring then puts his foot cockily on Pieske's chest as the fat man lays motionless on the canvas on his back. "Big" John Lebeau slides into the ring and administers the obvious three count.)




(Lebeau signals for the bell.)


(Brianna LeBrock announces over the mic.)

BL: "Here is your winner, "The Judge" Joseph Justice!"

(As "Speak" by Godsmake queues up again. The referee raises Justice's hand high in the air to acknowledge him as the winner. The arena crowd gives Joseph a nice crowd pop as he soaks in the cheers of the crowd.?A few people boo him, but surprisingly he is getting quite a few pops and chants from the crowd.)

SVH: "Lets go back to the replay and see how this match all went down.)

(They split screen and recap the Delilah Demonik interference on Pieske leading up to the Nakita Dahaka running gun spearhead tackle on Pieske, then of course the Joesph Justice hitting "The Verdict" on the steel chair on Pieske to seal it.)

(Back in the ring, Pieske is still laid out in the center of the ring with the ref checking on him to make sure he is alright.?He slowly slowly begins to come to but he is still not feeling well. Justice has made his way up the ramp and backstage.)

SVH: "I am getting something that is going on backstage, we've got a camera crew standing by to find out what is going on."

(Cut to: Backstage as Nakita Dahaka and her manager Delilah Demonik walking backstage basking in the sucess of their attack on Pieske.?All of a sudden.)


(Nakita Dahaka is blasted in the face out of no where by Rob Franklin and his FTO belt righ in the face. Nakita falls flat on her back instantly like sack of potatoes.)

Rob Franklin: "That's for Pieske, see you in a little bit and then we'll see who the real b(FCCbeep)tch will be!"

(Franklin brushes passed as he looks at Delilah Demonik who just watches Franklin lustifully. Franklin turns back around and gets in Delilah's face.?Delilah just quietly responds with a seductive evil grin.)

Rob Franklin: "And don't even think of getting involved in our match or else I will drop you like a hooker on a street corner."

(Franklin walks off down the hall. Delilah checks in on Nakita who is laying on her back completely out like a light. An EMT approaches to tend to her, but then Nakita immediately sits up starring straight ahead with rage and anger in her green eyes. Nakita's long wet firey red hair hovers down over her face. She pushes the her hair out of her face to reveal a small tiny gash on her forehead where she was hit in the head with the belt and a trickle of blood leaks out from it. She stands up to her feet pushing the EMT out of her way refusing help.)

Nakita Dahaka: "Get away from me. If you want to take care of someone, take care of Pieske, he needs it more. As for Franklin...F.A.T.E.'s coming for him next!"

Delilah Demonik: "Don't worry my dear Nakita, we'll take care of that little spot in time for your match."

Nakita: "Oh course."

(The scene fades out)



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Frankie Scott vs Steven Shane

”Phenomenal” Frankie Scott vs Steven Shane


”Phenomenal” Frankie Scott had promised that American Idol Carrie Underwood would be escorting him to the ring for his match, but when he came out he didn’t have her on his arm. The broadcast team was quick to point out that she was in the crowd alongside “The Sergeant”. The camera pans to the two of them and Carrie nudges Sarge to show him that they are on camera. He smiles and waves, and it doesn’t amuse Frankie in the least. It is mentioned that Carrie and Sarge are just friends and that he is rumored to be involved with an Empire Pro Wrestling diva.

That opponent was Steven Shane, and the two of them are starting to have a history. Both of them do not disappoint in this match, as neither backed down or dialed it down a notch throughout the entire bout.

Full throttle was the name of the game, which meant this match had to be short. It made it into the seven minute mark before Steven Shane scored a pin after executing a mean piledriver.

Winner: Steven Shane by pinfall!


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CSWA Unified Title Match???????

CSWA Unified Title Match (or not):
Professor Tremendous (Champion?) vs Roderick McRatrick... IN DRAG AND WEARING A FUNNY HAT!
Special Guest Referee: James Irish!

(Cut to: back to new MCW announcer Brianna LeBrock, the little perky goth girl stands in the ring with a MCW microphone in her hand set to announce the next match of the evening.) [FONT=&#46027]

Brianna LeBrock: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is said to be an UNSANCTIONED match. This match will be although no holds barred/anything goes, the MCW board of directors will not be held liabilably or responsible for what happens during the course of this match. Introducing first."

(Music que up the beginning intro and spliced notes and lyrics of "Why Can't We Be Friends" by War.)

"Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends.....

(Suddenly, like a record player streaking across the record really fast abruptly cutting the theme song in the middle of playing as Brianna LeBrock comes back with the mic.)

BL: "Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please, as you look onto the stage, we have a very special guest in store for you."

(The spotlight shows on a corner of the stage a setup of numerous musical equipment, turntables, etc all set up as musicans step out onto the stage and take their positions under the spotlight.)

BL: "Please give a warm MCW welcome for famed R&B hiphop recording artist Keith Murray, performing his hit song "Candy Bar."

(The crowd pops in response to the surprise concert as Keith Murray, with a mic in his hand takes the center stage, they begin playing the beginning intro beats and lyrics to "Candy Bar".)

SVH: "Whoa this is a surprise Creek as the MCW is really giving this capacity crowd exactly what they paid for and something to remember the MCW for years to come."

CW: "Maybe or could it be that one of the combatants is coming out dressed in drag and wearing a funny hat?"

SVH: "Quiet, he's abot to start."

CW: "Oh don't get all teenie bopper, Backstreet Boy, metrosexual on my account."

SVH: "No its a matter of respect toward Mr. Murray who has taken time out of his busy schedule to perform us."

CW: "Sure."

She looks like a (4x)

[Chorus - repeat 4x] {*ad libs through out*}
She looks like a movie star
Like a chocolate candy bar

(She looks like a)
Heya love love, you little fly lady bug
Come and swing this episode wit more from up above
With them Earl Jeans on fitting tight like a glove
You little Cinammon Toast Crunch, come show me some love!
Slim goodie got tittle litties
Yeah but she's a picture post card pretty fat kitty little bitty, WHOO!!
You're provoking me, giving me the notions
To make me wanna lick your funky emotions
She can make a crippled man walk and a blind man see
How can I put this? hmm
She can make the Grinch love Christmas
How can I manifest her uniqueness in vernacular?
(Like a chocolate candi bar) yeah that describes her

(As the Chorus repeats; Roderick McRatrick steps out from the back, emerging from the black curtain, and onto the stage wearing of course a long tight red sequeened glittery evening gown, matching stilletto high heels, and of course a really funny hat. McRatrick has honeydew mellons stuffed in his dressed to signify breast. The crowd boos feroiously at McRatrick as he poses all sexy like on the stage and really gets into his role in drag. Keith Murray on the stage takes one look at McRatrick in drag and a flood of emotions fills his face as he doesn't know if he should be mortified with fear or bust up laughing trying to hold it in and continue singing his song.?McRatrick pretends like he is on a catwalk modeling for the crowd.)

(Roderick McRatrick tries to seductively walk over to Murray while he tries to sing the next verse to his song, and attempts to bump and grind Murray, but Keith tries to politely push him away running away all the while pretty much lost it and has begun laughing so hard while he runs around on the stage away from McRatrick. Finally McRatrick leaves Murray alone and starts seductively walking down the aisle all sexy like.)

BL: "Now making his way to the ring...ALLEGDEDLY from the streets of New York or parts unknown, I don't know which is which. Weighing in at 240 pounds. He is Roderick McRatrick!"

(The crowd boo as McRatrick arrives at ringside and soaks in the boos from the crowd. McRatrick blows a kiss at Murray much to Keith's utmost displeasure as he looks really repulsed back at the man in drag. He finishes his song, and then he and his crew bow to the popping crowd in support of his playing and how entertaining it had turned into. He shows his support to the crowd then after looking back at McRatrick, he and his crew politely vacate the stage. Back in the ring McRatrick leans in the corner admiring his pained Lee Press-On Nails for his oponant.)

SVH: "Is it just me or is McRatrick really getting into this stipulation a little too much."

CW: "Yeah this could be a whole new look for him; Adrian Adonis, Adrian Street, Georgeous George, and now Roderick McRatrick."

BL: "And this oponant."

(Music queue up: the spliced beginning lyrics of "She Blinded me With Science" by Thomas Dolby.)

"She blinded me with science (Blinded me with science)"

(Suddenly the theme is interupting in mid sentence and replaced with the beats and rifts of "Rockafeller Skank" by Fatboy Slim.?The crowd once again pops in a mean barrage of boos as "CSWA Unified World Champion" Professor Tremendous steps out from the back with his "CSWA Unified World Championship title". Tremendous's enterage as all the members of "Team Tremendous" come in behind him. Yes they even have TheTEAMT Midget pulling The Goat by a leash with them down to the ring. The Professor walks down the aisle basking and showing off his title snug and comfortably on his shoulder while the music plays.)

BL: "Now making his way to the ring, hailing from West Newton, MA. Weighing in at 222 pounds. He is Professor Tremendous."

(Tremendous glares back at lil Brianna LeBrock with anger in his eyes as he quickly stomps his way to the ring and immediately gets in the lil perky gothic girl's face. She apologizes and nods profusely as she puts the mic up to her mouth.)

BL: "I'm sorry, I also forgot to meantion the CURRENT REIGNING CSWA UNIFED WORLD CHAMPION, and the king of the all earth. The smartest man in the universe, Professor Tremendous."

BL:?"I am also proud to introduce to you your special guest referee for this evening, JAMES IRISH!"

(A much satisfied Professor Tremendous nods his head in agreement while Brianna lets out a sigh of relief. The Professor hands his title over to his enterage at ringside as his theme music slowly fades out. The crowd boos him adamently as he basks in his own personal glory. James Irish is the referee in charge of officiating this match as he stands in the center of the ring, Brianna LeBrock makes her way out of the ring and over to the timekeeper's table. James Irish waves both men over to the center of the ring to discuss the match and show that regardless of the stips or whatever he is still in charge. Neither Tremendous nor McRatrick really shows like they care what James Irish is saying. The referee orders them back to their respected corners then orders for the bell to ring to start the match.)


(At the sound of the bell, Professor Tremendous takes a charge at the center of the ring at the in drag Roderick McRatrick, but before he could do anything, Tremendous is taken off of his feet by a well timed on target honey mellon right in the head of Tremendous. Splashes and shards of honey mellon go everywhere including some land on referee James Irish. McRatrick had removed one of his honey dew breast and pelted The Professor with it. McRatrick takes the other one out of his dress and begins parading around it carrying it around occasionally doing a Heisman pose before the booing crowd.)

SVH: "At the sound of the bell, Professor Tremendous is taking off his feet by one of McRatrick's fake boobs and now he is parading around like he just scored the winning touchdown in the superbowl. Personally I think that its a little premature to be celebrating."

CW: "Well I guess that makes McRatrick a real boob eh?"

SVH: "That was horrible."

CW: "I know, why do you think that I said it? Anyway, he's gloating but don't worry he's not like rubbing it in or anything."

SVH: "Ah Creek do you even know what you just said?"

CW: "Yeah, and now look McRatrick is covering The Professor for the first pin of the night, hoping to end this match before it even get really started."

(McRatrick covers Tremendous as the ref slides down and makes the count.)




(Tremendous kicks out before the ref could slap the mat a third time.)

CW: "Boy that was close, this match could be been really embarrassing for the Professor, imagine our very own CSWA Unified World Champion losing to someone like Roderick McRatrick, in drag wearing a funny hat."

SVH: "He's not the world champion."

CW: "Hey according to that belt and defeating Windham in Brazil, he is. Who's to say that Troy Windham isn't the fraud and Tremendous is the true champion?"

SVH: "Because he isn't the champion."

CW: "We can continue this debate all night or we can continue commentating this match."

SVH: "Fine, lets do that."

(Back in the ring, McRatrick goes to work mounting himself on top of Tremendous and raining down hard rights into the face of the professor much to the crowd's protest. The ref orders McRatrick to stop hitting his oponant with a closed fist which finally McRatrick complies. McRatrick picks up Tremendous in a body slam position and walks him over to the turnbuckle putting him into a tree-of-woe position. Then McRatrick walks back over, picks up the honey dew mellon, the one that didn't get busted over Tremendous' head and prepares to wind up for a pitch.)

SVH: "Oh come on, I don't like Tremendous any more than the next guy, but come on, that's just...LOW if he's gonna do what I think he's gonna do."

CW: "Actually Simon, isn't that high because he is now higher up?"

SVH: "Creek, I don't have time to argue over symantics with you, you know what I mean."

CW: "Yeah I suppose I do."

(McRatrick winds up like he's a pitcher in a world series or something, then releases the honey dew mellon launching it and nailing it right on target at The Professor's nether regions clubbing him in the privates. Tremendous immediately just slumps down onto the ground holding his privates in pain as McRatrick celebrates somemore as he is clearly in control of this match now.)

SVH: "I can't believe it that McRatrick actually has a commanding control of this match after beaming Tremendous with that other Honey dew mellon."

CW: (Wincing in pain of his own in his seat.) "I feel your pain professor, like Simon said, that really does give new meaning to the term low blow."

SVH: "Ah finally he gets it."

(McRatrick parades around the ring in celebration for a few moments while Tremendous lays on the ground wallowing in agony. McRatrick stands Tremendous back up and leans him into the turnbuckle corner then bends down and begins unstrapping his Stilletto high heels from his feet.?He picks one of them up and exposes the heel as we can all guess what Roderick is about to do.)

SVH: "Ah no, he wouldn't. He's already done enough to any man let alone Professor Tremendous."

CW: "Ah Simon, he's already spiked a honey mellon at his head, beamed another one at his privates. Honestly is this any surprise?"

SVH: "True, you have a point Creek."

CW: "I always do."

SVH: "Not always, but I'll make sure that it doesn't go to your head."

(As Tremendous is still in the corner still trying to "Find his boys", Roderick McRatrick has the stilletto high heel in his hand as he charges in full speed, but before he could hit TUSS THE FAT SEXY MARK slides in and right in between both Tremendous and McRatrick who absorbs and takes full force of?the impact of McRatrick's stilletto high heel attack and goes down hard. McRatrick can't believe his eyes as he just stares down with rage at TUSS while he is holding his face where Roderick hit him. Roderick snaps and totally goes ballistic on TUSS raining down hard shots with the stilletto clubbing TUSS over and over again.)

SVH: "I can't believe it, Tremendous' enterage came in the neck of time saving their hero and leader from McRatrick as TUSS the fate sexy mark saves his idol from what would of been the final crippling blow.?Tremendous needs to give that man a raise or at least at least kiss TUSS's ass for what he just did as he took a perverbial bullet there."

CW: "Yeah and now McRatrick is making him pay for the heroism by really letting him have it."

(Unknown to McRatrick, Angleholic Anonymous has hopped up onto the apron right in front of him trying to get McRatrick's attention. Roderick looks up and see Angleholic on the apron.?He stops his assault of Tuss and turns his attention on to Angleholic who begins jawing off and trash talking AA ordering him to get off of the ring and out of this match. Angleholic gets an idea as he takes one look at McRatrick's evening gown and gets an idea. He grabs ahold of Roderick McRatrick as quickly as possible around his neck planting a kiss right on McRatrick's lips then Angleholic pulls McRatrick's head down with him hopping off of the apron and slingshoting his jaw off of the ropes into a daze.)

SVH: "Oh my god, did you just see that."

CW: "That's just wrong. All wrong."

SVH: "Angleholic just planted a huge kiss on Roderick McRatrick then slingshot his head off the ropes."

CW: "Maybe Angleholic is french."

SVH: "No I don't think that he is."

CW: "Maybe he mistaked McRatrick for an actual girl and since that was the closest that AA would ever get to a girl he took his opportunity."

SVH: "Maybe."

CW: "Or maybe he actually swings that...

SVH: "Lets not push it and go there."

CW: "Fine."

SVH: "Good. Now getting back on with the match."

(Back in the ring, Roderick McRatrick is dazed and groggy in the center of the ring, unknown to him he does not see that The Olympic Silver Metalist All-World has slid into the ring with his Olymipic SILVER medal wrapped around his knuckle like a weapon.?He charges in and...



(Down goes Roderick McRatrick taking down and out of his shoes by The Silver medalist who actually gets a nice pop from the crowd as he stands back up.?All the while special guest referee James Irish has been fair but really quiet while refereeing this match not being so strict with his enforcement of the rules looks more like he is just enjoying the show.)

SVH: "First Tuss, then AA plants a kiss and sets McRatrick up, and now The Olympic Silver Medalist gets a nice pop after nailing Roderick with his silver medal and now both McRatrick and Tremendous is out of it, and what about referee James Irish who is just letting all this happen?"

CW: "Well this is an unsactioned match what can he do really??All he needs to do is count to three, even someone like James irish can do something that simple."

SVH: "Yeah I guess your right, well I guess that means that he really is doing his job to profection."

CW: "See, now Irish is doing something else, he's counting to ten, probably trying to prod and movitvate both men to get their asses in gear or he will end this match righ here."

(Back in the ring, referee James Irish begins counting to ten as McRatrick and Tremendous are down on the ground struggling to get to their feet. It looks like Irish, although counting fairly wants this match to end so that he can get out of here and away from these two.)





(They begin to stir to their feet.)



(They both use the nearest ropes to pull themselves up to their feet. Team Tremendous has re-gathered their forced and regrouped in their leader's corner trying rally him to his feet before the ref can finish his 10 count and end the match.)


(They both rise to their feet at last as referee James Irish lets out a sigh and breaks his count to continue this match.)

SVH: "The Professor and Roderick McRatrick have made it to their feet and ready to continue this match, and if it wasn't for his teammates, McRatrick would of had this match won by now."

CW: "We've seen everybody except for TEAMT midget and the goat, but there's still time."

(They both charge each other in the center of the ring, but then McRatrick suddenly trips and falls flat on his face for some odd reason.)

SVH: "Oh my god, McRatrick tripped and fell on his face in the center of the ring, is he a klutz or something?"

CW: "Normally I would say yes, but this time I think that there are other factors at stake look."

(In the ring and as they cut back to the replay in a split screen from the match in real time and in what happened in the replay. TEAMT Midget finally made his own presence known by sliding in the ring and slid right in front of Roderick making Roddy trip on the little guy and falling flat on his face. It cuts back to the full screen and the match in real time as we see TT Midget get up and run over pulling Roderick's evening gown and pulling it straight up over his head to blind him in a net of sequences so to speak as Roderick struggles to break free.?TT Midget has revealed that McRatrick is wearing a black thong.?The Professor walks over and grabs a strap of the thong pulling it up and down with the middle going right up into Roderick's butt crack.)

SVH: "Hey what do you know Creek, you were right, The midget did get involved as there was still time proving the aged old rule that midgets really are funny, and now it looks like Tremendous is getting Roderick McRatrick back for what he did early in the match but pulling on that thong."

CW: "I was wrong Simon, that is just totally NOT RIGHT!"

SVH: "Which one, the part of Midget pulling his dress to reveal the thong, or the fact that Tremendous is giving him the wedgie of all wedgies?"

CW: "BOTH!?McRatrick should never wear a thong."

SVH: "I'm very inclined to aggree, but you have to admit that it really is turnabout being fair play for everything."

CW: "PT went too far on this one."

SVH: "So he did, but he is the professor, and he's smarter than you."

(Back in the ring the midget totally rips off McRatrick's evening gown from over his head and parades it around the ring. Hanging on that same note, Professor Tremendous immediately takes the opportunity to stop with what he is doing with the thong wedgie and immediately lockes on his modified inverted STF submission finisher known as "The Final Exam" on tightly on Roderick McRatrick. Referee James Irish lowers down to see if McRatrick will submit at all.?All the while Tyrone The Tidy Giant has slid into the ring with...YOU GUESSED IT...The Goat and brings him over to McRatrick and PT. Tyrone backs the goat up and directs the Goat to actually SIT on top of McRatrick's head while Tremendous still has the Final Exam locked in.?Before McRatrick was holding on and doing whatever he could not to submit, but after Tyrone brought the goat over and sat him down on top of Roderick's head it has made things even harder.)

SVH: "I can't believe it, everybody on Team Tremendous has gotten involved in this match and is a factor in this match.?I guess this really is the epitome of the term TEAMWORK."

CW: "OH GAWD that goat's gonna fart right on his head."

SVH: "I wonder what he had to eat."

CW: "Something with lots and lots of fiber."

(Finally, McRatrick can't take it anymore, with the utmost painful Tremendous with his "Final Exam" finisher locked in tightly and really cranking down along with the goat sitting on his head.?McRatrick has no choice but to tap out. Referee James Irish calls for the bell.)


BL: "Here is your winner...

(Professor Tremendous lets go of the hold and runs over to the rope glaring at her.)

BL: "Here is your winner, your CSWA Unified World Champion! Professor Tremendous!"

("Rockafeller Skank" by Fat Boy Slim blares over the loud speakers. Team Tremendous storm the ring ala Rocky and run up to PT lifting him up on their shoulders. TUSS the Mark hands PT his "CSWA Unified World Championship" belt up to him.?They celebrate in the ring to a loud chorus of boos and jeers from the crowd.?James Irish just shrugs his shoulders and walks up the ramp letting them have their moment in the spotlight.?Down on the canvas, Roderick McRatrick lays on his face hurting feeling his pain reflecting in his mind what went wrong.)

SVH: "Well I guess that is that. Well be right back with our next match on the card."[/FONT]

(A video package for Rob Franklin versus Nakita Dahaka plays...)


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Loser Is My Soldier Match: Nakita Dahaka vs Rob Franklin

Loser Is My Soldier Match:
Rob Franklin
vs Nakita Dahaka

SVH: We’re sorry about the delay in getting you out to this match, everyone.

CW: It’s not our fault, Simon. These two felt it necessary to get the match started before the bell even rang. It looks like this one will be held under “No Holds Barred” rules.

SVH: Let’s take you back quickly to what you missed.

(Cue up replay...)

SVH: As you can see here, Nakita Dahaka was on her way out to the ring looking as determined as ever when Rob Franklin came out of nowhere with the FTO belt and nailed her in the back of the head.

CW: I’m not even going to point out that you said that Franklin “nailed her”.

(Creek laughs...)

SVH: You just did.

CW: Touché.

SVH: This is the second attack on Dahaka by Franklin with that FTO title tonight. She’s in trouble. Franklin has picked up two near falls already from the result of that FTO belt to the back of the head. We’re now joining the match, which of course is already in progress.

(Franklin in strutting around the ring, showing off to the capacity crowd.)

CW: He’d better keep his focus on his opponent. Since Dahaka arrived here in MCW she has been as intense as anybody. It’s only a matter of time before she makes a come back.

SVH: She’s already picking herself up off the mat as we speak. Franklin is paying no attention!

(As Franklin turns around, he’s caught by a desperate looking spinebuster courtesy of Nakita Dahaka.)

SVH: SPINEBUSTER! That definitely took some of the air out of Franklin’s sails.

CW: I really don’t know what the guy was trying to prove by parading around the ring like that. He’s got a lot riding on this one. Does he want to be ordered around by a woman for the next 30 days?

SVH: Dahaka rebounds off the ropes for a rolling splash.

The cover...




Franklin kicks out at two.

CW: Maybe that will wake him up a little bit.

SVH: More like knock him out. He’s slow to his feet after that.

CW: He’s not the only one slow to his feet.

SVH: Franklin closes the distance on Dahaka. Dahaka kicks him in the midsection but is caught... wait... enzugiri!

CW: Nakita just sent the FTO champ to the ground with that kick to the head.

SVH: I really wish you wouldn’t call him the FTO champ. Rob Franklin never won that belt. It’s not even sanctioned by any organization. Anybody can make a belt and call themselves a champion.

CW: But not just anybody has the skills to back it up.

(Meanwhile, Dahaka has Franklin in a crossface.)

SVH: Franklin screaming in pain.

(Close up of Rob Franklin’s face. His pain is etched all over it. As hard as he is trying to get to the ropes, Dahaka is trying just as hard to keep him away from them.)

CW: Dahaka thinks this is her chance to finish him off. To tell you the truth, I think she’s got him, too.

SVH: I don’t know. He’s inching closer and closer to those ropes, Creek.

(The fans start to chant, “Tap Out! Tap Out! Tap Out!”)

CW: It’s obvious who the fans want to win this match.

(Franklin reaches the ropes and a saddened sigh stretches out across the crowd. Dahaka let’s Franklin out of the cross face but starts taking the boots to him seconds later. Franklin rolls into the corner where he receives boot after boot after boot in the chest.)

SVH: We started out this match thinking it would only be a matter of time before Franklin finished Dahaka off and now we are left to wonder when Dahaka will finish off Franklin.

CW: What my partner is trying to say is that the tides have turned.

SVH: Thank you so much for the assist.

(Delilah suddenly appears at the entrance ramp to a small pop.)

SVH: Noticeably absent in this entire match have been Nakita Dahaka’s right hand woman, Delilah, and Rob Franklin’s right hand fat man, Pieske. There has been a lot of turmoil between these two alliances over the past few months. Now, here is Delilah making her way down to the ring!

CW: But who’s side is she on? She’s had this “thing” for Franklin or so it seems for awhile. Is she here to help her associate or to start a new romance.

SVH: If she’s here to start a relationship, she should know that Pieske is interested in a lustful one! He just appeared at the entrance ramp!

(Dahaka posts Franklin on the top turnbuckle and attempts to superplex him. It’s blocked, and Franklin lifts Dahaka up into suplex position. It looks as if he is going to suplex her to the arena floor from the top rope, but he pivots and superplexes her in the center of the ring!)

SVH: HOLY CRAP! Did you just see that?

CW: How could I miss it? This match is as good as over with.

(Crowd chants “Holy ****! Holy ****! Holy ****!”)

SVH: Both Dahaka and Franklin are down!

Ref & Crwod: ONE!





(Franklin slowly stirs...)



(Franklin is coming to while Dahaka lies motionless on the mat.)



SVH: Franklin barely beats the ref’s count as he is uon his knees and crawling over for the cover...




(The crowd gasps and then starts to get behind Dahaka with a cheer. Franklin helps Dahaka to her feet and is holding her from behind.)

SVH: Franklin is holding Dahaka and in the ring comes Delilah! Delilah’s got that FTO belt in her hand and is looking to use it on Dahaka!

CW: I wouldn’t be so sure of that, Simon! Delilah just caught a good look at Pieske over Franklin’s shoulder on the outside. He’s licking his lips, and he looks like he has some pretty dastardly deeds in mind if Dahaka loses this one!

(Delilah runs at Dahaka and Franklin with the belt, but swings the belt around Dahaka’s head and into the side of Franklin’s.)

SVH: She just hit Franklin! He looks to be out like a light! Pieske is trying to get into the ring but he is too slow! Dahaka with the cover...




Winner by pinfall... Nakita Dahaka!

SVH: We’ve got one of our highlights of the night up next when Bryan Storms, Dakota Smith, and Chris McMillan square off in a falls count anywhere, no disqualification, elimination match! Take a look at this video footage about “The Faces of MCW”!

(Video package rolls...)


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Sep 24, 2005
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Faces of MCW Match

The Faces of MCW Falls Count Anywhere, No DQ, Elimination Match:
Bryan Storms
vs Dakota Smith vs Chris McMillan


One of the matches that everyone came to see proved to be well worth the wait, as MCW Heavyweight Champ Bryan Storms, MCW North American Champ Dakota Smith, and the number one contender for the Heavyweight title Chris McMillan squared off in a falls count anywhere, no disqualification, elimination match. With everyone in the ring looking as ready as ever to do battle in front of the Staples Center audience, the bell rang and Dakota Smith took a step back to let McMillan and Storms handle some business...

... or so we thought. McMillan and Storms let loose on each other, Storms ready to prove that he was truly the better man while McMillan was looking to redeem himself. The whole time, Dakota Smith had a plan. The plan was to grab a chair (something he is very proficient with) and level both competitors while they weren’t paying attention. Creek Wineberg of the broadcast team quickly points out that there is no disqualification and that Storms and McMillan should have remembered the matched involved three men, not just two.

Dakota spent the next five minutes working over both competitors. He threw them out of the ring and used chairs, guardrails, and just about anything else he could get his hands on. This went on until a miscue on the outside of the ring in which he attempted to clothesline McMillan but Chris ducked under him ended with Bryan Storms catching Dakota in a belly-to-belly suplex. The crowd went wild, and Storms and McMillan seemingly put aside any differences they had to focus on eliminating Dakota Smith from the match.

At around the eleven-minute mark, with Dakota under control, a minor argument ensued between Storms and McMillan as to who would make the pin. This gave Dakota time to recuperate. McMillan was finally chosen as the guy to make the pin, but Dakota kicked out. This seemingly disgusted Storms. He and McMillan got into a huge shoving match. The whole time, Creek Wineberg of the announcing team was begging for them to fight because he “came to see a match, not a pissing contest”.

Dakota was up and attempted to charge blindly at the shaky alliance of Bryan Storms and Chris McMillan. Both men ducked the attempt. He then came off of the ropes and stopped right between them. McMillan attempts a flying elbow but instead hits Bryan Storms, which sends him crashing to the mat.

With Storms down, Dakota and McMillan spent a minute or so trading catch-as-catch-can upper hands until Storms came back into play with a steel chair. He blasted BOTH competitors, sending them out of the ring. In hot pursuit, Storms focused on McMillan. They brawl into the crowd, and around the twenty-two minute mark Storms hit McMillan with a standing sidekick. This move put McMillan out for the count. The crowd went crazy.

Eliminated: Chris McMillan

Bryan Storms got up to his feet and started making his way back toward Dakota Smith, who was regaining his composure halfway up the entrance ramp. Right as he made it to Dakota, they had a slow exchange of punches from both sides of the guardrail. Storms seemed to get the better hand and hooked Dakota in what looked to be another belly-to-belly suplex. Instead, Dakota broke free and looked to have Storms in belly-to-belly suplex of his own. Storms broke this hold and attempted once again to execute a belly-to belly but in the end it was Dakota breaking away one last time before finally executing a “Rude Awakening” on the guardrail.

A chant of “holy ****” broke out in the crowd as Dakota went over the guardrail and pinned the Bryan Storms for the three count.

Winner: Dakota Smith


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Sep 24, 2005
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Christian Sands

MCW Founder Christian Sands Promo

(Quite suddenly, the lights plunge into darkness, the crowd gasping in unison. Murmurs ripple through the gloom as the fans try to figure out what's going on.)

SVH: Wh-what is this now?

CW: Hey, hey! Who turned out the lights?! I can't see my face in the mirror!

SVH: No doubt a blessing in disguise, but you can hear this crowd buzzing in the darkness and you have to wonder what this could be about!

CW: Latham forgot to pay the electric bill, no doubt.

SVH: I don't think he's that stu-

(Van Helder is cut off by the sudden haunting chord of a song that most wrestling fans would find familiar. The Majortron flutters to life, showing the image of a shadowed man lit only by a sliver of light across
one side of his face and across his body, slumped and smirking in a prison chair. Immediately the crowd erupts into a roaring ovation. The man may have spent his career as a villain, but in this setting, he's far from evil.)

("He exists in a world..." The image of a pair of eyes opens in the background. "...beyond your world...")

(The opening, of
course, is that of Paul Oakenfold's "Dark Machine".)

SVH: --And it looks like we've just found out what's happening because we all know whose music THAT is! We'd heard he was gonna be here, and here he comes!

(As the heavier notes of "Dark Machine" thump through the arena, a spotlight falls upon the ramp and the curtain, which is parted by a sweep of an
arm. Stepping through the curtain at an easy pace, Christian Sands seems a different man than the sardonic, calculating warrior who was carrying promotions on his back not so long ago. The Canadian has grown a dark chinstrap beard, and his hair has been cut to the middle of his neck, worn in a slightly tousled style. In place of his ring gear he's garbed in an Ottawa Senators jersey over a pair of faded jeans, brown boots covering his feet. He appears to have lost a few pounds from his usual 260-270, looking rangier but still fierce.)

CW: Ohhhh yeah! The Sand Man is in the house! Now THERE'S a boss a guy can respect!

SVH: Indeed, Christian Sands, the founder of MCW and a former World and Tag-Team Champion, is here with us tonight on the very last airing of Major Championship Wrestling programming, and you've got to admit that he looks good for a man who hasn't wrestled for probably well over a year now!

CW: A man like that never loses his edge, Dutchie! He just directs it elsewhere.

(Sands steps through the ropes and into the ring as though he'd never left it. He quickly obtains a microphone. Moving to the center of the ring, the dark-haired man looks out at the crowd, quietly waiting for the pops to die down. It's quite a bit of waiting.)

SVH: These fans showing their appreciation for the phenomenon that this man brought to life!

(Finally the roar starts to die down. Smiling faintly, Sands shakes his head, beginning to raise the mic. A few loud "PLEASE COME BACK! PLEASE COME BACK!" chants are kicked up by the resident smark contigent, prompting a soft laugh from the Canadian before he speaks.)

SANDS: Maybe if you're real good.

(A pop follows, and Sands smirks, shaking his head again.)

SANDS: So this is it, huh. So this is how MCW ends. Part of me is saying to myself, 'Christian, where the hell were you?' I can't help but think that if I'd stayed at the helm I could've steered this ship towards brighter horizons, and maybe, just maybe, Major Championship Wrestling could hang in there. But when you think about it, there's not much use fighting the past. What's done is done, and it can't be undone - and even though MCW is once again going the way of the dodo, the passenger pigeon, and Joey Melton's sex life, I honestly can't say nothing's been accomplished - because I'd be lying.

MCW has never been about the biggest ratings or the biggest cards. It's never been about the flashiest production values or the biggest stars. It's never even been about having a promotion. Even when shows cease to operate under the banner of Major Championship Wrestling, the SPIRIT of MCW will live on in the hearts of everyone who's fought in this ring. It's not about the name of the promotion you're fighting for - it's about starting from the bottom and taking that big shot at glory. It's about the little dog stepping into that ring and proving that he can be as big a man as any CSWA mainstay. And dammit, as much as I hate to admit it, you don't need the MCW name to keep the spirit alive. Major Championship Wrestling has planted the seeds, and they're going to spread out and grow.

...But let's get down to specifics here.

We've seen a hell of a lot of action here tonight, but there's
one match left - and that's why I'm here tonight.

Adam Benjamin, Karl Brown... Two guys who built MCW on their backs from day one.

Tonight, I'm going to be watching that match from right here at ringside. Watching very closely indeed. I expect to like what I see.

As for who I'm rooting for?

That's my little secret...

(With a smirk Christian drops the mic to the ground, and "Dark Machine" again kicks in as the former wrestler slips from the ring. He hops the barricade and takes a seat at ringside between a couple of ecstatic smarks, from whom he snags a bag of popcorn without so much as a please.)



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Sep 24, 2005
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60 Minute Ironman Match!

Announcer: The following contest is your main event for the evening. Scheduled for one fall, with a sixty minute time limit, this match is for the title of LEGEND OF MAJOR CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING!!!

Introducing first

[CUE UP: “My Sacrifice” by Creed. Benjamin walks stoically from behind the curtain, his face covered by two St George’s Cross flags, leaving only his steely eyes visible.]

Announcer: Hailing from Great Britain, his accolades include the EUCW United States Championship, Empire Pro Wrestling Television and Intercontinental Championships, and he was the first EVER Major Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion… YOURS TRULY….



CW: Here he is – Yours Truly, the man who was undefeated as World Champion, paying homage to MCW by coming out to the theme song he won that belt with!

SVH: He’s certainly a talent in the ring. He’s one of the best mat technicians there is, but he’s going to have his hands full.

CW: Come on – he came back to MCW when it reopened, and was man enough to give Storms the World Title belt at Zero Hour! Are you telling me that he’s going to have a hard time against the guy who thinks he’s too good for this company?

SVH: He may not have come back, but Karl Brown was in touch with Christian Sands, and he’s never given anything less than one hundred per cent in the ring.

CW: Yeah, but he must’ve known that his best still wouldn’t’ve been good enough to beat Adam.

SVH: We’ll see.

Announcer: And the opponent

[As “My Sacrifice” fades, the lights cut out, a couple of seconds before “Rainmaker” by Iron Maiden kicks in, causing a cascade of green and white lights to flash all throughout the arena, as the crowd erupt. “The Dragon” steps from behind the curtain, soaking in the cheers, before moving to the ring, hi-fiving fans, and stopping to give the odd autograph. When he gets to the ring, he vaults over the ropes, stopping to pause on the second rope, looking out over the crowd]

Announcer: From Nottingham, England, he weighs in at two hundred and eleven pounds, and was the winner of the Chad Merritt Trophy…




SVH: The crowd erupting as The Dragon makes his return to the MCW ring! They’ve been waiting for this match for a long time, approaching three years, but MCW fans new and old are FINALLY going to see these two go at it!

CW: The last time they were booked here was a tag match, wasn’t it?

SVH: Yes, Brown teaming with Christian Sands and Benjamin teaming with Rocko Daymon. Benjamin, Brown and Sands were going to headline the next pay per view, but the company went under before they got the chance.

CW: Benji would’ve walked away with the title in both matches.

SVH: That we’ll never know, but as soon as the referee’s finished giving instructions to these two and the bell ring, we’ll see just who is the true legend of Major Championship Wrestling!

CW: You can cut the tension with a knife in here!

SVH: Well, these two aren’t the huge names in wrestling that guys like Ric Flair, Dan Ryan, or Hornet are, but I don’t think there are two people with careers as comparatively short so far as these two who have the same respect from the fans. Brown’s only been wrestling for just under three years, and Benji for one year longer. These two still have long careers ahead of them, and yet they’re already megastars as far as the fans tonight are concerned.

[SFX: *ding*]

SVH: And there’s the bell! Both men staring at each other from across the ring, and the fans are going crazy!

CW: This is going to be a clinic.

SVH: That’s for sure. Both men now stepping towards the centre of the ring, and Benjamin is mouthing something at Brown.

CW: Whatever he’s saying, Brown’s not backing up.

SVH: I didn’t think he would.

[As the two rivals step towards the centre of the ring, the crowd start to clap, egging them into a lock-up. Adam Benjamin keeps mouthing off at Karl, trying to unseat him, but Brown just smirks back, acting for all the world like this was just another match. Benjamin starts to circle Brown, who simply turns on the spot, as the two look certain to go for a tie-up. Benjamin shakes his wrists, as Karl lowers himself, the crowd getting more and more expectant for the start of the action]

CW: Listen to this crowd! They’re almost defeaning in here!

SVH: The MCW crowd has been waiting a long time to see this rematch – the last time they wrestled here, they put on one of the greatest matches of all time, and they’ve only improved since then.

CW: But Brown’s looking a lot more cocky than he did back then.

[Benjamin, finally having had enough, steps in, as the two are ready to lock-up]

SVH: Karl stepped to one side?


SVH: Benjamin’s looking frustrated, but Brown’s just staring back at him.

CW: Does Brown really think he’s that far above Benjamin? Does he even care about MCW?

SVH: I’m sure he does care. He’s not the kind of competitor who’ll avoid a fight.

CW: Sure looks like he’s avoiding this one.

SVH: Benjamin stepping in again, but again Brown just moves out of the way! The crowd are starting to get frustrated, and Benjamin’s shouting his frustration right at Brown!

[Benjamin steps right up to Brown, asking what one earth is going on, as the referee asks Brown the same. Rather than letting it get to him, Brown smiles back, raising one arm above his head]

CW: What on earth?!?

SVH: Looks like Brown is calling for… a test of strength?

CW: Is he serious?

SVH: It looks like it. I’d love to know what it is he’s mouthing to Benjamin though.

[Whatever it is, Benjamin seems to understand, taking a step back, and warily eyeing Brown’s raised hand. Tentatively, and taking a low stance, he raises his arm, the two interlocking their fingers, as the crowd start to gear up again. Slowly, Benjamin raises his other arm, as Brown drops down to a lower stance, and the two finally lock up with a sudden clash]

SVH: And we’re finally under way here, with neither man having any luck gaining an advantage from this test of strength! Benjamin’s got the slight weight advantage, but both men know all about leverage, and they’re not letting the other gain too much.

[The two keep the test of strength going in the centre of the ring, trying to gain some form of advantage. Finally, Benjamin manages to push Brown back a couple of steps – but Karl switches his grip, twisting Benjamin’s left wrist inwards further and further, until the heavier man lets go with his right. Brown keeps the pressure applied, pushing Benjamin back to the ropes, before whipping him across the ring and taking him over with a hip-toss]

SVH: One…


Kickout at two by Adam Benjamin, and Brown almost stole one quickly there! He’s not wasting any time though, picking Benjamin up and bending on the neck, leading him around the ring, and into a snapmare takedown! Straight into a cover, but he only gets a count of one there and Benjamin wisely rolling over to the ropes!

CW: These two have had a couple of epic battles in the past. I saw them on TV in that Mayhem Mountain match, and if this match is anything like that one, we can expect a match of the year contender no problem!

SVH: I concur. Mayhem Mountain between these two showed how technical wrestling could still be done even inside that barbaric a structure, but tonight they don’t have to worry about the barbed wire, the wood ceiling, or climbing a rope to reach the title. It’s one fall to a finish, and neither man is going to go down lightly tonight with the pride on the line that these two have.

[Both men cautiously inch towards each other again, the crowd holding its breath in anticipation of what’s to come. The combatants go down low, ready to lock horns again, the tension building again]

SVH: Benjamin looking for the collar-and-elbow, but Brown just ducked under with a double leg take down! Brown with a headlock, blocked by Benjamin, and both men back to their feet, with Benjamin taking Brown down with a shoulder-block! Adam Benjamin off the ropes, Brown leap frogs, but Benjamin stopped and took him down with a waistlock takedown! Benjamin with the floatover into a side headlock on the canvas, but Brown turns out of it and twists Adam’s right arm into an arm-bar!

CW: Nice chain wrestling! The crowd are giving it up for the quick display there.

SVH: If anyone can go at a fast pace, it’s these two. Brown keeping on a wrist-lock there to twist the arm, and Benjamin’s trying to get off his face to do something, but every time he manages to turn slightly, Karl just twists the wrist again!

CW: Say what you will, but he’s not been able to rise as quickly as he has since he started on luck alone – there’s a lot of talent in that man. Of course, Benjamin’s better in my books.

SVH: Benjamin’s also the one in trouble as Karl picks him up by the arm. A full twist round on the arm there, and just listen to the crunch as he snaps the arm down! Karl Brown in almost total control here in the early going, and he takes Benjamin down again with an armdrag!

[On the canvas, Benjamin lets out a cry of frustration, as he tries to position himself out of the hold. Brown keeps an armbar applied, his face calm as he moves with Benjamin, keeping the hold on, and every so often, pulling back slightly to add to the pressure. Knowing he won’t get the submission, Brown brings Benjamin back to his feet, delivering a quick kick to the gut, followed by a snap suplex]

SVH: Cover…


Another two count!

CW: I hate to admit this, but maybe Brown’s too strong for Benjamin.

SVH: He’s certainly had it all his own way so far, and he’s picking Benjamin up here, and a hard shot to the face! Pushing Benjamin back, sends him off the ropes, and a BIG back body drop sends Benjamin scuttling to the outside!

CW: Scuttling? He made a tactical retreat!

SVH: OK, so it was tactical scuttling. The fact is Adam Benjamin has yet to be able to mount any form of offence since Karl Brown called for that test of strength, and I think the frustration is showing here. Karl’s giving him a lot of room to get back into the ring, but Adam’s being patient out there, getting his thoughts straight – it really is deafening in here!

[Tentatively, Benjamin slides under the bottom rope, as Brown keeps his distance, letting his countryman get back to his feet. Cautiously, Benjamin starts to circle around the ring, as Brown moves to meet him. The two quickly lock up in a collar-and-elbow, with Brown pushing Benjamin against the ropes, only to be spun into the ropes himself – and the spinning begins, moving straight down the ropes, and into the corner]

SVH: The referee trying to separate these two, as Benjamin finally brings it to an end in the corner! The ref’s asking for the clean break, and Benjamin… HARD chop to the chest of Brown BUT BROWN FIRES STRAIGHT BACK!


SVH: Benjamin with another chop, but Brown retaliates again! These aren’t Ric Flair “Woooh!” chops, these are full on stiff! Brown with another chop, and another from Benjamin, but Brown’s moving him back with those chops!

CW: Their chests are already turning beet-red!

SVH: Benjamin with another stiff chop, and the crowd are cheering like mad as Brown gives him another! Benjamin’s staggering! Brown fires another, and another… rapid fire stiff chops in the centre of the ring from The Dragon! Eight nine ten eleven


SVH: Karl Brown just chopped Adam Benjamin down to the canvas!

[Feeling the energy from the crowd, Karl gives them a quick shout, before backing into the ropes, springing off as Benjamin gets to his feet]

SVH: Brown off the ropes, flying press POWERSLAM BY BENJAMIN!



KICKOUT!! Adam Benjamin stopping Brown’s head of steam with a huge powerslam there for two, and he doesn’t let up, running in and just DRIVING a knee to the side of Brown’s head! Picking him up now, and a stiff forearm smash there!

CW: Just like Pat Roach used to do.

SVH: I’m sure Benjamin watched World of Sport growing up, following the smash with a nice scoop slam! Straight into the cover



Kickout just after two by Brown, and Benjamin driving a ride hand to the temple!! No pull on that punch, no finesse – just a straight, hard shot!

CW: Would you expect anything more? He came back, got thrown out of the World Title tournament, and has the chance to show the world, and Christian Sands sitting out there, just who the real legend of MCW really is.

[Pulling Brown from the canvas, Benjamin shoves him violently back into the corner, before driving his shoulder straight into Brown’s gut, forcing the air across the ring. Unrelenting, Benjamin rocks the smaller man with a right hand, before whipping him across the ring. Brown goes chest-first into the turnbuckle, falling flat onto the canvas and clutching his chest. Quickly, Benjamin follows it up with a hard elbow-drop, before going for the cover]

SVH: One…


Another kickout there by Brown.

CW: I knew Benjamin would take this one.

SVH: He hasn’t won yet, but he is in control, straight-jacketing Brown on the canvas now! Look at the tension in his arms, Benjamin’s looking for the submission rather than just using it as a wear down hold.

CW: That’s just an added bonus, right?

SVH: Definitely. If Brown doesn’t give up, he’ll find it a lot harder to use the Dragon’s Bite with his triceps and shoulders pulled.

CW: And look at how Benjamin’s got his knee planted firmly in Brown’s back!

SVH: You don’t get to be on the ENN’s top ten list if you can’t wrestle, and Benjamin is showing a lot of tenacity here tonight. He’s changed the tempo, going quick and slow, and now he’s looking to wear down his opponent if not get a submission.

CW: Admit it – he’s the perfect wrestler.

SVH: I wouldn’t go that far, but he’s in control right now against one of the top young wrestlers around today, and not too many people have been able to say that against Brown.

CW: He’s one of what – three guys whose one-on-one record with Brown is in their favour after more than one match?

SVH: If you put it that way, you’re right. Across two or more matches, only Maelstrom and Troy Douglas are in the same boat as Adam Benjamin.

CW: And Benji can do what only Troy Douglas has ever done and pick up a third win against Brown.

SVH: He might very well do, but Brown’s still telling the referee he’s not going to give up. This has got to be a little frustrating for Benjamin, who’s applying even more pressure on the straight-jacket! Brown just screaming in that hold, but STILL refusing to give up!

CW: He’ll quit.

[No he won’t, as Benjamin, figuring enough damage has been done, releases the hold, snapping Brown’s neck over with a somersault à la Curt Henning. Brown grabs the back of his neck, as Benjamin goes for another cover, only managing a two count. Unperturbed, he picks Brown up, slamming him hard near the corner, before climbing to the second rope, facing the fans]

SVH: BIG splash out of the corner by Benjamin, taking a page out of Big Van Vader’s book there, and he’s taking his time as he realises the dominant position he’s in right now.

CW: I told you. Brown had an early flourish, but that’s it.

SVH: I’ll believe you when the match is over and Benjamin’s declared the winner.

CW: So you ADMIT he’s going to win?

SVH: I said no such thing. Benjamin picking Brown up off the canvas, picking him up… holding him in the suplex position!

CW: He’s even stronger!

SVH: GREAT show of strength there by Benjamin – he’s still holding him… drops back with the suplex there! That looks like it took something out of him, but there’s the cover


THKickout! Karl Brown still with the awareness to kickout, but how much longer at this impact can he keep going?

CW: Not very long I’d guess.

SVH: Benjamin with Brown up again, backing him up with a stinging chop to the chest! Forcing Brown back to the ropes, doubling him up with a knee to the gut, and follows it up with an Irish whip. Brown on the rebound, Benjamin coming toward him, Brown ducking the running lariat… SPRINGBOARD BACKKICK TO THE HEAD!

CW: What the?!?

SVH: One…


NO!! The crowd going wild as Brown just took Benjamin down with a kick off the ropes! Nice athleticism to balance himself on the second rope, before springing off to land a sharp kick to the head, using Benjamin’s momentum against him and scoring a two count!

[Looking to press his advantage, Brown picks Benjamin off the canvas, scoring with a heavy forearm shot to the jaw which rocks the larger man back, before slamming him down hard and dropping an elbow. He manages a two count from the cover, before sitting Benjamin up, and connecting with a hard dropkick to the face]

SVH: One…


THNO!! Kickout again, and Brown’s looking unstoppable right now!

CW: Oh come on! Let’s have some impartiality here!

SVH: With all these blows, Brown’s in firm control, and Benji doesn’t look like he’s going to be stopping him any time soon is all. Brown now picking Benjamin up off the canvas, and twisting the arm round! NICE snap down on the arm.

[Brown doesn’t stop there. Holding onto the wrist, he turns Benjamin’s arm over, bending the larger man forward, and delivers a hard kick to the chest. Benjamin recoils from the impact, but Karl increases the pressure on the arm, forcing Benjamin down to one knee. As Benjamin tries to get to his feet, Brown steps in with an elbow to the back of the shoulder, and twists the arm again before snapping it down]

SVH: And Benjamin just howling in pain! Karl’s got that hold locked in, and he’s focusing quite clearly on the arm right now.

CW: Adam WILL bounce back.

SVH: For his sake it’ll have to be soon. Christian Sands has a large smile on his face from what he sees, as Karl steps away with the arm… sssslllooowww arm wringer there, and Adam Benjamin is instinctively looking for the ropes!

[With Benjamin on his knees, the smaller man takes the opportunity to step over the arm, facing the opposite direction from his opponent. From there, Brown just rolls forward – taking Benjamin to the mat with him and down into an armbar on the canvas! Benjamin pounds the mat in frustration as he tries unsuccessfully to get out of the hold, at which Brown simply raises his leg… and guillotines it down across the arm]

SVH: Innovative offence there with the takedown, as Benjamin doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break at all right now!

CW: Dammit Adam! You better not make me look bad!

SVH: Do you have money on this match or something?

CW: Erm…

SVH: I should’ve known. Brown now switch his grip, looks like he’s going for an overhand wrist lock, getting to one knee with the hold still on. Benjamin with a quick roll, back up to his knees, but Karl stands up with the hold!

[Brown keeps the hold cinched in, Benjamin straining, trying to push his own arm against the weight of the smaller man. Whenever Benjamin tries to get the advantage, Karl just applies more pressure, keeping the larger man grounded – until Benjamin finally manages to get to his feet, turning the wrist-lock into a test of strength. The two men jockey for position, trying to maintain the advantage, but the stronger and taller Adam Benjamin manages to turn the hold to his advantage with a side headlock]

SVH: Side headlock nicely applied there, and it looks locked in tight! Brown moving it back to the ropes, trying to shoot him off but fails!


SVH: It’s only a headlock. Brown again failing to shoot Benjamin off the ropes, grabbing hold of the wrist – he’s trying to power out of it!

CW: No chance. Adam Benjamin will not give up the advantage so easily.

[Creek’s right, as Benjamin takes Brown down with a side-headlock takedown, keeping the hold applied. The ref asks Brown if he wants to call it quits, but The Dragon answers by trying to position himself to topple the larger man backwards for a pinning combination – but Benjamin’s wise to it, pulling up slightly to increase the pressure]

SVH: Brown slapping the mat in frustration! I think he thought he’d done enough to wear Benjamin down, but no doing.

CW: Of course not! The real pride of Britain will not lose.

SVH: I think both men are the pride of Britain – they’re certainly up there with the British Greats like Dynamite Kid and Mark Rocco.


Only a two count there, as Brown let his shoulders just touch the canvas enough to constitute a pinning attempt.

CW: Just like that, my man Benjamin could’ve won it.

SVH: I don’t think it will be that easy. Christian Sands still watching on, as Karl’s stuck in the side headlock.

[Brown, however, has a plan. He plants his feet, rolling onto his back, and starts to bridge up – keeping his shoulders off the mat. Benjamin applies a bit more pressure, and Brown slumps back to the mat, carefully keeping one shoulder up – before trying again. Again, Benjamin shuts it down by applying a bit more pressure, but the crowd start to pound the floor, cheering Brown on as they see what he’s trying to do. A third time he attempts, but again he’s unsuccessful]

CW: What is he doing?

SVH: Karl Brown trying a novel approach to getting out of a grounded side-headlock. It looks like he’s trying to jump over Benjamin and slip out the back way. Brown again planting his feet, arching back… ALMOST over the top there! The crowd are really cheering, as Benjamin doesn’t know what to do!


SVH: Brown planting his feet again… rocking back… HE MADE IT!! DROPKICK TO THE FACE!! What a manoeuvre!

CW: How did he do that?!

SVH: By using his weight to slip out. Brown now backed up against the ropes, Benjamin still reeling from the kick to the face – HARD clothesline by Brown. Back against the ropes, Benjamin’s up again… MISS!! Brown misses a hard kick to the head, and Benjamin quickly with a waist-lock. Brown though keeping low, preventing the take down.

CW: Neither man really seems to be able to get any solid, lasting advantage right now, do they?

SVH: You’re right, Creek – and Brown’s again trying to regain the advantage, trying to power out of the waistlock with a wristlock!


SVH: YES! Brown with a wristlock applied on Benjamin, who wisely moves to the ropes to break the hold.

CW: Smart wrestling, don’t tire yourself out looking for a way out when the ropes are so close.

[Brown releases the hold, and backs away into a corner as Benjamin backs into the nearest corner, shaking his arm and trying to rethink his strategy. Slowly, both men move towards the centre of the ring again, but Brown doesn’t give Benjamin a chance to move, grabbing his right leg and taking him down into a leg-lock, wrapping his own legs such that the hold is in tight. Benjamin tries to grab a handful of hair, but the referee spots him, and Brown just pulls back harder and harder on the leg]

SVH: Excellent encounter so far – I’m not really sure we’re needed out here, Benjamin and Brown are speaking for themselves out there.

CW: These people wouldn’t be able to appreciate the match if we weren’t here.

SVH: Maybe, maybe not. Brown switching his grip, letting go with his legs and just repeatedly yanking back on the right leg of Adam Benjamin now! Benjamin again going for a handful of hair, but again the referee stopping him from getting an unfair advantage in this match.

CW: Rotten ref.

SVH: He’s just doing his job, Creek.

CW: And because of that, these fans aren’t getting to see Benjamin do his – beating Brown.

SVH: I’m not sure if that’s his right or his job, but regardless, Brown again switching holds, this time floating over into a headlock, but Benjamin trying to block it! He’s got his arm in the way, and Brown is having to try and power it back to get his grip right.

[Brown does manage to get his grip, but Benjamin manages to power to his feet before pushing Brown off the ropes. On the rebound, Brown manages to knock the larger man down with a shoulder block. He then heads off the ropes again, sliding between Benjamin’s legs, and as Benjamin tries to turn, he gets caught with a high standing dropkick to the head, sending him rolling to the outside!]

SVH: Great display here from the Chad Merritt winner, as Benjamin hits the apron in frustration out there!

CW: Brown must be cheating!

SVH: I don’t think so, but he IS showing some confidence by sitting on the top turnbuckle!

CW: That’s hardly sporting is it?

SVH: I don’t think he’s trying to be absolutely sporting

CW: Then you agree he’s cheating?

SVH: No – I just mean he doesn’t have to hold the ropes open, and he’s using this as a chance to catch his breath, and keep Benjamin from getting too focused by seemingly not taking him too seriously.

[It seems to be working, as Benjamin refuses to get back into the ring, despite the ref ordering him to. With his stubborn refusal, the referee begins his count, Benjamin walking around the ring as Brown keeps his eye on him, a grin on his face as the crowd counts along with the ref]

SVH: Benjamin better get back into the ring, or he’ll be counted out!

CW: He will. In his own time.

SVH: Or the refs. There’s the five.

Crowd: SIX

CW: He’ll beat it.

Crowd: SEVEN!

SVH: You sure?

Crowd: EIGHT!

CW: Yep…

Crowd: NINE!!


Crowd: TE awww….

SVH: Adam Benjamin just rolling back into the ring at the ten count, but he’s left it again!

CW: Phew… I think he just wants to take Brown out of his game now. It’s all up to Benjamin what happens now.

SVH: The referee not even warning Benjamin this time, starting the count again!


SVH: Adam Benjamin is furious out there as Karl Brown just told the referee to stop the count, and is holding the ropes open for Benjamin!

CW: This has got to be against some rule!

SVH: None that I’ve ever heard of, but Benjamin is just shouting at Brown! The Dragon shrugging his shoulder, turning his back to Benjamin


SVH: The Dragon just turned back around as Benjamin was shouting at him and landed a standing plancha!! He didn’t even slingshot himself, he just turned and jumped!

[The crowd are going wild as Brown gets quickly back to his feet, leaving Benjamin on the floor from the impact. The Dragon hi-fives a couple of fans, before picking Benjamin up and pushing him back into the barrier]

Crowd: WOOOH!!

SVH: Stinging chop there by Brown

Crowd: WOOOH!!

SVH: And another! A quick knee to the gut, and he pushes Benjamin back into the ring!



THNO!! Adam Benjamin kicks out!

CW: Thank God… I thought he was out of it after that plancha!

SVH: He’s definitely a little groggy, as Brown picks him up and plants a right hand straight to the jaw. Backing him up to the ropes, Irish Whip off, and a HARD running clothesline! Brown walking around the ring as Benjamin is quickly back up to a knee, trying to figure out a way past this offence!

CW: Brown should’ve pressed the advantage there.

SVH: We’ll see, as Brown stepping in, going for a roundhouse kick!


SVH: Adam Benjamin there catching the leg of Brown, and takes him down with a single leg sweep! Brown quickly flips onto his front, kneeling up… TRIPS BENJAMIN! Brown with a leg lock, but Benjamin quickly switches it into an armbar!

CW: NO! Brown just did a backwards roll and

SVH: BENJAMIN WITH THE HEADLOCK! Adam Benjamin countering Brown’s attempt at an STF by switching into a headlock! Turning Brown over


Kickout at one by Brown! Both men are quickly back to their feet, staring at each other across the ring! Who’d’ve thought these two men after over twenty minutes could still go at that pace!

CW: Both men are really well conditioned, they could probably go at this pace all night.

SVH: Well, they’ve only got a sixty minute time limit to play with. Circling each other again, and they quickly lock up in another test of strength! Neither man budging

[Until, that is, Benjamin ducks under, connecting with a Northern Lights Suplex! Brown quickly kicks out, before the count of one, but Benjamin switches his grip straight into an arm-bar! Brown slaps his shoulder, trying to keep the blood flowing, before rolling round into the hold, standing, and pinning Benjamin’s shoulders to the mat! Rather than trying to keep them down though, he changes into a leg-lock, grapevining the leg and pulling back hard on the knee]

SVH: I don’t honestly know how to call this match right now, they’re switching things up so quickly it’s hard to keep up. Brown in control right now, but that could all change.

CW: It will.

SVH: Adam Benjamin trying to prove you right, trying to put pressure on the knee of Brown by threading his arm through and pulling up! Brown looking unperturbed… WOW!

CW: Now that’s how to change things up! Adam Benjamin driving the point of his elbow into the patella region of Brown’s right leg, forcing Brown to loosen his grip, and we’ve now got both men with leg-locks on the other!

SVH: Brown trying to get out with a couple of kicks to the shoulder, but Benjamin not budging! Both men still with the leg locks applied, and neither showing any signs of breaking the hold!

CW: This is certainly interesting – who’s going to tap?

SVH: I don’t think either man is going to tap, Creek… and we’re being joined at commentary here by MCW’s Commissioner!

LJ: Good evening.

CW: Hello Mister Johnson, how’re you?

LJ: Very good thanks. But you’re missing the action – Benjamin and Brown rolling towards the ropes, and that’s going to force the rope break.

SVH: And both men are again quickly back to their feet, with neither man looking any worse for wear out there.

LJ: They wouldn’t have been given this match if they were only going to go for five minutes. These are two highly fierce competitors with quite similar styles – I’d say Brown has more of a base to play from, but Benjamin is probably the slightly more technically minded of the two. It’s what makes these two such even opponents.

CW: You don’t honestly think Brown’s going to win do you?

LJ: I’m saying I don’t think an hour is going to be long enough.

SVH: Benjamin and Brown circling each other again, going for a tie-up but Benjamin with a headbutt to take Brown down! A clubbing forearm to the back of the head as Brown rises, and DRIVING the head into the top turnbuckle!

[Pulling Brown out of the corner, Benjamin lands a knee to the gut, before a hard Irish Whip between the ropes leads to the air being forced out of Brown’s lungs by another knee lift that has the smaller man spinning in mid-air! Benjamin then picks Brown up, before slamming him down with a snap-mare, and applying a reverse chin-lock. He wrenches back on the neck of Brown, who adamantly refuses to give up… and manages to turn the hold to his advantage, switching into a hammerlock by rolling slightly to one side! After several seconds in the hold, Benjamin manages to get to one knee, the crowd starting to come alive, but Brown switches his grip to tighten the hold. Finally, Benjamin leaps forwards, grabbing the ropes with his free hand]

SVH: Shall we see a NO! Adam Benjamin with a shot to the gut there as Brown tried to give him a clean break!

[Benjamin land a stiff kick to the gut, moving Brown back, before slamming him down with a gut-wrench suplex which almost sends the Dragon to the outside! Rather than going for the cover, the larger Englishman spikes Brown with a fist-drop to the forehead, followed swiftly with a kick to the spine. Taking his time, he then lifts Brown back to his feet, and takes him down with a hard backbreaker into the centre of the ring]

SVH: There’s the cover



NO! Adam Benjamin switching to very methodical offence now, taking his time and trying to wear Brown down, as he DRIVES the forearm across the face there!

LJ: Without a doubt Adam Benjamin is one of the best in this business at wearing people down. He knows that Brown is the quicker man, and he almost upset Benjamin nearly three years ago at Culture Shock – but so long as he can keep him grounded, Benjamin’s got the better chance of winning.

CW: Absolutely. Benjamin is the man who you could build a company around.

LJ: Give Brown a little bit more time.

SVH: Adam Benjamin keeping up the pressure now with a rear chin-lock on the canvas, resting all of his weight down on Brown, almost on the throat!
CW: Great strategy.

SVH: So long as it doesn’t become a choke hold, yes.

LJ: Even then he’s got a few seconds to keep the hold applied in, so it’s a win-win situation for him.

SVH: Not if he doesn’t break by five though.

LJ: Naturally, but he’s smarter than that.

CW: Absolutely. He’s got that chin-lock applied in the middle of the ring, nowhere for Brown to go for an easy escape.

SVH: Maybe not an easy escape, but we saw earlier he can get out of things in a pinch with some innovative moves.

LJ: It’s hard to be innovative from this position though – sitting up with your opponent leaning his weight into you as he’s cutting off the blood supply to your brain.

SVH: True. The crowd are trying to fire Brown back up, but Benjamin is wrapping his leg around Brown, keeping him grounded!

LJ: This might work in Brown’s favour a little – falling onto the mat like that means Benjamin doesn’t have the canvas to help lean into Brown. This sleeper-hold is going to take a lot out of Brown but he may survive it.

CW: He won’t.

SVH: We’ll see.

CW: I think the crowd have turned against Brown though, they’re making Benjamin apply more pressure.

SVH: I don’t think Benjamin needed the crowd to get him to do that, he’d’ve done it anyways. The referee checking Brown, tapping the arm, but Brown’s still moving it! He’s been in this hold over a minute and he’s still got movement in the arm, so the match continues!

LJ: Fast approaching the half hour mark too – Benjamin knew he wasn’t going to be able to keep up with Brown’s pace.

CW: He’s every bit as athletic as Brown!

LJ: I don’t doubt that in a fifteen or twenty minute match he has the same stamina, but Benjamin focuses his training on his technique – I’ve seen Karl training for big matches, and he works a lot on his endurance. I think Karl could go at a faster pace for longer than Benjamin.

SVH: And Adam knows that, so he’s being smart in keeping Brown on the canvas, trying to wear him out.

CW: Bah!

SVH: Regardless, the crowd seem to be having an effect on Brown! He’s trying to role onto his front, bring Benjamin with him… up to his knees! Brown up to his knees, and it looks like he’s trying to lift Adam up onto his back!




SVH: No! Benjamin using his legs to kick Brown in the thigh, stopping him from standing straight and forcing him back to the canvas! The crowd were almost in rapture there as it looked like Brown was going to escape!

CW: No way, no way he’ll manage that.

LJ: Never say never when these two are in the ring together. Their first two matches were some of the finest displays of skill I’ve seen. I don’t think ANYONE thought that they’d put on such a technical and violent display at Culture Shock.

[The crowd start trying to get behind Brown again, clapping in unison as the smaller man tries again to fight to his feet, but Benjamin keeps shutting him down, applying more pressure, but still keeping it as a sleeper hold – the referee checks carefully each time, with the crowd getting more and more expectant, hoping that this time will be the time that he starts his count – but no. The seconds tick by, the sweat from both men gleaming under the hot lights, as the crowd enter a hushed silence, all eyes on the ring]

CW: Nice move Adam!

SVH: Smart move too, he’s sitting Brown back up to try and finish him off – the referee checking the arm…

LJ: One

CW: Come one!

SVH: If it drops twice more this match is over

LJ: Two? No. Brown keeps his arm aloft, and Benjamin tries to add more weight!


SVH: Now that would be cheating, Creek.

CW: I don’t really care.

LJ: I do. I want a winner to this match to end MCW’s time properly.

[As Adam Benjamin keeps the sleeperhold applied, the crowd find voice, trying desperately to rouse the almost-sleeping Dragon, whose breathing is coming in short gasps as the larger man leans forward, sweat dripping onto the canvas as he applies more weight onto the back of the smaller Englishman. Karl is slumped forward, the only thing that seems to be holding him seated is the fact he’s in that hold – which Benjamin cinches in further as the referee checks to be sure it’s not a choke hold. Satisfied, the ref asks Karl if he wants to call it quits, shaking his arm. He gets no reply, as the crowd start to chant – “DRA-GON! DRA-GON! DRA-GON!” Carefully, he raises Brown’s left arm above his head, and lets go – it falls. The crowd started getting more desperate in their chants and claps, as the ref repeats the exercise, with the same result.

The crowd are almost at fever pitch now, willing with all their might to try and keep The Dragon’s arm from falling. All eyes are on his left arm, as the referee raises it for a third time, shaking it slightly at it’s height, trying to find some sign of life. Finding none, he lets it drop, turning instinctively to call for the bell]




SVH: I don’t know, but somehow he’s kept his left arm from dropping for a third time, and Adam Benjamin can’t believe it! He’s let go of the hold, and just clubbed Brown across the chest! There was nothing technical about that, nothing planned, it was just pure frustration at not being able to put The Dragon away!


LJ: Benjamin is still in control though, with a hard snap suplex there.

SVH: Going for the cover.




SVH: Karl Brown still with enough air to kick out! Benjamin can’t believe it, and he’s just stomping away furiously!

LJ: I must admit this match has been everything I thought it would be – high impact, fast paced and highly technical.

SVH: Benjamin in total control, and a DEVASTATING brainbuster! Did you see how high Brown bounced from the impact there?

CW: He’s gotta be out of it!

SVH: Benjamin though not going for the cover – I think he wants to be sure he’s got him this time.

LJ: Would make a lot of sense.

[Slowly, Benjamin backs himself against the far ropes, his eyes fixed on Brown, as the referee asks him what’s he’s doing. Brown lays motionless for a few seconds, trying to find his bearings, but still the first ever MCW World Heavyweight Champion stays crouched against the ropes. Eagerly, he stares at The Dragon, a slight smile creeping across his face as Brown tries to roll onto on knee, gingerly pushing himself over and up off the canvas. The seconds tick by painfully, as several fans, sensing the danger, try to warn Brown to stay down, or get out of the way – but it’s too late. As his prey finally gets to one knee, Benjamin rises, leaning against the ropes, flexing them back before springing forward in a dead run with Brown in his crosshairs]

CW: This is it!



SVH: I’ve NEVER seen anything like that, and I was there when Jonathan Marx countered that same move into a belly-to-belly suplex! Karl Brown just SOMEHOW managed to catch Benjamin by the leg as he flew forward to hit the shining wizard, rolled backwards, and now is pulling him into the middle of the ring with an anklelock applied! He’s countered the same move that’s beaten him twice, and the fans here are deafening as Benjamin is just SCREAMING in pain!!

LJ: Dead centre of the ring too!

CW: Come on!! GET TO THE ROPES!!

SVH: Karl Brown with the ankle lock locked in! He’s already wrapped his legs around Benjamin’s, and Benjamin has no-where to go!!

CW: How did he have the energy to lock it in, let alone duck under to get it in place?

LJ: Because he’s highly skilled. Benjamin is trying to get up onto his hands and pull himself across to the ropes, but Brown is just twisting the ankle too much for him to be able to do too much at any one time.

CW: He’s getting closer though!

SVH: Benjamin less than half an arm’s length away from the ropes… AND BROWN PULLS HIM BACK TO THE CENTRE OF THE RING!

CW: NO!! NO!!

LJ: Brown keeping onto one knee though, but look how he’s placed his left leg over the leg of Benjamin? It’s keeping Benjamin in one place and letting Brown apply slightly more pressure.

SVH: Not only that but he’s also stopping Adam from turning on the canvas – if he can’t turn, there’s even fewer chances for escape.

CW: Come on, Adam… YES!!

SVH: Karl Brown releasing the ankle lock, and he drives Benjamin’s knee straight down into the canvas! Rolling Benjamin over



THNO!! Kickout by Benjamin!

CW: This is getting ridiculous! How after over five minutes in a sleeperhold, and all those high-impact moves can Brown even be conscious?!?!

SVH: He’s pugnacious and wants to do his best in the final regular MCW match. Brown now picking Benjamin up – backbreaker! Taking his time getting back up, he’s still groggy from all the impact and energy sapping moves. Picking Benjamin back up again, I thought he’d go for the cover – forearm smash!

LJ: Pat Roach couldn’t have done any better.

CW: Who?

LJ: British wrestler and actor from the seventies and eighties, appeared in Conan the Destroyer.

SVH: Brown just whipping Benjamin across the ring, follows it up BIG splash in the corner! The crowd are really getting behind the Dragon now as he connects with a side Russian leg-sweep



NO!!! Adam Benjamin still with the wherewithal to just roll the shoulder up!

CW: Wherewithal?

LJ: Look it up.

SVH: Brown really slow to get to his feet here, having to use the ropes to pull himself up – he’s looking really tired, as Benjamin tries to roll over onto a knee. Brown swaying in – hard right hand. Benjamin fires back, Brown rocking… fires back with another right hand! Benjamin with a right – BLOCKED! Brown with another right THUMB TO THE EYE BY BENJAMIN!!


SVH: Adam Benjamin with Brown now by the head, he’s forcing him back to the ropes, Irish Whip across the ring. Brown ducks under the clothesline attempt, and again… FLYING FOREARM!! LOOK HOW FAST BROWN FLEW THERE!!

CW: NO!!

LJ: Tito Santana would be proud!

SVH: Karl Brown slow to make the cover, inching his way over…



THRENO!!! The left arm of Adam Benjamin shooting up off the canvas there as the fans thought this match was over!

CW: I don’t care how much they sound deflated, there was no way Benjamin was going to go down there.

LJ: You don’t sound so sure of yourself.

CW: What do you mean?

LJ: I mean that Brown is now in the driving seat and Adam Benjamin is the one in trouble.

SVH: Leonard’s right, Creek, as Brown just meets Benjamin with a boot to the face! Nothing flashy there, just purely trying to keep his opponent down!

[After another face-wash like kick across the face, Brown brings Benjamin to his feet. He doubles him over with a knee to the gut, before executing a picture perfect gut-wrench suplex! Rather than going for the cover, he instead opts to roll Benjamin over, going for a chicken-wing on the canvas. The crowd sense something big is coming, as Brown positions himself]



SVH: Brian Danielson’s version of a double-chickenwing, this move has ended so many matches world wide I don’t see HOW Adam Benjamin is going to be able to get out of this one!!

CW: He’ll find a way!

SVH: Just listen to him screaming out there! Is his pride worth the pain he must be going through as the fans roar! They’re expecting the tap out!!

LJ: I don’t think Brown has actually ever won a match by submission – this could be the first time we see Adam Benjamin tap in MCW and the first time Brown wins a match by anything other than pinfall or disqualification.


SVH: Look at his arm! HE’S GETTING READY TO TAP!!

CW: NO!!



LJ: The MCW faithful certainly letting Benjamin know their feelings. I must admit I agree with them – this match has been tremendous and I don’t want to see it end just yet either.

SVH: But I don’t know if Adam Benjamin can take much more of this!


LJ: He’s definitely got money on this one.

SVH: Adam Benjamin adamantly refusing to give up! Brown’s got that bridge locked in – I think Benjamin’s only hope is


SVH: For just that to happen! Brown couldn’t hold the bridge any longer, he’s too tired from the beating he took earlier on in this match! The crowd sound REALLY split on that, half are cheering and half sound deflated!

LJ: That’s the emotion Brown spoke of when he went up against Molotov, and the same emotion Benjamin has been speaking about for years – the way that two professionals trying to win a match can inspire such different feelings of joy, despair, grief and pride – THIS is what professional wrestling is all about.

SVH: Both men are laying out on the canvas – Leonard, have you ever considered trying to book these two as a tag team?

LJ: I can only think of one team that they wouldn’t be too much for, so it wouldn’t be a wise business move in anything other than the short term.

SVH: Let me guess – the team they couldn’t beat would be Blitz?

LJ: Precisely.

SVH: Benjamin is really hurting out there though – the referee’s up to a three count, as both men are gasping for air – listen to Benjamin in pain out there!

There’s the five count!


Seven!! Brown starting to get to his feet! Benjamin is still holding his shoulders!


Brown using the ropes to heave himself up – HE’S STOPPED THE REF’S COUNT!!

LJ: I don’t know how smart that was – Brown could have picked up the win there on a knock-out. They’ve been going almost forty minutes so far and that may have been a huge mistake.

SVH: I think he wants this to be a decisive finish, one two three or submission. He’s moving over, picking Benjamin up - HARD scoop slam there by Brown!

CW: Why isn’t he going for the cover?

SVH: Why don’t you ask him? He looks really tired, but he could be going for it all here as he steps between the ropes. Are we going to see The Dragon fly?

CW: Dragonfly? What move is that?

SVH: Oh be quiet.

[Slowly, Brown moves along the apron, setting one foot on the bottom rope, testing his balance before climbing up]

SVH: He’s taking his time. That last onslaught from Benjamin took a lot out of him.

[As he finally reaches the top rope, he takes a few moments to steady himself, before noticing that Benjamin’s up to one knee, his back to the corner, and gasping for air. A slight smile comes across Brown’s face, as he shifts his weight slightly, standing as slowly as Benjamin as he stalks him from his perch]


SVH: Benjamin’s turning, Brown’s ready… DRAGON

CW: HOLY ****!!


LJ: Oh… my…god…

[The crowd erupt at the display of strength, some chanting “HOLY ****!”, some “MCW!”, and some others “THIS IS AWESOME!”, as we move to a split screen. On the replay, we see Brown leaping off the ropes, flipping in mid-air and landing on Adam Benjamin’s shoulders – but before he can rock back to finish the Dragonrana, Benjamin takes a large step forward, before just THROWING Brown down over the top rope to the floor. Brown hits the floor on his back, as Benjamin slumps down to both knees from the effort, and the referee quickly ducks outside to check on Brown. The split-screen ends, and on the live image, the referee is still checking on Brown, whose eyes are glazed over, but his right arm is moving slightly as he tries to get up]

SVH: I have NEVER seen anything like that! Leonard Johnson is speechless, I… I don’t know how to call that!!

CW: So much for just being a technical masterpiece! These two aren’t letting up at all in there!

SVH: As well known as they both are for their technical skills, neither is totally averse to switching it up in order to win. And Adam Benjamin just switched it up… I’m not surprised he’s winded in there, that must’ve taken a lot of strength to catch Brown on his shoulders, let alone POWERBOMBING him to the outside!

LJ: THAT was worth the price of admission alone!

CW: This match has GOT to be over!

SVH: The referee is checking Brown on the outside – he’s gotta be out of it!

CW: Just ring the bell.

LJ: I think the referee, rightly, is more concerned with Brown’s health than anything – can we get another look at that?

[CUTTO: Split screen again – super slow-motion]


SVH: Thank God! Brown didn’t land on his neck!

LJ: And Brown is stirring out there – I can see him mouthing something to the referee.

CW: Just count him out already!!

SVH: Looks like Creek’s going to get his wish – the referee rolling back into the ring, as Benjamin has just pulled himself up to his feet. This is going to be a sad end to the match.

LJ: Starting his count.

CW: Well finally!

SVH: Come on, Creek – you’ve got to be disappointed it’s going to come down to this.

CW: Nope.

SVH: The count’s up to four – five.

CW: Faster…

SVH: You have no heart!


LJ: He’s starting to turn over!

CW: NO!!

SVH: Seven…








LJ: Now that’s sportsmanship!

CW: NOoo…

SVH: Creek’s almost in tears folks, forgive the sobbing, but Leonard’s right – that is incredibly sporting of Adam Benjamin, and the fans are showing their appreciation for it! A true professional!

LJ: That’s why Jay and I booked this match.

SVH: Brown slowly trying to get to his feet on the outside, as Benjamin is holding the referee back!

CW: Why? Why Adam?

SVH: Brown holding the barrier – almost to his feet, he’s holding his back – where’s Benjamin going?


LJ: Adam Benjamin heading to the outside to join Brown, moving round the ringpost – STIFF forearm to the head!

SVH: Sporting moment over then! Adam Benjamin restoring Creek’s faith in him by heading outside, and he just stiff’s Brown again, with a huge chop this time!

LJ: Payback for Brown knocking him down in the chop exchange earlier.

SVH: Could well be.

[Benjamin continues with another chop against the barrier, as the referee, loath to go against the two times he’s been stopped from counting, stays in the ring trying to order the larger man to bring it back into the ring. Benjamin ignores his pleas, instead picking Brown away from the barricade, before slamming him back first into it! He moves away, taking up some of the protective padding, before slugging Brown with a right hand, before pulling him off again, twisting the arm and winding up]


CW: GOD DAMMIT how does he keep doing that?!?!

SVH: Brown charging in, crowd backing away BACKBODY



LJ: Karl Brown with an amazing feat of agility, twisting in mid air and landing on a chair right behind the barricade! Benjamin turning… MAXIMUM IMPACT!!

CW: I give up! I should’ve put money on Brown being able to last this long!

SVH: The Dragon surprising Benjamin with a somersault neck-breaker using the barricade as a launch pad! I do not see how these two can keep going!

LJ: By sheer guts and determination – these are the men who took on Mayhem Mountain and wrestled the very next card. These are the men who have put their bodies on the line and made names for themselves as two of the very best. I’ve seen moves from these two that I never even dreamt possible, and I’ve been in this industry about twenty seven or twenty eight years.

[The crowd are in rapture as Brown is the first to get to his feet, albeit it with his legs being very begrudging. He staggers over, picking Benjamin up from the hard concrete floor that the larger man himself had exposed. Brown plants a knee to the gut, before rolling him back into the ring, rolling in slowly after him and going for the cover]




LJ: NO!!

CW: Benjamin got his foot on the rope! Foot on the rope!

SVH: Adam Benjamin just getting his foot onto the bottom rope and this time it’s Karl Brown who can’t believe it! He thought he had him after that somersault neckbreaker outside, after surviving a powerbomb from the ring to the floor, after twisting in mid-air to land on a chair in the audience! Adam Benjamin, after all he’s gone through tonight, is still in this match! Karl Brown is still in this match!

LJ: Maybe an hour wasn’t long enough.

SVH: Could well be as we’re over forty minutes – are we at the forty five minute mark yet?

CW: I don’t know, but Brown is callously picking my man Benjamin off the canvas.

LJ: And there’s a hard right hand from what I would say is the best man in this business to have not held a World Title.

SVH: Brown backing Benjamin towards the ropes. Irish whip across the ring, reversal, Brown ducking under the lariat attempt OCTOPUS!! ADAM BENAJMIN WITH AN OCTOPUS HOLD!!

CW: What is up with this move, it’s hardly ever used except the last few months!

LJ: I think people are finally starting to see how effective this hold can be. An abdominal stretch where you put extra pressure on the neck of your opponent – in Brown’s condition with his back this hold is going to be excruciating.

SVH: And Benjamin’s avoiding putting his weight on the ankle Brown attacked with the ankle-lock with for so long earlier! Even in this state, they’ve got to be approaching exhaustion, he is STILL thinking.

LJ: Thinking or instinct, with someone like Adam it’s a very thin line, he is such a natural in the ring.

CW: This is all planned. Benjamin is just smarter than Brown, he wants it more than Brown – Adam Benjamin is Major Championship Wrestling through and through.

SVH: He’s having trouble keeping the hold on though! His leg’s slipping! And he’s realised it, clubbing away on the back of Brown! He’s still stalking him though, stomping him across the back... DRAGON SLEEPER!!

LJ: No it’s not! Adam Benjamin is trying to set up for the Dragon’s Bite!!

CW: DO IT!!!

SVH: Karl Brown fighting it off, only one time has anyone stopped a pinfall once this move’s been hit! Benjamin trying to club away on Brown’s chest… got him in position, lifts him up! REVERSAL!! KARL BROWN SLIPS DOWN THE BACK AND HE’S GOT BENJAMIN NOW IN POSITION!!

CW: NO!!

LJ: Benjamin trying to fight it, the crowd are going wild… Brown lifting Benjamin back up…







Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, there are FIFTEEN MINUTES of the contest remaining! FIFTEEN MINUTES!!

LJ: Just listen to that cheer as Benjamin hears the announcement as well – fifteen minutes of this match left to go, and Benjamin getting to his feet as quickly as he can – is he going to try for the shining wizard again?

SVH: Looks like it – he’s waiting on Brown to get off the canvas… NO! Charging in and WOAH!! HUGE belly to belly suplex running in there! Bounding over



NO!!! Another near fall there!!

[Enraged and incensed, Benjamin quickly gets to his feet, holding the ropes to support his weight on his left leg. He watches as The Dragon starts to move, then charges in, looking to take his head off with a boot to the head! Brown however, spotted what was going on, and instead takes Benjamin down with a simple but effective drop-toe hold, Benjamin landing, to the approval of a lot of the crowd, throat first across the second rope!]

SVH: Benjamin bouncing back into the centre of the ring! Listen to the crowd! Brown is quickly to his feet, and now it’s The Dragon stalking his prey!

CW: Move… move…


CW: He’s too tired to go for the cover!

SVH: Karl Brown repaying the favour after being hit by the Dragon’s Bite earlier, but he can’t go for the cover! Creek’s right, he’s got to be exhausted, he’s barely moving right now, trying to drag himself over… drapes the arm




LJ: That pause, the difference from the move to going for the cover, gave Adam plenty of time to get his senses back – the Shining Wizard can knock you out, or make you lose your sense for a while, and unfortunately for Karl, the latter applied.

SVH: The fans are on their feet though as both men are fighting through the pain, through the lactic acid build-up, trying to get to their feet. I don’t think the referee is even going to bother trying to start a ten count.

CW: He’d get mobbed on the way out for stopping this match without a winner.

SVH: More than likely, Creek.

LJ: This is definitely the fitting end Jay and I had imagined. And it looks like Christian Sands approves as well, though I’m sure he’d rather Brown have put this match away earlier when he had the chance.

SVH: He may still have a few chances left – Brown finally back up to his feet, holding the ropes as Benjamin… yes, holding the ropes as well but both men now up to their feet. Brown stepping across – right hand by Benjamin! Chop by Brown! CHOP BY BENJAMIN! Brown reeling back!!

CW: Come on, Adam!

SVH: Benjamin with Brown against the ropes, hooks the head – Brown fights out, pushing him off

Crowd: OOooooooh!

SVH: That had to hurt!! Karl Brown just kicked Benjamin square in the head with a jumping spinning turning kick from a free stand!

CW: I think Adam got his hands up to defend himself though!

LJ: I’m going to agree with Creek on that one, it looked like Brown didn’t get as much on that as he’d’ve liked – though impressive it definitely was. He looks like he knows he didn’t get all of it though, as he picks Benjamin up off the canvas. Sends him across the ring, off the ropes – Brown runs past him.

SVH: Criss-cross action in the centre of the ring… YAKUZA KICK BY BROWN!


SVH: The Dragon using that straight leg kick to the head and the speed they both built up to almost take Benjamin’s head off! There’s the cover



THRNOOOOO!! Benjamin with the resilience and instinct to kick out yet again

LJ: Brown picking Benjamin up



THRENO!! Benjamin ALMOST stealing the win there with a small package. Brown sitting up in disbelief, he has done EVERYTHING except hit the Dragon’s Bite and it’s still not enough!

CW: Don’t give him any ideas!

LJ: Don’t worry, Creek, he can’t hear us from here.

SVH: Christian Sands watches on as Brown picks Benjamin up. Irish whip into the corner HARD follow up with a clothesline! Brown mounting the ropes, he’s raising his fist…

Crowd: ONE!!



CW: Stop him ref!

Crowd: FIVE!!



SVH: Brown with a furry of punches now, the crowd can’t keep up! HURRINCANRANA!! Brown with Benjamin down, NOW! Double leg nelson reversal by Benjamin! No count! Brown able to roll out of it before the referee could start counting! Both men are back up quickly, Brown swings MISSES! Benjamin kick to the gut IMPLANT DDT!! Benjamin dragging himself over, there’s the cover



THRNOO!! Brown BARELY rolling the shoulder up there.



NO!! Brown again kicking out as Benjamin


Keeps going for the cover!! He’s really looking tired and frustrated in there.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, there are TEN MINUTES REMAINING, TEN MINUTES!

LJ: And he’s looking worried at how long it’s taken him so far. He’s been in control of this match on more than one occasion and been unable to put Brown away.

SVH: Benjamin rolling Brown over, what’s he going for?

CW: Camel clutch?

LJ: We’ll see in a minute – he’s grabbing Brown’s arms… SUGAR HOLD!!

SVH&CW: A what?

LJ: A very painful variation on the full nelson, done on a grounded opponent! Some people say the Full Nelson is deadly, but this one is even worse because it is virtually impossible to get out of!


[And The Dragon will tell you how painful it is – if he weren’t too busy trying to fight from screaming out in pain, as Benjamin sits on his lower back, pushing his head down and pulling back on his arms in one movement! The crowd start to repeat their “PLEASE DON’T TAP!” plea from earlier in the match, to which Benjamin, out of pure frustration, yells at them to shut the [beep] up, causing several of the supporters he’d won to boo him. The referee checks Brown’s arm, but he’s still got some life left in him, as he tries to shift position to get onto his feet to ease the pressure. After about thirty seconds in the hold though, Benjamin gives up, stomping on the back and neck of the smaller man!]

LJ: Benjamin letting his frustrations get the better of him. The cover





SVH: That count was as fast as every other one we’ve had tonight, Creek! Adam Benjamin cannot believe it as the crowd are going wild! He’s heading outside!

LJ: Don’t do it, Adam…


SVH: Adam Benjamin grabbing a chair! He’s back in the ring and stalking Brown… The Dragon slow to get to his feet… the ref’s telling Benjamin to put it down!

LJ: It’ll be a HUGE shame if we have a result by disqualification in this match.

SVH: Benjamin swings… MISSES!! Brown moved out of the way, and takes Benjamin down with a standing drop kick!!

[Starting to feel the crowd again, Brown steps in as Benjamin gets to his feet, connecting with a hard side-kick to the ribs, following up with a push kick, forcing Benjamin back into the corner. From there, Brown nails him with a forearm smash, before hooking the head as if he were going for a Dragon’s Bite!! But instead, he walks to the ropes, climbing to the second rope, and somersaults off with a Diamond Dust]

SVH: Brown turning Benjamin over…



THREENOO! Adam Benjamin still will not stay down, and we’re fast approaching the fifty five minute mark for this contest!

CW: Benjamin will win!

LJ: Not if he stays in that chin-lock for too long. Benjamin had Brown in a similar hold for over five minutes, but I don’t think Brown will risk that this late in the match, he’s just trying to get his breath back.

SVH: Leaning in heavily as well, both men are gasping for air!

[After several seconds, Brown releases the hold, picking Benjamin up and taking him down with a snap mare, quickly dropping the elbow, followed by a knee to the chest. Rather than going for the cover, he picks Benjamin up again, maintaining his offence by driving the larger mans head into his knee, as the crowd go wild – Brown then hooks the head, as if going for his finisher, but instead just drives Benjamin back first across his knee!]



THRNO!! Adam Benjamin getting his foot UNDER the bottom rope at the very last second there! He barely had the strength left to raise it, under the rope was all he could manage!

LJ: Sands seems to be enjoying that.

CW: My former employer can go to hell!

LJ: Good thing you said former, Creek.

SVH: Brown signalling for the end, picking Benjamin up RIGHT HAND TO THE GUT!! Benjamin just drills him with a DDT and both men are down!!

CW: The referee checking both men, I think Brown’s knocked out! All Benjamin needs to do is make the cover and it’ll be over!

Crowd: One

SVH: There they go again.

Crowd: Two


LJ: This has been on hell of a match [five] and if this is how it ends [six] then they’ve done everyone here proud.

Crowd: SEVEN!!

SVH: The crowd getting restless.

CW: Adam’s stirring!!

Crowd: EIGHT!!

CW: Rolling…

Crowd: NINE!!!



[Cheer maniacally]


SVH: Adam Benjamin took too long getting his strength back to drape the arm across, and listen to the crowd as Brown still refuses to let his shoulders be counted.

CW: You know what, I’m just going to stay quiet.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen there are FIVE MINUTES of this match remaining. FIVE MINUTES!!

CW: Or maybe not!

SVH: The crowd really coming to life as Benjamin cannot decide what to do next! Look at him, using the ropes to pull himself up, as Brown’s starting to get to his feet too!

LJ: Both men, tired, battered, and still going at it. Not many people in this industry would even be able to stand after what they’ve put each other through.

SVH: Benjamin watching Brown get up on the other ropes… charging in MISSES THE CLOTHESLINE

LJ: And both men to the outside!! Brown with the clothesline counter and both men take another spill to the outside! Benjamin against the barrier, Brown on his feet but holding onto the ring apron.

SVH: Both men breathing hard, but Brown in with a knee to the gut! Head meets barricade!

LJ: I think we should just let these last few minutes play out. Let’s leave the folks at home to enjoy this match.

SVH&CW: Agreed.

[Brown rolls Benjamin into the ring, as the three man commentary team downs their headsets and watches as fans. Picking Benjamin up, he sends him across the ring, taking him down with a back body drop! He quickly springs into the cover]

Crowd: ONE!!



[But to no avail. Picking Benjamin up again, he gets met with a rake of the eyes, as Benjamin this time sends him off the ropes, before taking him down with a drop toe hold, quickly locking in a Boston Crab!! Brown screams in pain as the seconds tick away, the sweat dripping onto the canvas as Benjamin leans back as far as he can, lifting Brown’s legs higher to increase the angle. The crowd are cheering wildly, some pleading Brown not to tap, others wanting him to tap and give the win to his countryman – but still he doesn’t give in. He manages to get onto his forearms, pulling himself towards the ropes, inching closer and closer… but Benjamin pulls him away! All the way across the ring to the opposite ropes!!

Screaming in pain and frustration, The Dragon starts to hit Benjamin’s ankle, trying to topple him. He looks about to tap, his hand raising, raising…

But he hits the mat hard, pushing himself up, toppling the larger man forward! Just enough, in fact, that Brown’s legs touch the ropes, forcing the rope break! Benjamin looks on in disbelief, walking around the ring as he tries to figure out something to do. He knows there are three minutes left, if that, and he can’t figure out what to do. He lets Brown pull himself to his feet, and comes in again, firing off a right hand that rocks the Dragon – but Brown fires back! Benjamin now tries a chop, but Brown staggers him back with a stinger! Benjamin tries a kick, but Brown retaliates with a hard, snapping left hand to the face! Benjamin’s rocked backwards, his eyes watering a little, as Brown comes in with an STO!! THE COVER!!]

Crowd: ONE!!!!!



[“DAMMIT” is clearly heard above the crowd after Benjamin rolls his shoulder, the smaller Englishman now showing his clear frustration. It’s his turn to walk around the ring, as Benjamin gets to his feet slowly, holding the back of his head after the instinctive kickout. Both men are slow to get to their feet, but finally do – which leads Brown to taking Benjamin down into an armbar!]


[Which he doesn’t keep with for very long. He goes for the cover, but only manages a two count. He picks Benjamin up, going to apply another arm bar, but Benjamin reverses it into a hammerlock, taking Brown down to the canvas, and driving home the point of the knee straight into the shoulder. He switches quickly into a headlock, picking Brown off the canvas, but as he tries to lift him for a suplex, Brown fights out, nailing him with a hard forearm to the face.

Feeling how close the end of the match is, Brown fires Benjamin off the ropes, running them himself and executing a picture-perfect flying forearm. He then throws himself into the cover]

Crowd: ONE!!


[but Benjamin kicks out again! Brown quickly tries to press the advantage, firing Benjamin off again and going for a back body drop – but he dropped his head too soon, and Benjamin with the sunset flip!]

Crowd: ONE!!



Crowd: ONE!!







[And Benjamin rolls away, leaving both men on the mat, tired and exhausted with only ninety seconds to go. Both men are very slow to their feet, having to hold the ropes, their bodies aching from the impact of the blows they’ve received and the build up of lactic acid, eating away at their muscles. Brown manages to fight his way onto his hands and knees, as Benjamin claws at the ropes. Both men do get to their feet, and stagger into the centre of the ring. Benjamin fires a right hand, staggering Brown – but the smaller man retaliates with a right of his own. Benjamin tries a forearm shot, but Brown returns the favour]


LJ: [putting his headset back on] And this is what it’s all about – Brown and Benjamin are slugging it out in the ring.

SVH: This has truly been a great match, will someone pick up the win?

CW: Who cares?

SVH: Brown with a forearm smash, rocking Benjamin… forearm by Benjamin… Brown with a right hand BLOCKED BY BENJAMIN!! Benjamin with a right

LJ: That’s blocked as well!

SVH: Both men with left hands! Right hands… the crowd are deafening!

Crowd: TEN

SVH: Brown with the right

Crowd: NINE

CW: Benjamin…

Crowd: EIGHT

LJ: Brown, Benjamin quick firing back

Crowd: SEVEN



LJ: Brown with a hard chop!

Crowd: FOUR!!

SVH: Benjamin fires back!

Crowd: THREE!!

CW: Benjamin again!

Crowd: TWO!!


Crowd: ONE!!

[SFX: dingdingdingding]

SVH: What a match! Brown and Benjamin stayed right with each other for an hour, and they’re both down after exchanging right hands!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the time limit has expired – the result of this match is…


[A combination of cheers and boos echoes around the arena – the cheers for the display put on, the boos because there was no clear winner and the fans were enjoying the match so much]

CW: The fans do not sound happy that Benjamin didn’t win.

LJ: That shows what a performance these two just gave. They’d’ve been happy for them to go another hour I reckon.

SVH: Well, they’re on their feet regardless as Brown and Benjamin are trying to pull themselves to their feet – what’s Sands doing?

[Christian Sands, one time owner of MCW, is standing in the ring, offering his hand to Brown]

CW: Don’t take it!

SVH: Sands and Brown have had a lot of history over the years, Brown beat Sands on his way to Mayhem Mountain!

LJ: Sands record against Brown may not be his best at one win, one loss and a draw, but he respects what Brown’s done in his career so far, and Brown respects Sands.

[The crowd cheer as Brown, after carefully looking at Sands, offers his hand from the canvas, and Sands helps him to his feet. Sands checks that Brown is OK, before raising his hand in a victory pose. Brown plays to the crowd, as Adam Benjamin gets to his feet. After a few seconds soaking in the adulation of the crowd, Sands turns and walks over to Benjamin, who offers his hand]

CW: Look at that class.

LJ: And look at the rampway, there’s the entire roster!

SVH: The whole backroom area has filled out onto the rampway and is applauding the efforts of these two! Sands looking at Benjamin’s hand… and he rolls out of the ring?


LJ: Christian Sands doesn’t really care for Benjamin. He was non-plussed when Benjamin came back and demanded a match against Brown as if he somehow was bigger than the roster, and Sands letting Benjamin know it.

CW: He’s lucky Adam didn’t knock him out for that!

SVH: I think Benjamin’s lucky Sands didn’t get physical, I don’t think after that match Benjamin has much left in him. Nevertheless, what a display these two put on – and Brown now extending the hand in the middle of the ring to Benjamin! Benjamin’s looking a little pensive though.

CW: Wouldn’t you be if someone just snubbed you?

SVH: True. Benjamin looking at the crowd… and takes the hand! What a display from these two, going at it for so long in the ring and still shaking hands afterwards!

LJ: I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better send-off.


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
The End?

[Fans and wrestlers alike are on their feet. A commotion stirs at the ramp way.]

SVH: It’s Jalen Latham. The man who put this event together has stepped out through the curtains and has a microphone in his hand!

CW: I don’t know what he thinks he can add to this already terrific night.

SVH: Quiet Creek! He’s getting ready to talk…

CW: You’re such a friggin suck up, Van Helder.

[Back at the ramp…]

Jalen: Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve just witnessed a match that will go down in the history books as one of the greatest matches of all time!

[HUGE crowd pop!]

Jalen: And it happened right here in the little wrestling organization that could…

[Crowd chants those three little letters along with the Chairman.]

Jalen & Crowd: M… C… W!!!!!

[Another HUGE crowd pop!]

Jalen: There are plenty of people out there that have doubted us. There are more than a fair share of wrestling executives that would discount us because we have always tried to go out there and do things differently. Look at this, though. Look at what Adam Benjamin and Karl Brown just put together for each and every one of you.

[He points to the ring where the two competitors are hanging over the ropes, side by side.]

Jalen: This, my friends, was a wrestling clinic. I don’t think I need to tell you that, but it was.

[More cheering from the crowd.]

Jalen: I know that I have closed the doors of this organization as a regular weekly program, but I promise you this… I have not abandoned Major Championship Wrestling. I know I have been made out to be the bad guy in all that has transpired in recent months, but would a bad guy put together a dream match like the one you have just witnessed?

[Short pause.]

Jalen: I think not. So with that being said, I would like for Leonard Johnson to help me out, here. Two Championship belts have been crafted. They are both the same… equal if you will… but there are no other belts like them in the rest of the world.

Leonard, could you slings those two belts down there over your shoulder and take them into the ring for us?

[Leonard does just that, entering the ring from the stairs right there by him.]

Jalen: Karl “The Dragon” Brown. “Yours Truly” Adam Benjamin. It is with great pleasure that Leonard Johnson and I, on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of MCW fans around the world, present you two with these belts.

[One at a time, they each take a belt off of the shoulder of Leonard Johnson. The camera zooms in on one and then the other. It has the words “MCW Legend” written in gold with a plaque underneath with Karl Brown’s name on one and Adam Benjamin’s on the other.]

Jalen: They say that each of you are MCW Legends. Wear them with pride. Represent them with dignity and integrity. You’ve made us all very proud.

Ladies and gentlemen, YOUR legends of Major Championship Wrestling!!!!!

[A HUGE standing ovation for both men. It seems to take forever… tears slowly form on both men’s faces. After the crowd finally dies down, Jalen speaks again.]

Jalen: I’m going to do my best not to steal either of these men’s thunder tonight. I just want to close by saying that MCW is not dead. We are transforming. We are adapting. But, whatever direction this company takes… you should always know that it is for the good of this great sport of ours.

Take care, and have a great night!

[Another crowd pop!]

SVH: Well, that does it for this great night that seems like it has been forever in the making. For Creek Wineberg I am Simon Van Helder… good night folks!

[MCW logo appears in the bottom right corner of the screen. The fans are still going absolutely crazy as the screen fades to black.]

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