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Preaching to the unconverted.


New member
Jan 1, 2000
Boldon UK
(Lawrence Stanley looked relaxed, he sat in a large brown leather arm chair in his home. The CSWA cameraman was hunched in front of him as Stanley sipped thoughtfully from a brandy glass. He set the glass down on the mahogany table next to him and addressed the camera.)

LS: It seems that Mr Tom Adler is a spiky individual. The merest mention of a particular subject seems to hit a nerve and cause him to become very protective indeed. It was never my intention to cause offence with my words, merely to offer my opinions on the matters that were circulating me in the present day. I listened intensely to what Mr Adler had to say, and now it is only fair I have the opportunity to retaliate verbally.

Whilst my words and attitude towards the presidential title may have appeared blasé, I assure you that my respect and desire for the title has diminished not an iota since its recreation. A title in the CSWA is a highly sought after commodity, and whilst their degrees of merit are noticeable, it is a fool who disregards the opportunity to win such a prize as insignificant. As much as I am intent to focus on my future I have a strong affinity for the past and my love of the history of the CSWA means that a title reign means as much for the history of that individual and the CSWA as it does for the present. One of my main objectives for joining the CSWA over two years ago was to make a name for myself in the current time as well as hopefully leaving a legacy when I retire. In order for that to become a reality it is imperative to hold titles and to hold them for a considerable length of time. Trust me Mr Adler, I do not take you or the title you hold at the present time lightly, the last time I checked I did not have the word ‘FOOL’ tattooed upon my forehead.

I feel almost like a psychiatrist talking to you Mr Adler, my suggestion to help fight for the good cause of the CSWA sparked a reply from you that seemed to come from within, from the deepest depths of your heart. I felt your pain and your hurt Tom, I could hear and almost feel the venom and bitterness of the words you spat from your mouth. Maybe your relationship with the head people and the fans of the CSWA have somewhat awkward, I myself have not always seen eye-to-eye with these same people. But times change, and so do people, I have no intention of patronising you Tom, but think about this, maybe taking the fight to the haters of the CSWA would benefit you more than it would those who you would be fighting for.

Make of my words and my suggestions what you will, for all we know after our match at Showtime we never face each other again. In my heart of hearts it would not bother me either way, but when our futile differences are settled there is still the larger picture to fight for. Wars and battles happen all the time in the world of professional wrestling, it is something of an occupational hazard, but sometimes there are wars that transcend the ordinary. This could be one of those situations, no, this IS one of those situations and in those times you are best advised to equip yourself as best you can. In this situation I want the best wrestlers on my side, the side of the CSWA, and you are one of those individuals. My time for preaching is over, I do not expect to prove anything to you in the ring, merely to try and win the title you hold. Please, take my words away with you and allow this to absorb into your psyche, we will talk later, until then I bid you a good day.

(Fade to black.)


League Member
Apr 16, 2004
Adler watches on as Stanley makes his latest comments. He raises an eyebrow momentarily then seems to chuckle under his breath

Lawrence... you say you have an appreciation for history. An affinity. Then, permit me a moment to educate you on my history in this federation.

Around ten or eleven years or so ago, I came to this federation at the personal invitation of Chad Merritt and Steve Thomas. I was assured that I would be pushed into the World Title picture immediately. They delivered... and so did I. And the fans of this federation booed.

Several months after that, I secured the Presidential championship. And, again, the fans booed.

I went from being the most admired man in the AAWC to one of the most distained in the CSWA... and absolutely nothing had changed.

I wanted out of this federation and did the brass and the fans a favor by jobbing my belt to Scott Watters... and again I got booed.

Over the next several years, I got shoved BACK into the CSWA time and time again by the very federation I was asked to defend. And each and every time... I delivered. And each and every time I got slighted. And again, I walked out of this federation. Only that time, I took my belt with me.

Now, here we are, a couple of years later. And, suddenly, I have people like you... thinking they have any clue what it takes to carry a federation... telling me what I need to do to garner the support of the fans and defend the CSWA. And what's more, having somebody sit in his easy chair and pretend to have the where withall to be able to psycho-analyze me into compliance.

Well, save the couch and notepad for somebody else, Lawrence. My motivations are not all that complex and are rarely too far from the surface.

I gave up being bitter about the brass and customers of this and every other federation long ago. I've been boed by more fans over my career than you are likely to ever deal with. And I've been cheered by more than you are ever likely to wrestle for. And you know what I've learned over the years? That when it comes to my performance in the ring, there isn't any difference.

Now, I'd be lying if I said that the response from the fans of the AAWC didn't, at times, affect the way I went about things. I defended the honor of that federation for a long time. But, in the end, I won the same number of World Titles there as I did in the UWA where I was despised beyond belief. And I'll have won just as many here before the final chapter is written. History has an amazing way of putting things into their proper perspective.

To be bitter over the responses I get in the CSWA at this point of my career would indicate that I would expect something else. I don't.

I don't give people here many reasons on a personal level to react any differently to me than they have. And they haven't given me many reasons either.

I've done my bit for God and country. I've defended an entire federation from tyrany and invasion. Call me jaded if you want, but I don't have any desire to be a cheerleader. But, fortunately for the CSWA, while I may not be it's biggest supporter, I continue to give plenty of professional reasons to view me as their greatest hope. So, that little recruiting speech of yours is no more warrented than it is effective. I am the only motivation I need. And I am the only motivation that works.

Unfortunately for you, however, I am also the only motivation I need to keep SUCCESSFULLY defending this title. And, you simply don't have enough of it to change that.


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