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Promo/On-the-Spot Reporters


Jan 1, 1970
'Just' MARK: 30, Caucasian failed indy wrestler archetype, who decided to become a reporter when he blew out his ACL in Wrestling School, and lost his nerve to get back in the ring after rehab. Mostly resembling the oldest son from 'Seventh Heaven', MARK always is seen in 'cool cat' attire: Shiny button down shirt with several buttons open, trendy haircut of the week; usually a Mod cut or some sort of sweeepy bang 'do, Black slacks and expensive preppy shoes. MARK is the troublestarter in the locker room, and tries to involve himself into storylines by dropping rumors or making up lies to instigate fights. Mostly he just gets ignored by everyone when he tries this. He's learned volumes about the business by shadowing Lamont Hollywood at all times off-camera.

DISPOSITION: Heel-lover, as he'll try to chum up to any Heel he interviews, by biting Hollywoods lines, such as 'I'm standing here with my CLOSE, PERSONAL FRIENDS, so and so' and other nonsene. He's extremely transparent, and more than anything told to shut the hell up by whoevers being interviewed.

'NOBODY GIVES A ##### EXCEPT JN' NOTES: MARK started his reporting duties in the IWC, and after that folded, years later was brought into NFW by Quentin Sullivan, who dug his work there. Mark hasn't really moved in position, because he's generally a part-timer at this, as he runs an internet tape-trading website called 'IMMARKINGOUT.COM' where he specializes in NFW shoot tapes and classic material. Sullivan doesn't really care about the site, as he feels all press is good press.


FIONA LOVE: 26, 'Nerdy-Hot' Caucasian, with an 'art school girl' vibe to her, Mostly resembling the old vibe of MTV VJ Kennedy then a pseudo-cool VJ of today: You could imagine her having more fun blowing a weekend playing Everquest or Dungeons and Dragons, then hitting the clubs. Frizzy hair, Horn-Rimmed or Cat glasses, teeny tiny dot of a nose ring, basic trendy fahion sense, like Ringer tees, Old school Adidas and wristbands, etc.

DISPOSITION: Neutral, she's just a tool to hold the mic for the wrestlers. Keeps her opinions to herself.

'NOBODY GIVES A ##### EXCEPT JN' NOTES: Fiona Love started out as an intern for Avery Everettes' UWA when she was still a young ring rat in Philadelphia, one of those girls that didn't wanna sleep with the workers - but was just enamored with the lifestyle, hanging around the arena till they shut the lights off, getting cheesy pics taken of her with everybody from the world champion to the guy who delivered the fresh towels. Everette finally hired her on to sew up costumes, and she wound up accelerating quickly through the ranks, and winning a pilot spot on the fledgling UWA LAUNCHPAD show with Smitty Reese, after Sullivan took over. That didn't go over so well, as the chemistry and feel didn't work right, and they cancelled the show after one taping. Love continued to be a model employee, and got the call from Sullivan and Miles for a Line Producer when they were hiring for NFW. Love has just gotten an on-camera promotion, and is now a mic jockey on camera, and Senior Production Manager behind.


League Member
Jun 5, 2007
Legion: 27, used to wrestle around various indy promotions globally until a tombstone nearly left him nearly paralysed... after 5 years of rehab he's returning to the business he loves albeit as a writer/interviewer however he has stated that as long as the wrestler in him is capable and he can work with a professional that won't risk it he may return one day...

In NFW he is planning a group called the Devil's rejects... aside from a masked female wrestler at this present time he's trying to recruit certain wrestlers who he feels worthy to the cause...

Alignment: Tweener (depends on the interview...) but the crowd generally end up cheering for the other person :p

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