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Props n Thanks !


Jan 1, 2000
Baltimore, Maryland
It sucks that the GLCW is down and out but that's just the way things are in the FW world. I just want to thank everybody who gave me a second chance to RP. Honestly, I remember when I approached Scott in Jan 2003 and told him I've been out of the game since '99 or so. I told him I would like to make a comeback to FW. He pretty much blew me off at first but he had his reasons. After all these years you can't take the FW business too seriously.....I did.

Back in the day if I lost and didn't like it, I would quit the league like it was nothing. I wouldn't even give a notice or anything. Maybe I grew up or something? LOL NAHHHHH....well somewhat. But Scott said OK for me to join the GLCW. Like Scott said he "ROLLED THE DICE" with me and was not sure what to expect. Since the day I joined the GLCW I had so much fun. Something I haven't had in FW in a long time. I lost, I loved it........I won.....I loved it. Strange isn't it? I would do anything for the GLCW........great RPers made it fun.

I got to work with guys that have been around as long as I have. Finally got to work witih Josh Levinson, Mike McNichols, Dave McRae, Jeff Pena, Barry Thompson, and others......I guess you learn a lot from the greats huh? Joe Lebron is an absolute pro....hands down.... But really thanks to everybody. I've been here since 1995, I'm 23yrs old now......I love drinking beer......the GLCW was great.....PEACE!

-Barry Clark

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