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Jan 1, 2000
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-22-02 AT 08:53 PM (EDT)][font color=black] From boots up, past the faded denim, the Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned - revealing a Megadeth "World Needs A Hero" T-shirt, inside the leather jacket... Standing in front of a CSWA backdrop, Wicked Sight's black hair sets off his long, cynical face.[/font]

[font color= red]WS:[/font][font color= black] There's no gold around my waist and none for me to win at the biggest pay-per-view of them all. There's no one I'm out to get and anyone I have a vendetta against took off this past year. I'm caught drifting from match to match and you want to know what? This whole league is in the same spot. Anniversary, opportunity KNOCKS. For Lawrence Stanley, for Hornet, for Kevin Powers... Who would have thought last month that Evan Aho would have the world title wrapped around his waist. Not taking a thing away from a man I've been in there with before... but no one saw it coming.

That belt's going to be contested for by half the roster, at one time or other, and at Anniversary, six more of us have the chance to win a shot at whoever has that gold around his waist, whether it's Aho, Stanley, Hornet, Powers, Merritt, hell -- Sammy Benson... It's a moot point because the night after, Wicked Sight is scrapping with them ALL NIGHT LONG... until I leave with the world title, the CSWA's greatest prize, the reason we all come here... until I leave with it around my waist. I'e got five other guys in the same position as me, but I'm the only one that's quite desperate enought to win it.

Cameron Cruise, I laid you out because you deserved it, friend. But after the encounter you had backstage with your lady, I'm pretty sure your mind isn't in the game, and that's all right... I've been there. But Cammy, you're going to cross my path in that ring, at Anniversary, and I'm going to eliminate you. There's no more pleasentries, the fact of the matter is that the fans know, the commentators know, and Chad Merritt himself knows, THIS FREAK... delivers what they want.

And that brings me to four others. Triple X, we've danced before and we'll dance again, me and you have delivered the STELLAR competitions that the fans have come to expect, and the belt sitting on your waist, it came from mine. But just like Shane Southern... who has been back long enough to win gold, but not long enough to see what I've done while he's been away... just like Shane Southern, Trip... when the bell rings at Anniversary, win, lose, or draw, you're a champion. But I'm not. You've got a purpose, and with Eli Flair facing paralyzation after Anniversary, Shawn Stevens and Gemini jumping the ship, Havoc and Blade long gone... I've got nothing else BUT the world title to go after.

Southern, you've been as impressive as they come, and I'm looking forward to delivering with you, just like I do with everyone else. The gold around your waist came from our World Champion, and I've never doubted your ability, but Shane... It's time to wait your turn. I'm hungry and I've been waiting since the night we ruined WAR*GAMES... I'm the last of the Forsaken, I'm the last of my kind, and when the great fans of the CSWA hear Cold hit the speakers and they erupt, they know I'm ready for that next level. I'm desperate.

I'm not desperate like Apocalypse, who wants to break somebody's bones, but keeps giving up title opportunities... I'm not desperate like Tom Adler, who's running scared from Apoc... I'm desperate enough to do whatever it takes to take the honor of carrying this company away from Aho or Stanley or Hornet, whoever it may be, I'm ready to take it because I've sat back and waited for too long. Gabby, I wish you all the luck in the world, but there's no doubt in my mind, you'll break Tom Adler's back and you'll be finished. Just like in Tacoma, when me and you went all the way, you remember that I'm the DRAGON SLAYER...

When it's all been said and it's all been done, Wicked Sight is going to do what he's done at Elvis Lives, at TWS, at every PrimeTime and ShowTime this side of my arrival, and that is, I'm going to make a statement. And this time... that statement is leading Michael Plett to a world title.


[font color= red]Fadeout[/font]

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