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Prove Me Wrong


Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
"Save your philosophies, Hornet... I’m not a philosopher. Neither are you. What I am, Hornet... is a wrestler. The best this industry has seen, despite Evan Aho’s dominance of a blue-collar wrestler holding a title and a position in a company he wasn’t good enough to hold. I thought you were too, Hornet – a wrestler that is. But, I was misled. Just like everyone else. I thought you were a man of integrity – like everyone else. I – like everyone else - thought you cared."

fade- in:

[small]Standing directly in front of a plain black backdrop was CSWA superstar and Presidential Champion, Sean “Triple X” Stevens. He was clad in a pair of blue jeans, faded around the knee area, a black sleeveless 'Planet Earth’s Champion' t- shirt, and matching black tennis shoes. The CSWA Presidential title belt was draped over his left shoulder, the strap, covering just a little bit of his large bible and cross tattoo.[/small]

"But, you turned out to be far worse. Say what you want about it, Hornet… you weren’t a turncoat, Blame Chad Merritt... the autograph signings... the wear and tear that comes along with being a role model... that’s taking the easy way out. It’s not that you, one day, woke up and decided: 'Hmm... I don’t want to be a hero, today. I think I’ll screw the world, making millions of kids who look up to me cry.' You may not BE Hulk Hogan, but you certainly play the part well. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it went a little something along the lines of...

"...It’s Nothing Personal... Just business.

"One act. And, You became a politician. I know I don’t know the entire story... and, believe me... I couldn’t stomach an entire 'why? Hornet why?' speech. All I know is, in a world where there is no such thing as a good and bad guy, you are the bad guy. A master manipulator. A liar. Untrustworthy. You screw with people’s minds, Hornet. Those inferior, and superior. Hell, you even said it yourself... 'To stay at the top of this business is to always have something unexpected, or to atleast have the opponent worry about it.' But, know this Hornet... I’ve been here before. And, trust me… if you don’t have anymore 'epic battles' left in you, you’re gonna lose.

"Because, I’m prepared for anything... or nothing at all. I’m ready, willing, and capable of beating you fair and square... or at your own game. What we are in, Hornet... is a situation where I refuse to lose. You’re not gonna get any excuses outta me, Hornet. You don’t have to worry about me claiming 'Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain' as insurance. I’m laying it all on the table, and will be completely honest in telling you... I have EVERYTHING to lose. And..."

[small]Sean glances down at his Presidential Championship… removing it from his shoulder, tossing it to the floor beneath him.[/small]

"...and, it’s not about this, for once. Being a champion in this league is very important to me, but even that’s on the backburner for now. I’m glad you know me, Hornet… I’m glad you’ve seen all the wars in the fWo... CWL... and, TCW.

"But, what you need to be concerned with, Hornet... is here. …and, now. Look at what I’ve done here, Hornet. How I’ve done nothing short of dominate ever since I inked my name on the dotted line – save once or twice. Merritt KNOWS I’m capable of embarrassing you, not because he has some blind faith... but, because *I* can.

"I can beat you, Hornet... and, I will. Not because I’m lucky... hell, I don’t believe in luck. But, because it's my time and I’m better than you. That scorched earth philosophy is only effective if you believe in it. Once again, I’m not a philosopher... I’m a wrestler. I believe in the philosophy of letting my fists do the talking. I believe in taking your own destiny and guiding it in the direction you believe it should be. Faith without works is dead, Hornet.

"Faith without works, is dead."

[small]He lowered his head for a moment… trying to find his words. After nearly twenty seconds of silence… he raised it once more, running his fingers through his hair… and, facing the camera.[/small]

"And, I’ve put in the necessary work. You may believe holding the CSWA World Champion gives you the right to claim you’re the best, but I am inclined to disagree. Being the best gives you the right to claim being the best. I’ve been waiting for this moment my entire life, Hornet… when I beat Eli... they said... 'you haven’t beat Hornet', when I beat Havoc they said... 'You haven’t beat hornet.' Then I whipped Kevin Powers’ ass... then Gabriel Poe. Tom Adler. Wicked Sight. Gemini. The list goes on and on and on, but the fact still remains the same... I haven’t beaten Hornet. Well, that one is getting old..."

"...it's high time I made them look for another reason to doubt me..."

fade- to- black

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