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Feb 1, 2005
About an hour's drive from Detroit, MI...
((OOC: ...It's hard to write without someone to single out and point a finger at... That combined with an extreme case of writer's block have crapped this piece up quite a bit. I apologize in advance and swear I'll do better next time.))

"I'm only going to say this once. The JWO will bow to me and only me. Just as the rediculous tag teams of the NEW, the scant few of JWO will realize where they really belong."

We fade in on the speaker, Kaira Hastings. Who else would you expect? Faye hides behind her leg, cowering from the camera like it's going to eat her.

"My little Faye here will prove our superiority, clawing and tearing our way through everyone that's pitted against us. Our opponents will kneel in defeat and beg for mercy, but all they'll get for their trouble is my boot in their mouth as they become a mere dog ear on a page in the JWO's beginning."

"...And I hate dogs."

"We will hold no mercy for our opponents. They knew the risks coming in and they'll reflect on their dire mistake on the way out. We're just here to make them realize just how stupid they really are. The foolish games stop here. The only thing that will continue to run is the blood."

"You have no hope. Give up now and maybe I'll make Faye hold back."


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