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Hex Angel

"I'm not upset about the people who decided that the best time to start some s**t with me was when I was hurt and couldn't defend myself. I've always said that the best way to deal with an opponent is to get them before they can get you."

Eli Flair stared holes into the camera, immediately after PRIMETIME had ended.

"But every so often something happens that makes me stop and shake my head in disbelief. Deacon choosing to believe Eddy Love's version of an incident over mine, given the history those two shared. Merritt and Melton's scheme to destroy the ClaimStakers, when that was a trio that was doomed from the beginning."

"Mark Windham. Making the save one day, spearing my inked ass the next."

He looked down, running his hand through his hair, shoving it back.

"You've never given a damn about your brother before, Mark.... why now? Why this match? Why are you so concerned with what happened in and around this particular cage? Why not the last one when my target was his NECK, not his hands? Why, when I escaped with injuries minimally less severe than his, are you intent on taking revenge on behalf of a man who has officially stated that his war with me is over? Finito? Kaput?"

"Windham, you're just another nameless, faceless minion who has decided to f**k with me while I'm distracted by someone else."

"It's simple, Windham.... act like a bitch and I'll smack ya down like one."

A sadistic smile crosses Eli's face.

"Talk to Sweet Melissa. She knows what I mean."


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