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Pulling Out

Jason Payne

New member
Jan 1, 2000
Great Mills, Maryland
It is with an extremely heavy heart, and no uncertain amount of frustration that I have to withdraw from the Tournament of Champions. I would like to appologize to everyone involved in TEAM, and everyone involved with this tournament, as I truly feel that I've let you all down considerably.

My performance the last couple of months has slacked off, and I realize I'm not worthy of putting myself into tournaments against the best that FW has to offer, when I can't even offer up 1/4 of the effort I used to have. It's not fair to anyone. I have not been able to do any roleplays during the week for a while now. The weekend is the best time for me to do things. But I have so much going on outside of FW that detracts from my ability to write anything of quality.

I was in the middle of writing a promo tonight...a long one. And in the middle of writing it, my computer locked up, and I lost the whole *******ed thing. This is the straw ladies and gentlemen. I'm tired, I'm spent, and I need a break.

Again, I'm really, really, sorry about all this. I wish it wasn't like this, but for the time being, I'm taking my ball, and I'm going to go home for awhile.

Good luck to those in the Tournament. I was kind of hoping this was going to be my year. I guess I was wrong.

Later guys, I'll see you around.


Active member
Jun 18, 2004
Don't worry about it, Jason. If I was going to have you in this tournament, I'd hope it was your best work. Everyone gets a bit burned out sometimes. Come back when you're refreshed (which is hopefully for the Dupree Cup!).

You know I ain't mad at'cha ;)

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